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So our Reliable Betfair Profits Review has ended and unfortunately it finished with a loss of almost 10 points, but strangely enough I quite liked the concept of the system and thought that it wasn’t too far away from being a winning system!  It is a system which employs 3 and 4 step progressive betting, or as Dave calls it “Positive Progression”, the basic theory is that if your first bet wins then your second bet will utilise your stake & winnings from bet 1 and if that wins, you lump them onto bet 3 and so on.

Unfortunately we found that the first couple of bets would win and just when we were on the cusp of a big win, then final bet would fail, so it is for this reason that I say that a profitable system may well lie within here.  Losing 10 points over 2 months is not ideal, but it is not the worst thing in the world and it is possible we just caught Dave in the midst of a poor run during the Reliable Betfair Profits review.

The biggest issue for me during the review was actually keeping up with it, you never knew whether tips were going to come via email or Twitter, which was incredibly frustrating especially trying to conduct a review and record bets, so I’m glad that I wasn’t actually betting money on it.  To surmise, sometimes you’d get 3 tips in a row via email, so you keep an eye on your email, but then the next 6 tips would be on Twitter, then back to email, back to Twitter etc etc. It made me dizzy and I would probably recommend that all tips are sent out via email with Twitter as option because not everyone who enjoys a bet is au fait with Twitter, so I’m sure Dave has probably missed a few subscribers due to this.

In summary, the system lost money, so it is hard to recommend given that we’ve reviewed some very profitable systems/services on here, but Reliable Betfair Profits could be worth a look seeing as it is very competitively priced


Is Reliable Betfair Profits A Scam?

No it most definitely is not, Dave Gresty posts the honest results on his website and every single result we experienced during the review is exactly what was posted on the Reliable Betfair Profits website, so there can be no issues with the validity of any of the results posted on there

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Reliable Betfair Profits System Costs

The costs for Reliable Betfair Profits are detailed below and it should be noted that there are different options available.  Given that it is only £60 for 6 months access, I thought I would use that as the base cost as it should be affordable by most serious and aspiring traders.  The payment options are 1 month for £19.99, 3 months for £34.99 and 6 months for £59.99 and each of those come with the Reliable Betfair Profits ebook.

System Cost £10 per month
Monthly Payments? Yes
Emailed Picks Yes
Money Back Guarantee? No


Reliable Betfair Profits Betting History

As usual for the Reliable Betfair Profits review, all results were recorded at £100 per bet and there was an average of around 3 bets per day during the review period.  Overall the Reliable Betfair Profits system lost 9.5 points during the 60 days for an ROI of -5.48%

Number of Bets 174
Average Stake Per Bet £100
Total Amount Staked £17,400
Total Amount Returned £16,446.40
Loss Generated £953.60
Return On Investment -5.48%


As I said throughout the review, I feel that there’s a good system dying to get out, so for the price it could well be worth a punt, but I’d just be cautious with your bets whilst you get used to the system and having to check Twitter/email intermittently

Days Used For 60
Days With Bets 60
Winning Days 30 (50%)
Biggest Winning Day +£1805.00
Biggest Losing Day -£1700.00
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  1. Hi Peter and readers,

    First of all I’d like to thank Peter for an honest review which must have taken a hell of a lot of time, effort and hard work!!! I can’t imagine how frustrating it would have been to miss a few days and have to sift through results. It’s very refreshing to see a review site which is honest and not in it for affiliation.

    I have taken everything on board and as Peter said, there were some issues with the system during the review period. Some teething issues and some mistakes on my part which should have been addressed sooner.

    Main issue – the losses! After such a good start to the system back in May/June 2012 we had a terrible run at the start of the season (basically this entire review period). Because of the good start I hesitated (for too long) in changing the rules of the system. If you look at the results on this review you can see where the main issues occured and why we finished at a loss (the big price lays…e.g Andy Murray beating Djokovic in straight sets). I decided to fix this by losing the high price lays all together and making ALL bets around evens. At the end of December I sent a new manual to all members with the tweaked system which also included a change to the staking plan. I started using the system with the changes on 1st December 2012 and it immediately paid off. We finished the month with +82 points profit which meant a total of +143.50 since launch in May. Can you imagine the result if i’d changed the rules sooner!? We live and learn. Very frustrating. Anyway. Everything has been going great since the change and 2013 has got off to a similar start with the new rules with January on +38 points profit so far.

    In my opinion the old system (during the review) simply left us bouncing around the same place for 3 months as we couldn’t really ghet the results to pull us away. With such little risk using the new rules and higher profit I expect to see a huge difference this year. I’m still happy with +143 points for last year but as Peter said, it could and should have been more.

    All results can be downloaded from our website.

    The second issue Peter pointed out was the picks and keeping track of them. Again, I agree and I had to find the best way to do this. In the end I opted for a private twitter account and closed the email account on aweber. The reason is email simply isn’t good enough for in-play picks (which is where most value is found). Aweber often suffers from delays and some people weren’t getting emails in time. Twitter is instant and can be set up on the phone to receive tweets instantly (or max 2/3 mins). The new account @RelBfairDave is protected and only viewable by subscribers (which also protects liquidity). There is an issue with some people not having twitter but it’s only a few minutes to set up and it’s free. Making money in this game is hard work and profit from gambling is never easy which is why I’d expect people to make the effort to start twitter. For the less technically gifted I’m happy to help set twitter and the smart phone notifications up. A smart phone or tablet is essential for this service.

    I hope I’ve been able to explain a few things and change the system for the better. If you have any further questions feel free to send me an email.

    Huge thanks once again to Peter for taking his time to review the system.


    • Hi Dave

      Thanks for the comment, I’m sure readers will find it very useful and I’m happy to hear that you’ve obviously made some good tweaks, as I said in the review, I just knew there was something good trying to get out 🙂

      I’ll provide a summary in our newsletter of your comments to let people know about the changes to your system

      Thanks a lot


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