GGL Sports Review

GGL Sports Review

It’s come to that time again and it’s time to wrap up our GGL Sports Review, where another system review is completed on Best Betting System Reviews. It has been a relatively straight run with the GGL Sports system to be fair.

There has only been 4 periods in which we have made a loss, out of  20 periods in total.

GGL Sports is a system that gives you daily tips for Horse Racing, Football Matches and Golf events.

The  highest profit we recorded throughout the review was 112 points and the biggest loss was of -32 points. Which is quite good, comparing it to some of today’s systems and some of the other system reviews we have carried out.

The system seemed performed really well during the review and seemed fairly stable and reliable and it was actually created by a lady called Georgina Green-lane, hence the GGL.   Alledgedly, she only made room for 200 people to be members of this system, so if you’re sold already, head over to the site now to secure your place.

Visit GGL Sports

If your still curious, then read on for more information and results.


We started with a simple balance of  £0

We ended with – +£45,499

Thats a nice looking figure for placing bets over 60 days, right?

We placed our bets using our standard and fictional, £100 bet per tip we were sent by GGL Sports. That is how we ended up with our final profits.

I have reviewed several other systems and have got quite familiar with their characteristics, but I found this system a little strange as it seemed I was constantly recording bets, sometimes like 12-15 bets per day and although I wish I’d actually bet on these during the review, I did think it was a bit time consuming.

All of the results we discovered over the 60 day review period are 100% correct, for any of you wondering.

Subscription Cost(£)
1 week £13.97
1 Month £40
3 Months £100


Below is a table with some more statistics relating to the GGL Sports Review.

Number Of Bets: 822
Stake Per Bet: £100
Total Amount Staked: £82,200
Total Amount Returned: £127,699
Profit Generated: +£45,499

As you can see from the table above, we reported our final balance was £45,499.  This was on the basis of £100 stakes and any system which can deliver 454 points of profit over 60 days is definitely worth a look.  To put the results into some kind of context, if you had bet £10 on each tip throughout this period, you would have made a profit of £4,549.

In comparison to other systems I have reviewed it was quite exciting, and the tips generally arrived the night before or the early in the morning of the races ensuring that you have plenty of time to get your bets on.

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