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Champion Racing Lays is a Horse Laying service for use on betting exchanges such as Betfair & BetDaq.  I am please to report that this has passed our review period and will be listed as an approved system.

Champion Racing Lays have a 14 day free trial which is always a nice touch to receive, because lets face it, you can just cancel if you’re not happy with the service and it won’t cost you a penny.  The results have been encouraging even though the review period seems to have covered one of their most dodgy periods of recent times.

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A nice touch on the website is the results page which I can confirm that every result since the review started is exactly the same results posted on their site.  Therefore, their historical results can be confirmed as accurate with a good degree of certainty.

I didn’t use the bot for the review as I wasn’t actually placing the bets, but I did try it on one day and it placed the bets fine and is easy to use.

Overall a great package with great customer service and well worth a look, especially with the free trial.  The £53 per month may seem a little steep, but if the results continue at the same rate, you’ll easily make that back each month without too much trouble.

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System Cost 14 Day Free Trial
Monthly Payments? Yes £53 per month
Emailed Picks Yes, daily
Money Back Guarantee? Yes 60-days

The picks appear to be well thought out and the emails are easy to follow and it generated 5.54% which is probably better than you would have got by leaving your money in your bank account.

Number of Bets 100
Average Stake Per Bet £100
Total Amount Staked £10,000
Total Amount Returned £10,554
Profit Generated +£554.00
Return On Investment +5.54%

The biggest winning day came when 4 lays were selected and all 4 lost, so we collected winnings of £380, the worst day however showed a near 9 point loss.

Days Used For 108
Days With Bets 58
Winning Days 37 (63%)
Biggest Winning Day +£380
Biggest Losing Day -£880

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for other reviews on Best Betting System Reviews

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  1. Used it for 12 months and made a profit, but some moments were hairy along the way, recommended but only if you have the stomach for the odd 8 point loss!!



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