Diamond Racing Lays Review

Diamond Racing Lays Review

The Diamond Racing Lays Review finished in profit, which is always welcome, but not really enough to justify joining at this point.  The service is run very professionally with no issues with tips being delivered and the results i experienced during the review married up with the results on the website, which to my mind show that is has truly been a profitable service for quite a while.

As usual all results were based on £100 stakes and a profit of £512 was delivered or 5.12 points, so a person betting £20 stakes  per race would have covered their subscription fees, which is always the first thing you’re looking to achieve when joining a new betting service.

The tips are provided by Jason Matthews and are delivered by email via Aweber and generally appeared in my inbox around 10/11am with the odd one coming in between 12 & 1pm.  The horses which you are advised to lay never go above 4.00 and quite a number of them have their recommended laying odds capped at 3.00, meaning that losses never blow your betting bank out of the water.  I’m still waiting to discover a profitable horse laying service where the odds are higher than 8.00 and it always comforts me when I see low odds being used as their maximum recommendations.

The tips have recently begun being proofed to Racing Index which is always good to see for extra transparency, Jason seems to have been a bit sporadic with posting his tips on their, but got into the groove towards the end of the review.  I did notice around 3/4 races during the Diamond Racing Lays Review which Jason obviously forgot to put on to Racing Index and they went on to be winning bets, so sods law struck there and his record on Racing Index is probably not quite as good as it deserves to be.

Overall a well run service, which has good transparency of tips and it is possible to sign up for your first month for only £14, so at that price I think it’s worth signing up for and having a look.  After the first month it goes to £27, which probably doesn’t quite work with the profits we achieved, however if you catch it on an up curve you’ll do well.  If you want to find out more about Diamond Racing Lays, just click the button below

Thanks, Peter

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