Race Profits Australia Review

Race Profits Australia Final Review

If you have been following us, then this is the end of the Race Profits Australia Review.

For those who haven’t been following, please read on to understand what we are talking about.

Race Profits Australia is a Horse Racing betting system powered by BetFan and brought to you by Jon Roberts. You get daily tips sent to you , advising you which horses to back during their races.

You get a 7 day FREE trial and after that the prices are as follows:

Subscription Cost(£)
28 Days £40
90 Days £90

You can go ahead and purchase right now if you wish at the following link:

Visit Race Profits Australia


Or carry on reading for more information on how the Race Profits Australia performed during our review period.

Our starting balance was £0 and our final balance carried forward was £11,798 , which was a very nice return.  A person betting £20 per race would have made £2359.60 during the 60 days

If you take a look at the Statistics below you will get a better insight into the figures that occurred during the Race Profits Australia review.

Number Of Bets 240
Stake Per Bet £100
Total Amount Staked £24,000
Total Amount Returned £35,798
Profit Generated £11,798
Return On Investment 49.15%


The Race Profits Australia produced a return on investment of 49.15%, which basically means that for every £100 you bet, you would win £49.15, so that is certainly some way above any bank interest rate that I’m currently receiving!  If you take this horse racing system on, you have to have the correct mindset, you can go for a few days without winning and then suddenly hit a few big wins.  This is not about having a really high strike rate, it is about finding value on horses and makeing regular returns  Overall it looks like there are some great profits to be had from Race Profits Australia.

If you work it out you do 10 minutes of work per day placing the bets and can make almost £2,000 based on £10 stakes, then it really does make for an intriguing proposition

Race Profits Australia was good fun, especially if you like to have lots of bets on the go each week, it will certainly give you a few races to check the results against, but if you’re making money then it’s not a hardship.

Get your 7 Day FREE Trial, to test it out and let us know how you get on. I f you wish to purchase it after that, then we wish you good luck with it & once again, please do leave ratings on the site of your experience, good or bad!

Visit Race Profits Australia

Thank You for reading.


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