Layer Of Profit Review

Layer Of Profit Final Review

Our Layer Of Profit Review is now complete and this have proved itself to be a very simple and profitable betting service which definitely has the thumbs up from us here at Best Betting System Reviews.

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As with majority of profitable horse laying systems for Betfair, this is very easy to implement.  You receive your email each day before 11.30am and even if there is no bet you still get an email.  The maximum odds are the same as in the Favourite Lays review and appear to be capped at 4.00 which I think is a very sensible option as it keeps the liability low with the returns within a decent range.

The service is only £23.99 per month and it is offered through Clickbank which is excellent as it means it comes with a 100%, 60-day money back guarantee, so I would urge you to sign-up and test it for yourself.  The results on the results page stack up to the emails that were sent out each day during the review, but with it being on Clickbank you can always paper trade it for a while to see what you think and if you don’t like it for any reason, you will get a refund, no questions asked

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Is Layer Of Profit A Scam?

Layer Of Profit is not a scam, it is a highly credible betting service with highly credible results.  I must admit to being a tad concerned at the beginning to seeing some of the results being put down as profits on their review page as “bet was matched in-play at 4.0”.  For the purposes of this review I only referred to Betfair Starting Price so if it was over 4.00 then it was a no bet for me.

It must be noted though that Layer Of Profit results are 100% accurate as there were occassions when a horse set off over the 4.00 BSP and was matched in play and went on to win the race and the guys have recorded it as a loss.  So they have been fair and equal with their result recording for Layer of Profit

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Layer Of Profit System Costs

The costs for Layer Of Profit are below and is definitely operating at a perfect price point for the profits that it delivers.  With it being offered by Clickbank, subscribers are entitled to a no quibble, 60-day money back guarantee

System Cost £23.99
Monthly Payments? Yes
Emailed Picks Yes by 11.30am
Money Back Guarantee? Yes – 100%, 60-Day


Layer Of Profit Betting History

All results were recorded at £100 per bet and there was one bet per day with only one day throwing up a non runner for Layer Of Profit.  The return on investment is excellent and compares favourably to most other horse betting services available

Number of Bets 61
Average Stake Per Bet £100
Total Amount Staked £6,100
Total Amount Returned £8,195
Profit Generated £2,095
Return On Investment 34.34%


Overall if you’re looking for a profitable, low risk horse racing service, that comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, then you won’t go too far wrong with Layer Of Profit

Days Used For 62
Days With Bets 61
Winning Days 35 (43%)
Biggest Winning Day +£95.00
Biggest Losing Day -£295.00
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  1. Hi guys,

    unfortunately, since your review period the results have completely capitulated and pretty much all of the profit built over the last 3 months has been wiped out. Just goes to show the holy grail does not exist!

    • Hi Matt

      Thanks for the comment.

      That’s a shame to hear that, the results are on the website for September, so has it just been a poor October then?

      In terms of the holy grail, whilst I somewhat agree with you, I also disagree because there are some good services/people out there, but they are generally few and far between, which is why I started this site in the first place 🙂



  2. The jury is out on this one , been trading these bets since July 3rd 2012 , very good first few months then a small loss.

    Since Jane 13 we have lost all the profit gained in the first six months and now currently stand at just around break even for the year.

    The problem with any service is they seem to be good for the review and the eventually go down hill, have to agree with Matt , I don’t think there is such a thing as the holy grail and if you did find it , why would you share it with any one else.

    Geece don’t lay golden eggs only in pantomines

    • Thanks for your comment Peter, sounds like you had a good start in line with the review and I’m sorry to hear that it obviously hasn’t performed as well since.

      It is worth noting that there are many systems/services that we have reviewed that performed poorly and i wouldn’t necessarily agree that all services go downhill after a review.

      Thanks & good luck, we’ve lots of reviews underway and more lined up, so keep checking back to see what’s hot and what’s not!

      Best wishes


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