BBFT Football Tips Review

BBFT Football Tips Review

This is a review of the BBFT football tips being sold by Steve at Best Betfair Football Trader.  These are straight football bets with occasional multiple bets thrown in.  We have been proofing the results since 10th October 2013 and it will run for 60 days until 9th December 2013

The service costs a very reasonable £17 per month, with an annual discount also available.  it’s a low fuss sales page, with the results doing the sales pitch.

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As usual, stakes of £100 are assumed per tip

10/10/13 – Opening Balance = £0

Flamengo v Internacional Flamengo 2.38 £138.00
Cork City v Shelbourne Total Goals 2-3 2.00 £140.00
Trixie Trixie 16.45 -£90.48
Treble Treble 6.19 -£100.00

10/10/13 – Day 1 – Closing Balance = +£87.52

England v Montenegro Half-time/Full-time – Draw/England 4.20 £320.00

11/10/13 –  Day 2 – Closing Balance = +£407.52

Preston v Crewe Asian Handicap – Preston -1 1.92 -£100.00
Leyton Orient v MK Dons Leyton Orient 2.40 £89.00
Trixie Trixie 18.47 -£100.00
Treble Treble 7.16 -£100.00

12/10/13 –  Day 3 – Closing Balance = +£196.52

Bradford v Tranmere Half-time/Full-time – Bradford/Bradford 2.62 -£100.00
Internacional v Criciuma Asian Handicap Internacional -1.5 1.89 -£100.00
Trixie Trixie 18.62 £1,462.00
Treble Treble 7.28 £628.00

13/10/13 –  Day 4 – Closing Balance = +£2086.52

Den Bosch v Maastricht Double Chance – Maastricht 1.83 £83.00

14/10/13 – Day 5 – Closing Balance = +£2169.52

England v Poland Asian Handicap – England -1.5 1.75 £75.00
ASA v America Under 2.5 Goals 1.85 £85.00
Acca Acca 9.58 -£100.00

15/10/13 – Day 6 – Closing Balance = +£2229.52

Cruzeiro v Fluminese Over 2.5 Goals 1.85 -£100.00
Trixie Trixie 10.28 £628.00
Treble Treble 3.43 £243.00

16/10/13 – Day 7 – Closing Balance = +£3000.52

Vitoria v Botafogo Over 2.5 Goals 1.85 -£100.00

17/10/13 – Day 8 – Closing Balance = +£2900.52

Newcastle v Liverpool Over 2.5 Goals 1.73 £73.00
Arsenal v Norwich HT/FT – Arsenal/Arsenal 1.85 £99.00
Trixie Trixie 13.82 -£200.00
Treble Treble 4.89 -£100.00

19/10/13 – Day 10 – Closing Balance = +£2772.52

Marseille v Napoli Draw No Bet – Napoli 2.17 £117.00
Austria Vienna v Atletico Madrid HT/FT – Madrid/Madrid 1.99 £85.00
Trixie Trixie 14.72 -£103.00
Treble Treble 5.44 -£100.00

22/10/13 – Day 13 – Closing Balance = +£2771.52

Man United v Real Sociedad Half-time/Full-time – Man United/Man United 2.25 £125.00
Bayer Leverkusen v Shakhtar Donetsk Bayer Leverkusen 1.85 £95.00
Trixie Trixie 11.42 £742.00
Treble Treble 3.92 £292.00

23/10/13 – Day 14 – Closing Balance = +£4025.52

Swansea v Kuban Krasnodar Half-time/Full-time – Swansea/Swansea 2.15 -£100.00
Bordeaux v APOEL Bordeaux 1.95 -£100.00
Acca Acca 23.90 £2,290.09
Trixie Trixie 11.86 -£117.00
Treble Treble 4.10 -£100.00

24/10/13 – Day 15 – Closing Balance = +£5898.61

Leicester v Bournemouth Half-time/Full-time – Leicester/Leicester 2.45 -£100.00
Leverkusen v Augsburg HT/FT – Leverkusen/Leverkusen 2.46 -£100.00
Trixie Trixie 11.40 £740.00
Treble Treble 3.92 £292.00

26/10/13 – Day 17 – Closing Balance = +£6730.61

Swansea v West Ham Half-time = Draw 2.30 £130.00
Tottenham v Hull Asian Handicap – Tottenham -1.5 2.17 £240.00
Trixie Trixie 12.04 -£167.00
Treble Treble 4.20 -£100.00

27/10/13 – Day 18 – Closing Balance = +£6833.61

Brighton v Watford Draw 3.40 £73.00

28/10/13 – Day 19 – Closing Balance = +£6806.61

Espanyol v Malaga Espanyol 2.10 -£100.00
Celta Vigo v Barcelona Half-time/Full-time – Barcelona/Barcelona 1.73 £110.00
Acca Acca 11.79 -£100.00
Trixie Trixie 17.61 -£224.50
Treble Treble 6.31 -£100.00

29/10/13 – Day 20 – Closing Balance = +£6392.11

Juventus v Catania Asian Handicap – Juventus -2 1.80 £80.00
Verona v Sampdoria Verona 2.10 -£100.00
Trixie Trixie 13.98 -£400.00
Treble Treble 5.08 -£100.00

30/10/13 – Day 21 – Closing Balance = +£5872.11

Athletic Bilbao v Elche Athletic Bilbao 1.70 -£100.00
Roma v Chievo Asian Handicap – Roma -1.5 1.88 £75.00
Trixie Trixie 19.03 -£250.00
Treble Treble 7.26 -£100.00

31/10/13 –  Day 22 – Closing Balance = +£5497.11

Arsenal Sarandi v All Boys Arsenal 2.10 £110.00
Dortmund v Stuttgart Asian Handicap – Dortmund -1.5 1.75 £75.00
Trixie Trixie 11.28 -£172.88
Treble Treble 3.86 -£100.00

1/11/13 –  Day 23 – Closing Balance = +£5409.23

Man City v CSKA Moscow Asian Handicap – Man City -2 1.95 £95.00

5/11/13 –  Day 27 – Closing Balance = +£5504.23

Sevilla v Slovan Liberec Half-time/Full-time – Sevilla/Sevilla 1.97 -£100.00

7/11/13 –  Day 29 – Closing Balance = +£5404.23

Monaco v Evian Half-time/Full-time – Monaco/Monaco 1.95 -£100.00
Granada v Malaga Draw 3.40 -£100.00

8/11/13 –  Day 30 – Closing Balance = +£5204.23

INTER MILAN V LIVORNO Asian Handicap – Inter Milan -1.5 £58.51
Trixie Trixie 11.28 -£125.00
Treble Treble 3.86 -£100.00

9/11/13 –  Day 31 – Closing Balance = +£5037.74

Brentford v Crewe Half-time/Full-time – Brentford/Brentford 2.30 £130.00
Leyton Orient v Preston Over 2.5 Goals 2.10 -£100.00

16/11/13 –  Day 38 – Closing Balance = +£5167.74

Wolverhampton v Oldham Asian Handicap – Wolves -1.5 2.90 -£100.00

19/11/13 –  Day 41 – Closing Balance = +£4967.74

Arsenal v Southampton Arsenal 1.70 £70.00
Stoke v Sunderland Stoke 2.15 £115.00
Hull v Crystal Palace Hull 1.95 -£100.00
Wigan v Brighton Wigan 2.00 -£100.00
Trixie Trixie 12.58 £858.00
Treble Treble 4.45 £345.00

23/11/13 –  Day 44 – Closing Balance = +£6155.74

Man City v Tottenham Over 2.5 Goals 1.85 £85.00
Bologna v Inter Milan Inter 2.10 -£100.00

24/11/13 –  Day 45 – Closing Balance = +£6140.74

Roma v Cagliari Asian Handicap – Roma -1.5 2.28 -£100.00

25/11/13 –  Day 46 – Closing Balance = +£6040.74

Man City v Viktoria Plzen Asian Handicap – Man City -2 1.92 £0.00

27/11/13 –  Day 48 – Closing Balance = +£6040.74

Norwich v Crystal Palace Draw 3.60 -£100.00
Newcastle v West Brom Newcastle 2.15 £115.00
Monaco v Rennes Asian Handicap – Monaco -1 1.88 £88.00

30/11/13 –  Day 51 – Closing Balance = +£6143.74

Lille v Marseille Over 2.5 Goals 2.62 -£100.00

3/12/13 –  Day 54 – Closing Balance = +£6043.74

Stoke v Cardiff Stoke 2.15 -£100.00
Swansea v Newcastle Over 2.5 Goals 1.85 £85.00
Trixie Trixie 12.60 £860.00
Treble Treble 4.46 £346.00

4/12/13 –  Day 55 – Closing Balance = +£7234.74

Crystal Palace v Cardiff Crystal Palace – Draw No Bet 1.91 £91.00

7/12/13 –  Day 58 – Closing Balance = +£7325.74

 Inter v Parma Inter 1.75 -£100.00

8/12/13 –  Day 59 – Closing Balance = +£7225.74

Swansea v Hull Swansea 1.75 -£100.00

9/12/13 –  Day 60 – Closing Balance = +£7125.74

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BBFT Football Tips Review

The review of BBFT Football Tips has now been completed and it’s fair to say that the service has proved to be nothing short of sensational.  Over 72 points profit returned over 60 days, that equates to £720 of clear profit for someone betting £10 on each tip.  When you consider that the subscription price is currently only £17 per month, that still leaves a tremendous profit from this football betting tipster even after you take away the costs.

System Cost £17
Monthly Payments? Yes
Emailed Picks Yes
Money Back Guarantee No

There were actually 96 betting advices during the BBFT Football Tips review but as some of those were Trixies (4 bets in one), this somewhat bumped the number of bets up, although the workload wasn’t increased.

Number of Bets 148
Average Stake Per Bet £100
Total Amount Staked £14,800
Total Amount Returned £22,017
Profit Generated £7,217
Return On Investment 48.76%

One of the main things I liked about this football betting service was that there is no hard sell, the results speak for themselves and Steve himself is very approachable and doesn’t get too carried away by wins or defeats as he’s definitely in this for the long haul!

After signing up, you are manually added to the mailing list and you receive a pleasant welcome email, following that you receive emails from Steve every day of the week.  That doesn’t mean there are bets each day but it’s nice to get a “no tips email” so you can get on with your day.  Emails are received before 12pm UK time, which gives you plenty of time to get the bets on.

As for actually placing the bets and making money, it couldn’t be much easier, the tips detail the competition, the match, kick-off time, the tip, the odds and exactly which bookies you can obtain the odds at.  It’s worth noting that we were able to verify the odds of every tip sent through during the review, so there’s no massaging of any figures!

If you’re looking to make profits from your football betting, then you don’t need to look too much further, for the cost and the returns, this service is going to take some beating and it gets a big thumbs up from us at Best Betting System Reviews.

Visit BBFT Football Tips>>


  1. Great start to 2014, this will be staying in my portfolio for certain. I enjoy the service and very reasonable fee.

  2. An excellent service for those interested in football betting.Tips are easy to see and
    place bets on.A must for anyone interested in betting and the monthly fee has been easily
    covered by the results.Highly recommended.

  3. Just wanted to leave a quick comment to say how impressed I have been with Steve’s tips since I joined in November!

    Top drawer, obviously well researched and profitable. Great tipster!

  4. Hi Steve. Very positive so far, I’ve enjoyed the service and the profit. I’ve only dipped in with small stakes so far ie £10. Am approx £100 up and this is currently the only service that I’m showing a profit with. Your communication is good, I can think of only one occasion when it was getting late in the day and I was wondering where the email was. It turned out that you were waiting for team news I think all I’d ask in future is if you could send an email in the morning to say you are waiting on team news and the email may be later than usual. I subscribe to Victor value racing and there was an occasion once when Steve at Bets For Today forgot to send the tips out. Typical that there were 2 winners that day. So just a heads up would be good. I notice most tips are major leagues, do you plan to look any lower at all ?
    Final question, how do you work the Trixie winnings out ? I placed a stake of £20 in total on New Years Day and it returned £60, just wondering how you got 11.43 points ? Keep up the good work. Regards. Andy

    • Hi Andy

      Steve from BBFT here, thanks for the comment.

      To answer your questions:

      Noted about waiting for team news, I’ll make sure I drop an email out beforehand if that’s the case!

      I don’t often go for lower leagues for straight bets. For trading purposes, I have no qualms, but I am not keen on straight betting lower leagues too often.

      The Trixie on New Years day was placed at Bet Victor and the return was 12.17 points due to their odds being the best available for the Trixie. The 12.17 includes the stake (4 points), therefore the profit from Bet Victor was 8.17 points. There was also a treble on the same 3 selections (as advised in the email), this delivered another 3.26 points profit, so 8.17 + 3.26 = 11.43 points profit. I always recommend placing the bets at the bookmakers who are offering you the highest returns! Keep your money fluid and move it around using Neteller is my advice.



  5. Hi Steve,

    you really offer a great service. I am so glad I found your service as well as You offer real value!


  6. One of the best services on the market, definitely!

  7. keep up the good work so far so good lets keep the bookies under the hammer.

  8. Great service. Easy to follow tips and very profitable. What more could you ask for.

  9. joined a couple of months ago but already nicely in profit,great service,so nice to be betting with the bookies money.

  10. Sensational service, top tips and delighted with the profits so far since signing up. Thanks Steve!

  11. Great job steve,if u dont mind am looking way forward to join betting service,i need your help on how to complete the registration and form of payment.

  12. I want so sign in this service. Is it still in run and makes regular profits? Does it also run in the main football free time? Sadly i couldn’t find a contact email on the bbft site else i had contacted the tipster self.

  13. Hi

    Very interested in this service, can I ask will tips be sent during the close season (as it is now) to cover the world cup?

    Of course my thinking is if this is more of a ‘regular football season’ system then I’ll wait until August

    Thanks in advance

    • Hey guys, BBFT have members all year around and he covers all games, tournaments, friendlies and leagues including World Cup. This is a very popular site with my readers. Good luck and enjoy the world cup. Cheers. Danny

  14. Intersted in this service but i have one question.What leagues are covered during summer and what about the upcoming World Cup?

  15. HI,
    have you checked their site lately ?
    Monthly fee is 27 Pounds at the moment.

  16. Does anyone still uses this system? I see that many comments were from the very same day, and none after…I don’t know…

  17. How muchto start? The website don´t have any contact to get in touch with…i´d like to know more..

  18. Yes…but how much to start in Betfair? 10 euros?20? Is the a minimum?

  19. Hi Daniel

    I’m an ex-arber so have consequently been gubbed on quite a few sites – would it still be worth me signing up with BBFT if i only have access to a few (non mainstream) bookies and the exchanges?

    Cheers in advance

    • Hey Russ, this is a good system that has delivered great results. The bets come in all forms, ie. Trixie, doubles and singles etc so you could please these easily. I guess they could even be placed in a betting shop. Hope this helps. Danny

  20. Hello I put my application did not get any e-mail with information is it anyway?

    • Hey Flavio, I review the systems. If you are struggling with getting in touch with someone I can always try for you but please try to contact the author of the site BBFT. There should be contact details on the site. Let me know if you’re struggling. Cheers. Danny

  21. Checked out the website link and couldn’t find where to register. Just want to know if the service is still running. And I also wanna ask if I can place the doubles and Trixie bets on betfair.

    • Hey there BBFT is definately still on the go, one of our popular services with good profit. You can place doubles and trixies on the main betfair sportsbook but not on the exchange. Hope this helps, any problems with BBFT then just let me know and I’ll contact the author

      • Thanks for the response. But been to their website and there was nowhere to register. Cause I really want to join the service.

  22. I take it this service is no longer running? like the other comment there is nowhere to sign up on the site

    • Hey Ray, Thanks for the comment. This was a really good service and last I heard it was doing well. There is a contact section on the website which I have advised others on but I have sent the author of the site an email and will publish his response here once I hear. Danny

  23. Takes the payment but won’t send any tips and support does not answer to emails I send. Not the the best service I know.

  24. Hi John. Any response yet? I want to sign up too, but I don’t want to sign up if get the same (lack of) response you have. It is sold through Clickbank so you’ll get a refund if you want one. Does anyone have any info about this service and whether it is still active?

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