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Mr Smith Review

Welcome to your 90 day Mr Smith Review which will be conducted by Eddie Minghella. You can be assured of an honest no holes barred weekly update from Eddie.

Mr Smith horse racing tipping service is brand new and is brought to us by the same platform that featured the lucrative Lucky 7 Naps.

As I say Mr Smith is new on the scene and we are glad to be the first to review this brand new service that has been proofing for the past 3 months with Betfan. The results have been quite staggering to be honest so it was an easy decision to review this service. I am always looking to find the best services out there and this one certainly has great prospects.

Mr Smith has made a staggering +565 points profit over the past 4 months from Apr 2015 to Jul 2015 with June being a great month +309 points. That kind of profit is exactly what we are looking for and I am sure that is why you are here as well.

Mr Smith Horse tipping service does not boast of insider contacts in the industry or whispers from Jockeys but relies more on hard work and dedication to beating the bookie. Mr Smith believes passion, time, experience and knowledge are key to success and is willing to share his tips with us for a fee. Our review of Mr Smith tipping service will determine if that fee is justified.

Mr Smith Review will run for 90 days so that we can get an accurate picture of the service. The tips will be monitored from Monday 13/7/15 to Sunday 11/10/15 before we make our final judgement on the quality of the tips and general service.

Mr Smith will cost you £49 per Month. 

We will follow the service operating on £100 per point to coincide with our other reviews with a starting bank of £0.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy our Mr Smith Review.

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Week 1

Week 1 Opening balance £0

A very good first week for Mr Smith Review with a profit of 36.95pts which is £3695 at £100 per point.

We had 20 bets with 7 winners a strike rate of 35%

Week 1 Closing balance £3,695

Week 2

Week 2 Opening balance £3,695

A very good week indeed with for Mr Smith Racing review. 6 very nice winners and a 14/1 shot getting 5th place with most bookies paying first 5 home.

A profit for the week of 77pts and so far in just 2 weeks he has made 114ptsWeek 2 Closing balance £11,420

Week 3

Week 3 Opening balance £11,420

Another 19pts banked this week for Mr Smith Review with 10 winners from 22 bets, it could have been even better as we were 50pts up at one stage but fell away a bit on Friday.Still another profitable week and the bank continues to grow

Week 3 Closing balance £13, 323

Week 4

Week 4 Opening balance £13, 323

Another week and more profit as Mr Smith Racing Review continues on his merry way.

We had 30 bets this week with 12 winners and our bank increased by £2351Week 4 Closing balance £15,675

Week 5

Week 5 Opening balance £15,675

Our first losing week for Mr Smith Review but only a small loss.

A losing week this week as we only had 5 winners from our 26 bets a strike rate of 19% and this saw our profits drop from £15675 to £13842.

A loss of 18pts, so not a big loss and at the prices we are betting it can very quickly be won back.Week 5 Closing balance £13,842

Week 6

Week 6 Opening balance £13,842

Back to winning ways for Mr Smith Review this week.

Back to normal service this week with a profit of £2937.50.

We had 24 bets with 7 winners a 29% strike rate and 29pts profit so a decent weekWeek 6 Closing balance £16,780

Week 7

Week 7 Opening balance £16,780

A tough week with the profit secured with the very last bet of the week winning at 4/1.

We had 28 bets and 9 winning bets a 32% strike rate although some of these were ew bets that were placed and made a profit, overall a small increase in the bankWeek 7 Closing balance £18,190

Week 8

Week 8 Opening balance £18,190

A small profit of 8pts this week for Mr Smith Review but a profit is a profit and that’s all that matters.

We had a total of 18 bets with 7 winners a 38% strike rate but the winners were all smallish prices hence the 8pt profitWeek 8 Closing balance £18,990

Week 9

Week 9 Opening balance £18,990

Mr Smith continues to add to the bank with another 37pts profit this week.


Another 10 winners from our 27 bets this week and another 37pts added to the bank which now stands at 227pts, things are going along nicely.Week 9 Closing balance £22,740

Week 10

Week 10 Opening balance £22,740

A tough week for Mr Smith Review with just 5 winners from our 23 bets and a small 8pts profit.Week 10 Closing balance £23,569

Week 11

Week 11 Opening balance £23,569

A profitable week with 8 profitable bets from just 19 and another 68pts added to the bank which now stands at 303ptsWeek 11 Closing balance £30,387

Week 12

Week 12 Opening balance £30,387

A losing week for Mr  Smith Review running into his final week. This system has been outstanding though and it would take a lot to change my mind on that.Week 12 Closing balance £27,230

Week 13 – Final Week

Week 13 Opening balance £27,230

Another outstanding week and I can’t speak highly enough of this service, please see my final review below.Final closing balance £35,647

Final Review and verdict;

What can I say other than outstanding!

Mr Smith has delivered on his promise and we are now over 356 points more in profit. That’s a staggering £3,564 to £10 per point stakes or £35,647 to £100 per point stakes.

We were in credit at the end of every week and this was a very progressive and steady increase throughout the review. Although Mr Smith did have a few losing weeks we were never in danger of losing money. This is one of the all time greats we have been lucky to review.

Bets 292
Winning Bets 104
% Win Rate 36%
Total Points Profit 356
Total £Pounds’s Profit  £     35,647.00

Final Verdict; Mr Smith can come to mine for tea anytime.. One of our best reviews to date!

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  1. When proofing, did you simply take the tipster’s stated odds or did you log into a sportsbet account and see the odds for yourself.

    A couple of other racing tipsters I have followed have big discrepancies in their odds i.e. they quote 6/1 yet when I get in 10 minutes after they have sent the email its already down to 4.5/1, 4/1

    Hope that makes sense

    • Hey there, thanks for your comment. To be honest, prices fluctuate and there is an argument that when a price drifts I should give the best price but I don’t. I stick to the tipped odds and keep a check on these to ensure they aren’t exaggerated. I hope this answers your question.

  2. Thanks Danny for your views on my service and any questions you may have would be happy to answer And as with message from caller all tips via my service are bog via online bookies at time of sending but can be a 10 minute delay between myself and service provider not a problem 99per cent of the time as many tips go out the evening before Mr smith

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