The Gambling Don Review – Final Review

The Gambling Don Review

Here is our Final Review for the Gambling Don, we are going to summarise our experience and highlight the pros and cons for you all to see.

If you are not already aware, this is a Horse Racing Betting System Called ‘The Gambling Don’ . Where daily tips are emailed to you by a reliable source.

Its fair to say at this point that The Gambling Don system has provided us with more winning results than losses. Therefore it has proved to be rather profitable, even though it comes in small amounts and at a steady pace – it still comes.

I’m not quite sure on the ins and outs on the creator and success of the actual system, what I am aware of is the deal that was struck between Betfan and The Gambling Don. This to me gives it a more authentic feel and a sense of reliability that a big player in the Betting System game has put their name to it.

Once you purchase the system they send you over a Username and Password to access their website, you will be signed up to the mailing list and receive your daily tips. They also have a very active facebook page where they like to post advice and tips. Another bonus is the ‘Staking Plan’ they provide you with, that helps you stay on track for long term profits.

The Creator and BetFan also made it an exclusive system, claiming to have only 250 places on the Dons mailing list. If this is the case then you can click below to claim your spot – and you can read on for more information on how I found the system.

Starting Balance (Day 1)= +£0

Final Balance (Day 66)  = +£15,100

Visit The Gambling Don

Over the last 66 days using our standard fictional bet amounts of £100 on each of the tips that we have been sent by The Gambling Don. I was slightly sceptical at first as is the way with the start of every review, but the first week delivered 45 points profit which equates to a gain of £4,500!

Initially, I thought it might be a little too good to be true, but plodded along onto the next week with a smile.  The profits kept on coming in, over the next few weeks I encountered a couple of minor losses in comparison to the £100 wagers and the profits we were getting in return.

In total the system made over £15,000 in 2 months, which is a nice wage for minimal effort.

So if you are interested The Gambling Don has 3 different packages for the system:

Package Subscription Cost(£)
Bronze 28 Days £58
Silver 90 Days £130
Gold 6 Months £199


Below is a table with some statistics from our 66 days using The Gambling Don.

Number Of Bets 78
Stake Per Bet £100
Total Amount Staked £7,800
Total Amount Returned £22,900
Profit Generated £15,100
ROI 193.58%

In comparison to a few other systems I have reviewed for Best Betting System Reviews, The Gambling Don has been very straight forward and and brought a nice profit home. I believe its worth the investment and I will carry on using the system.

So thumbs up from me.

Thanks, Callum

Click below to secure your place – Only 250 available if you remember.

Visit The Gambling Don


  1. I am confused about the review.. It says that Final balance was £15,100 but further down it sats that the profit was £8,200.

    Can you clear this out for us?


    • Hi Peter

      Sure, it was a typo on the reviewers part. I have corrected it, if you look through all the review posts you will see that The Gambling Don made 151 points profit over 66 days, amazing stuff really!



  2. I find your review system very strange! How can anyone form an opinion on any service/system after 2 months as any service can have a good run over such a short period. I think a review should run a minimum of 12 months to see its performance over a whole year. Also very suspicious is that Don’s website only mentions a good recent run, no facts and figures on how he has performed over the longer term!!! Any comment? Mark

    • Hi Mark

      Thanks for the comment.

      I work full-time, this is my hobby to hopefully enlighten people and the truth is I cannot afford to sign-up to every service for 12 months to see how they perform, especially as I would be wasting my money in 9 times out of 10 occasions. Sometimes I get free access to a service to review, but this is not always the case, so that is when I stick my hand in my own pocket and pay for them.

      When I decided to set up the site, I looked around at the one or two reputable review sites which are out there (most are disingenuous at best) and 60 days seems to be the industry standard. If you think that is “very strange!”, then you must also think that Cash Master, GeeGeez and the other one or two reputable sites out there are also “very strange!”.

      If you had taken then time to look at other reviews on the site, you will see that some of them (mainly in the early days) did get reviewed over vastly longer periods, such as Football Elite, Betfair Profit Maker to name but two. If you would like to review a system for 12 months, then I would be more than happy to arrange one to review for you.

      Also, again if you had taken the time to look into it, the Don does publish all of his results

      So there is your comment from me

      Thanks for popping in & your support


  3. 1. are you still using it (give the high profits)
    2. do they suggest a recommended site i.e. betfair or is this something that can be done with any betting site
    3. do they send daily picks via email or do we login before the race and then place our bets

    • also- just checking out their site-have you had a chance to review their golf bet system?? It’s got +800points in the last 6 months…

    • Hi Vu

      I didn’t actually review the system (Callum did), but it was certainly an exciting review with some sensational returns made during the time.

      1 – I’m not as I can only follow so many, but Callum took out a personal subscription and seems happy with everything
      2 – Well I would imagine it is best to get the best odds on offer on any particular day, so if it is a straight win tip and Betfair has the best price, then place it at Betfair. If it is an E/W etc, I would use whichever bookmaker has the best odds on offer. You should also look for Best Odds Guaranteed offers from bookies
      3 – Yes they send you a daily email



  4. Peter,
    How much was your starting bankroll?

    • Hi David

      We don’t actually bet the £100 on the reviews as we’d have no money left due to the fact that most systems lose. So for the purposes of every review we start with £0.

      If you had bet on the all the tips with £100 you would have ended up with the same profit though, it performed very well indeed!



  5. Hi Peter, i am new to the horse racing betting system and your website has been very informative and helpful. You said you stake £100 on each tip during your review phase, how much do you suggest i invest using the same staking plan just like you did. For instance will £1000 be adequate. You advice will be really appreciated.


    • Hi El

      Thanks for the comment, as stated in the review our £100 stakes are not cold hard cash but they represent a “What if” scenario.

      If you have £1000 spare and that is your betting bankroll then I personally would bet £20 per race as that will help you through the losing spells which happen with every tipster and service



  6. Hi Peter.

    I really like your site and the work you do!

    You wrote this above:

    “When I decided to set up the site, I looked around at the one or two reputable review sites which are out there (most are disingenuous at best) and 60 days seems to be the industry standard. If you think that is “very strange!”, then you must also think that Cash Master, GeeGeez and the other one or two reputable sites out there are also “very strange!”.”

    I just wonder which other Review sites you think iare reputable?

    I really like your site and feel that I can trust in your reviews and you can´t say that about many sites out there..

    So keep up the good work!!

    Best regards,

    • Sorry for the delay in replying to this, online racing review is also reputable, I think that is also owned by Matt Bisogno



  7. Hi not sure where to post this but most systems seemed to be 100 pounds stake. Is there any systems u could advise for smaller bank balances with stakes of around 10 pounds

    • Hi Paul

      You can probably use any of the services reviewed on here with smaller stakes, the £100 is just an arbitrary amount, simply divide the total profit by 10 and you’ll see how you would have done with £10 stakes



  8. Hi Peter is the Gambling Don service still running, all links appear to be broken
    Regards Adrian.

  9. Sorry Peter ignore previous email they seem to be working fine
    Regards Adrian.

  10. Peter,

    Why is your link to the above website, an affiliate link?

    The fact that it is, means this cannot be an independent, unbiased review.

    • Hey Damien, thanks for the comment. I mentioned in my ‘About Me’ that there are affiliate links to the reviews as that supports the cost of running the site. Every single one of my reviews are honest and to the point which is why some readers find them very useful. Results/Reviews whether good or bad are always published which is why the site remains independent and unbiased. All the best. Danny

  11. Hi, Are you still using the system and is it still working?:) Thanks

    • Hey Niels. This is one of the popular systems that my readers have gone with in the past. To be honest I don’t normally re visit them one I’ve reviewed them but this one is as reliable as any of them. The Don has produced great results.

  12. @ Daniel, i see The Gambling Don uses different bookies to get always the best odds. How can this be arranged to get that? Not everyone has a big bank to be able to bet at 10 bookies and the money transfering is also not just comfortable. Really would like to hear your opinion.

    • Hey Chris, to be honest mate I know where you’re coming from, I personally hate signing up to too many bookies but to be honest it’s what people do to ensure they get the best odds. To be honest most bookies offer a sign up bonus as well so you can often get your first stake doubled. To be honest you can still follow the tips using one bookie, the difference in odds is sometimes no that great, it’s really down to yourself.

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