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If you fancy joining my team as a betting system reviewer and potentially making a few quid along the way, then it’s quite simple, here’s how it works.

Contact Me
The first step is to drop me an email to danny[at] and I’ll get back to you asap. Let me know a little bit about you, do you have any existing blogs, are you an experienced gambler, what your favourites sports are etc.  I can then help find you a betting system to review that will retain your interest.

I’ll Contact You
I’ll get back to you with a view to getting you blogging asap and providing you with a login to the site. You don’t need to have any prior experience of blogging, I’ll give you all the assistance I can, to get you delivering quality posts.

Begin Reviewing Gambling Products
Once approved as a blogger and we’re both ready to go, I’ll provide you with a gambling system to review and it’s just a case of recording the results for 58 betting days.

The Money Involved
It won’t cost you a penny at any stage as I will pay for any systems that are to be reviewed and simply have an autoforwarder for any daily picks etc straight to your inbox.

What’s Expected Of You
Here’s the semi serious side of the show…..I know that everyone is busy with life nowadays as we have more demand on our time then ever before, so please only get in touch to review a product if you actually have the time to do so.  I only have a finite amount of time also and I’ve had reviewers drop reviews halfway through, which leaves me to pick up the slack, whilst it’s not the end of the world it has meant many many late nights for me to catch up with reviews and the odd ear bashing from er indoors 🙂  I will do everything I can to assist you, please just be fair back to me.  If we agree on a 90 day review, then let’s try and get to Day 90.

I also expect you to be honest with your reviews, this site exists to get the word out there about which betting systems win and which ones don’t.  Yes we use affiliate links and when a system has performed well we can expect to earn some commission from referring people through to a winning betting system, but all reviews have to be 100% genuine.  If you find yourself reviewing a system which is not performing very well, then it has to be reported as that.

If you have any other questions, then I look forward to hearing from you



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