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Lucrative Racing Trust Review

Lucrative Racing Trust

Lucrative Racing Trust Review Welcome to our Lucrative Racing Trust Review. Lucrative Racing Trust is a Horse Racing tipping service that has been proofing since 2011 with some really great results. The Lucrative Racing Trust system uses a combination of two high strike rate betting systems. Their strike rate of 80% which equates to four winning selections from five is the force behind their ... Read More »

Cricket Advisor Review

Cricket Advisor

Cricket Advisor Review Welcome to our Cricket Advisor Review. Cricket Advisor is part of the Betfan team, a team who have brought us some very profitable services in many other sports. This is the first Cricket review I have been privileged to do so I hope it can bring us all some great results and some great profit. The Cricket ... Read More »

Pro Sports Traders World Cup

ProSports World Cup

Pro Sports Traders World Cup 2014   Welcome to my review of a Football World Cup 2014 Trading service brought to you by a new team called Pro Sports Traders. Pro Sports Traders contacted me at the end of Feb 2014 this football season and asked me to review an upcoming Ebook that would detail many aspects of football trading ... Read More »

BK Winners Galore Review

BK Winners Galore

BK Winners Galore Review Welcome to our BK Winners Galore Review. BK Winners Galore is a new Horse Racing tipping service that has been operating since March 2014 (3 months to date). This is a very young service but ultimately a service that is proofing some great results. BK Winners Galore stand at a current profit of +420 points and that is only after 3 ... Read More »

Selective Racing Trust Review

Selective Racing Trust

Selective Racing Trust Review Welcome to  our Selective Racing Trust Review. Selective Racing Trust is a very disciplined Horse Racing tipping service that has been operating since 2011 but first began proofing on the Betting Gods site Feb 2014. The Selective Racing Trust system provides around 4 carefully and thought out selections per week which are emailed to you by 2pm  so you have plenty ... Read More »

Racing Methodology Review

Racing Methodology

Racing Methodology Review Welcome to  our Racing Methodology Review. Racing Methodology is a selective Horse Racing tipping service which provides 1 or 2 win and place tips straight into your inbox daily. Racing Methodology is a fresh new service brought to us by the same team that also sponsored Ante-Post King. Racing Methodology has been running for three months since ... Read More »

Betting Service Special Offer

Betting System Special Offer

Betting Service Special Offer I am glad to be informing you of a time limited Betting Service Special Offer. The offer applies to various betting systems of which some are already reviewed on my site. One in particular BBFT Football Tips has been reviewed in the last few months amassing a profit of +72 points. The offer unfortunately is only ... Read More »

Racing Success Review

Racing Success

Racing Success Review Welcome to  our Racing Success Review.  Racing Success is a Horse Racing backing system for the Win markets only which comes in the form of a 27 page guide. Racing Success will help you pick your own winning selections from carefully selected handicap races in the UK. This is the first time I have reviewed such a ... Read More »

Weekender Special Review

Weekender Special

Weekender Special Review Welcome to  our Weekender Special Review.  Weekender Special is a Horse Racing and Soccer tipping service which provides tips and selections every weekend. Weekender Special provides subscribers with access to the members area which is available from 11:00 am  on a Saturday and Sunday. The Weekender Special team specialise  in the Soccer and Horse Racing markets. The ... Read More »

On Par Profits Review

On Par Profits

On Par Profits Review Welcome to  our On Par Profits Review.  On Par Profits is a Golf tipping service which provides weekly Golfing tips and selections straight into your inbox on a Tuesday afternoon in time for the regular start of play Thursday. Golf is a precision sport affected by many factors. With the correct knowledge, research and intuition I believe Golf ... Read More »