Betfair Trading Expert Review

Betfair Trading Expert Review

Well the Betfair Trading Expert review is the first system on Best Betting System Reviews to have undergone the full 58 days of testing and to be fair it has absolutely sailed through.

There were a few bad days and ups and downs, but invariably you’d expect that with any system, it’s impossible to win every day, as much as we’d like to.  Hopefully you’ll find that there’s lots of information below to help you make an informed decision on whether to purchase Betfair Trading Expert.

The system itself first came onto the market around September 2010 and although it wasn’t subject to the usual big marketing push as is the norm for so many products nowadays, it did receive a 3 email recommendation from Rich Allen (creator of Sports Betting Professor).

After purchasing Betfair Trading Expert, you are able to download 2 ebooks, one for football trading and one for tennis trading.  As the name suggests, the strategies are recommended to be used at Betfair, however you can also use them at other betting exchanges such as BetDaq and WBX.  Anyway back to the review, both ebooks are well written and put together making the trading strategies easy to understand and therefore easy to implement.  You should probably have a basic knowledge about trading sports markets on Betfair before purchasing, but it’s not essential as the main football system contains screenshots and links to online calculators to make your life a bit easier.

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Within 24 hours of purchasing the system, Matt Abraham manually adds you to his picks subscription list and you will receive an email from Aweber to confirm your subscription, which is simply a case of clicking the URL in the email you receive.  After that you receive picks on a daily basis, there doesn’t appear to be a set time, but always had them in good time to get my bets on.  Matt has said in a few of his emails, that he sometimes likes to wait until nearer kick-off times to see team news and make a decision on a pick, I personally don’t have a problem with that as I’d rather have well researched picks than ill advised picks well in advance.

Marketing wise, Matt has been good as gold, I’ve only had one system promotion through the email in over 3 months, so you won’t get bombarded with systems in the manner which Rich Allen does, although who knows if that will last because everybody seems to do it nowadays.

Overall it’s an excellent value for money system and one which I can personally recommend and one which following this review I have added into my own personal betting portfolio.

The System costs $69 and this is a one-time fee with no recurring monthly charges.  This comes with a lifetime of picks from Matt Abraham and if you get in before he introduces a monthly fee (which he has said he will do), you’ll never have to pay another penny.

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System Cost $69
Monthly Payments? No
Emailed Picks Yes, daily
Money Back Guarantee? Yes 60-days

This system will certainly keep you busy with over 4 football bets per day on average, the return on investment is excellent and the profit generated by Betfair Trading Expert is certainly a good mark for all other betting systems reviewed to beat

Number of Bets 248
Average Stake Per Bet £100
Total Amount Staked £24,800
Total Amount Returned £27,910.66
Profit Generated £3,110.66
Return On Investment 12.54%

As you can see when we look at the biggest winning and losing days, the good days are very good whereas the bad days, whilst bad were never more than the £100 stakes we used for each match.  A 67% strike-rate in terms of winning days is a good return as nobody likes to have losing days day after day

Days Used For 91
Days With Bets 58
Winning Days 39 (67%)
Biggest Winning Day +£254.19
Biggest Losing Day -£82.93

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for other reviews on Best Betting System Reviews

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Update – July 2012

As per an email from Matt Abraham this morning Betfair Trading Expert no longer has tennis as part of his portfolio.  The removal coincided with another trading complaining that some tennis strategies were similar to his, the 2 incidents may be related, but I’ll leave them to battle that one out.  To compensate for the removal of tennis Matt has added 2 new football trading systems to the package, so purchasers no receive 4 football trading systems for the one-off purchase price of $69.  The review above was based on the picks delivered for Football System 1.


  1. I’ve been using Betfair Trading Expert since September 2010 and the football tips are truly superb. I have made a healthy 5 figure return in the past year just from following Matt’s tips. Highly recommend to all looking to make money from football trading.

    Pete – Keep up the good work, it looks like your site is coming along nicely


  2. Hi Steve,

    I would really like to make money online,is this system the real deal ,and is it hard to do.

    • Hi Brian

      Thanks for visiting, since reviewing this system I have used it for the football picks and they always seem to win more often than not. It is not hard to do but it is different from placing a normal bet at a bookmakers, but Matt explains it all in the manual

      Thanks, Peter
      Owner of

  3. good system, good picks, good guy

  4. first class, and easy to follow.

  5. I have been using Betfair Trading Expert for around 12 months and can say that it is an excellent system and superb value for money as Matt gives you the tips for life via e-mail,at no extra cost!

  6. 5 Star system, best value for money available for anyone who takes trading seriously.
    Excellent service from Matt with an excellent website/blog to back it up.

  7. I have been trading football for a while, Betfair Trading Expert is an excellent addition to my own bets/trades and Matt the author is approachable and helpful. I have been in and out of systems in the past, this is one of the ones that I would definately recommend.

  8. Very Very Good buy, I have E mailed Matt with a question on a couple of occasions and always get a reply, Matt’s picks are very good and profitable too. Well worth the money.

  9. the real deal…honest, researched and most important profitable tips…100% recommended

  10. Very straightforward system to use with the added bonus of selections for life. To be honest how many other systems provide that which makes it worth the one off fee on its own.

    Highly recommend.

  11. Easy to use, great avice, worth every penny

  12. Really good picks, excellent, clear service and what’s the most important – Matt is really honest and open person. I can recommend this system and Matt’s service to everybody.

  13. great system,great service!

  14. Hey guys,

    I bought this system in October 2010 and the only thing I would like you to ask is to be careful.

    Some of the above mentioned figures don’t seem very honest to me:

    “This system will certainly keep you busy with over 4 football bets per day on average” –> That’s wrong! The only day you could probably get to this number of picks is Saturday. During the week (Mo-Fr) you will probably get 4 picks in total, which means less than 1 pick per day. For instance, in October 2011 I received in total 30 picks during the entire month (considering that the European top leagues started already).

    This report is talking about 248 picks in 3 months (82 per month). I NEVER EVER got this number of picks.

    Furthermore, with the picks of September 2011 I lost around 5 points during this month, which would be 25% of my betting bank using the recommendation of Matt to place bets with 5% of the betting bet.

    Don’t get me wrong, I did have profitable months already, but the overall result is not that good. Everybody using this system should be thankful with a total profit of 5-10 points per YEAR.

    But this report is talking about £3,110.66 profit using £100 stakes. 31 points in 3 months –> 10 points per month and I would almost say that this is a lie.
    Yes, you can buy this system but don’t expect too much! This system is NOT a scam but not that profitable either.

    Everybody who wants some proofs for what I am saying can write me an email.

    However, I can’t reveal too much information about this system because I really respect the systems copy rights.


    • Hi Matt

      Thanks for the comment, however I have to correct you on a couple of points as I don’t have any problem if you say a system is crap etc but please do not question the integrity of myself or my site.

      Firstly my review is honest, I have no interest in providing bad information or being dishonest with my visitors as it will not serve my website any good at all. I am meticulous with my results, so take exception to your insinuation. Yes I my make an error but not as you are suggesting.

      Number of Picks
      The number of bets reported on the site is the number of bets that were released during the review period, simple as that really. The review period started when the system first launched on 28th September 2010.

      From 28/9/10 to 30/9/10 there were 22 picks over 3 betting days. (average of 7.33 per day)
      From 1/10/10 to 31/10/10 there were 102 picks over 22 betting days (average of 4.63 per day)
      From 1/11/10 to 30/11/10 there were 63 picks over 17 betting days (average of 3.70 per day)
      From 1/12/10 to 24/12/10 there were 63 picks over 16 betting days (average of 3.93 per day)

      You may have conveniently forgotten but Matt sent an email to all subscribers earlier this year to say that he had decided to change his picks from quantity to quality as too many subscribers were struggling to cope with the workload.

      Secondly, the profits from the review period are genuine and I would suggest that this is proofed by the other positive comments from visitors to my site. So whilst I concede that my comment about keeping you busy may not be as accurate as it was at the time, it still produces plenty enough picks and I always seem to do okay when I use them.

      Thanks a lot & please bear in mind that I am here to help and only report the facts, FACT!

      Owner of

      PS – I don’t think you’re comparing the same periods, you’re comparing 2011 to 2010 🙂
      PPS – Please feel free to rate any other systems that you may have used

  15. Comment

  16. I’ve been using this system for about a year now and it’s produced consistent profits. I’m very happy to have it as part of my trading portfolio.

  17. Can you pick and choose which picks you bet on if you don’t have time to do them all and still make a tidy profit?

    • Yes because the strike rate is very good, so you’re normally going to hit a winner

      Thanks, Peter
      Owner of

  18. Hi there!
    Thank’s for the review Peter!
    Do you know if this system is still available?

    Best regards

    • Hi Vasco

      Thanks for the comment, yes the package is still available and Matt Abraham has also released Betfair Trading Expert Ultimate which contains 4 new football trading strategies

      Thanks for visiting

      Owner of

  19. hi guys,

    i just wanted to ask a few questions:

    1) are the majority of the bets for english games? like when he says football, he doesnt mean american football does he?

    2) is there anywhere i can buy this in english money, like £43 rather than $69? if matt is from the uk!

    thanks for any help!


    • Hi Anthony

      1) The picks Matt delivers are for football matches (as in soccer) and mostly English & European

      2) When you go to the check out, it will convert to your local currency

      3) Matt is based in London, UK


      Owner of

  20. oh, and how long does it take roughly to place the bets? is it a good system for someone with little time to sit working stuff out and placing hundreds of bets daily? just as an example!



  21. Hi.

    Thanks for a good site and informative reviews Peter!

    I have bought this package and I hope it will help me do some nice profits.

    I just wonder if someone has bought the Ultimate package with the 4 additional systems and if so is it any good? Maybe something to do another review on Peter?

    Take care guys.

    • Hi Peter

      Thank you for the nice comment!

      I haven’t got the Ultimate package yet, but I will grab it and get a review up at some point

      Thanks a lot

      Owner of

  22. Are you able to load say BetAngel up with the selections each day/week and let the bot do the work on your behalf?

    • Hi Guy

      Thanks for the comment. I am not an expert on Bet Angel, so you would be better to ask your question in the Bet Angel forums



  23. Is this the site that copied nearly word for word what trading shark had done?

    • Hi Stu

      Thanks for the comment. There was definitely some major similarities between the tennis systems and there is no doubting that Matt wasn’t the first on the market with them!! I was approached by TS and shortly afterwards Matt removed tennis from his portfolio a while ago as I mentioned in the edit. As for the football system, that is what the review/results were based on.



      • Is Betfair Trading Expert still up and running, and more importantly still recommended to use? I cannot find any information for this month about it.

        • Hi Paul

          Yes it is still on sale and I don’t think that Matt’s quality of selections have deteriorated, so it may be worth a punt.

          If you’re new to Betfair trading, then it’s not a bad place to start



  24. This system is no different from any other LTD systems.
    The other systems he offers are systems that any decent trader knows and have tried when they were beginners.

    • Hi John

      I agree that the system parameters are broadly in line with competitors, the big plus point here is the tips that you get for life for a one off fee. Everybody has to start somewhere, so whilst experienced traders probably won’t find anything new, for someone just starting out, I’d say there’s some good advice in the manuals.

      Thanks for popping in John and feel free to leave ratings on any systems that you’ve used before


  25. This socalled system is a total SCAM. I suspect the siteowner og is “Matt”, why else would you reccomend ridiculous systems like this?
    The scammer who sells these ridiculous “systems” NEVER answers any mails, and you can forget abound a refund. Regarding his “picks”, they are chosen randomly and absolutely ridiculous!
    Don´t buy it, unless you want to lose your bank!

    • Hi Justin

      Welcome to the site, thanks for your friendly first post.

      I have no problem with anyone writing comments about any system on here, but do not question my integrity by basically tagging me with the word scam. It is particularly insulting as I provide this website free of charge in my spare time in order to help people make informed decisions. Reviews are carried out, generally over a 60 day period and an honest opinion is given at the end. Systems and performances may change, but I stand by every comment I make because at any moment in time they are always my honest opinion. So in summary, no I am not “Matt” and neither am I the guy behind any of the other systems which have received positive ratings on this website. I’ve just had a look at the picks from last weekend and I imagine you would have won from those tips if you’d followed the manual correctly. As for not replying to emails etc, I’ve never had a problem, but then again I don’t have any regular contact with him or any of the system providers once we have completed the review. As for refunds, the system is sold by Clickbank, just ask them and they will refund you, the sale is a transaction between you and Clickbank not you and the system creator

      You’re welcome to post on the site again, but do not ever make libellous statements about me or question my integrity.



  26. What is trading? Does trading include in-play bets?

    • Hi Chris

      Trading is when you change look to end up with a profit no matter the result of the event that you’re betting on. Betfair have an excellent help section to look through, so I’d watch a few of their videos first.

      Trading can be in-play and also pre-event



  27. I have to mention that whilst most people are genuine,and do there best to have an unbiased opinion, you will always get people who if you gave them a winning lottery ticket, they would still manage to fluff that up.
    Then the name calling comes out doesnt it, everybody is a scam, all vendors are scamsters, and such nonsense just flows from there mouths, but without a reason why? real in depth figures, facts?….no…no forth coming anything but personal jabs based on there own failed betting ventures.

    I have never met a profitable trader/bettor with poor attitude towards a personal nature on a live site,where people have made profits regularly using the said system/strategy.It is usually the failing venturists who come forward with absolutely zero factual anything,but are very willing to thrust there expertise on the public such as on here,baring in mind they are not just jabbing at the vendor and site owner here,…oops i forgot they are one in the same arent they?….ha ha……they are also jabbing at people who claim that the system works, so on the basis of he is but one view, and the tone of which was argumentative, then we can simply brush the views of justin under the rug, until such time he can actually put some results of trades up for scrutiny, pointless post otherwise….

    very well said peter…..

  28. Hi, one question ,this system only run in Betfair??
    Normally I used bet365…

  29. Hi, Peter!

    Your works has been incredible! Thank you!

    This seems to be a good option to go for. How about the 4 extra estrategies of Ultimate? Any study result?

    Thank you!

  30. hi,is it worth to buy ultimate 4 systems from Matt..any opinion?

  31. Hi Peter

    Is it possible to just paper trade these systems while learning?


    • Hello Ged, How much you spend or don’t spend is entirely up to you. Its always advisable to get to grips with the system you use before you start spending too much. I always start small and build from there. Cheers

  32. Hi Daniel thanks for your reply.

    Does Matt still reply to emails?

    I bought this a few days ago and emailed him to add me to
    his list for his picks and not heard anything.

    • Hey Ged, reading between the lines I’m not sure if the picks are still emailed out. Keep pestering him for an answer though whether he is or isn’t sending them. I feel your pain because I know that it is a bit time costly working through an Ebook, these are my least favorite reviews to do due to the time it takes me to work through the system. I understand why people enjoy them though, there’s a greater sense of satisfaction when you pick your own and of course only a one off fee.

  33. is there any update on this service?

    GED, have you got emails from Matt yet?

  34. Hi Daniel,

    Is it betfairtradingexpert still on sale as usual ? and does the author is still sending the daily or weekly picks to trade on ? Just want to know before buying, as the author picks are very important as I see from reviews..
    Plz let me know.. thank you..

    • Hey Kumar, This service is still on sale and comes in the form of an Ebook which teaches you how to pick the selections yourself. The feedback from many people on my site recently is that the daily picks are not currently being sent out. If I hear any different I’ll be sure to publish it but to date I believe the daily emails have ceased. There are other services on offer though that will email you daily picks for horse racing selections, please read my reviews for an information on these types of services. Cheers

      • The picks are still arriving. Never actually used them as it seemed a fairly risky strategy.

        As others appear to have had some success perhaps I should do some paper trading myself.

        I did send Matt an email a few weeks ago just to ask him how the system had been performing of late but I did not get a reply.

  35. I need some help, please!

    I’m just starting out as a trader, and I purchased Betfair Trading expert about three weeks ago. I’m receiving the picks on a daily basis, but the website advertised that included in the purchase price was e-mail support from Matt. However, I have sent him three or four e-mails within the past three weeks with simple questions that could be answered in one or two sentences, but I haven’t gotten a response to one of them. I can’t find another way to contact him, and this is the only place I have seen someone representing Matt respond to what people have to say about the system, so I am posting my concern here in hopes that someone could help me out or explain if I’m doing something wrong. Thank you.

    • Hey there, Up until not long ago I think the daily picks actually stopped being delivered as well so obviously the author is back up and running. I would advise to keep trying him. If there’s anything I can help with question ways I will. Cheers

  36. Hi Daniel, I dont know why do you think the daily picks stopped being delivered, but it is not true. There has been no interruption in this service whatsoever – definitely not in 2014 and not in 2013 either. When it comes to contacting Matt I have never tried it so I dont know if he responds or not, but picks have always been sent out.

  37. Recently bought this but not had the time to use properly yet. Picks are coming through via e-mail.

    Re football system 1, my generic question is do the rules apply universally or work better on certain leagues / competitions? i.e. is it recommended to bet on every game regardless of league / country / competition that meets the criteria of system one, this would be my intention if it is. (of course on the basis I would be around to manage betting during the game)

    • Hey there, these systems tend to cover all leagues. Over time you will probably have personal preferences and see trends in certain leagues, for example Italian league tends to be quite close games etc. Hope you have some good successes and enjoy my site. Good Luck. Dan

  38. hi–i was wondering are these systems suitable for a complete newbe to use and profit from, i am also concerned if maybe they are outdated in some way?, also can i use[at least at first] small stakes—-thanks

    • Hey Steve, this system has been one of the most popular of its kind. I have always had a lot of interest in this system on this site. Your staking plan is always entirely up to yourself and can be as big or as small as you want. Enjoy the system and good luck. Danny

  39. hi again can you tell me if you think for a beginner this system would be better than say total football trading, i have a feeling that the latter would be a bit much for a beginner, what do you think?

    • Hey Steve, it can be a dilemma sometimes choosing which system to go with. To be honest most of the systems reviewed on this site have been straight forward enough to follow, I don’t generally favour any over others. Go with what you feel will bring most profit. Cheers, Danny.

  40. Hi,

    I am new to sports trading/betting and recently purchased all of the BTE football systems. I have emailed Matt several times but I have not got reply, I thought the forum or support contact would help a newbie like me but this has not been the case and the forum is silent leaving me struggling. Does anyone know how I can contact Matt or if not suggest a site where I can get the odd bit of advice. Thanks Graham

  41. I recently posted a comment which for some reason has not be placed. Is their a reason why? I have paid for all the BTE systems and have not had any response to emails, that was my only criticism, I think it fair to comment which is why I am puzzled why my comment hasn’t been placed.

  42. Daniel, Clearly I jumped the gun, thanks for posting my post.

  43. Is this service still available? Thank you.

  44. Hi,

    So is this similar in anyway to matched betting? It was good for the first 20-30 offerings then things dried up so I’m concerned of this again.
    And I only have about £200 in total to spend (after initial purchase) is that enough? And are there any other purchases you need to make I read on a site another platform is worthy paying for or is the £55 one off good for everything?

    Also how much time is needed roughly a day?



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