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Diamond Racing Lays Review

Diamond Racing Lays Review

Diamond Racing Lays Review The Diamond Racing Lays Review finished in profit, which is always welcome, but not really enough to justify joining at this point.  The service is run very professionally with no issues with tips being delivered and the results i experienced during the review married up with the results on the website, which to my mind show ... Read More »

Easy Lays System Review

Easy Lays System Review The Easy Lays System review finished with a profit of £1084 after 101 days here on Best Betting System Reviews.  The system is managed through BetFan and it has been profitable but 10 points over 101 days is a bit disappointing.  The system revolves around laying horses on the Betfair betting exchange and you receive the ... Read More »

Champion Racing Lays Review

Champion Racing Lays is a Horse Laying service for use on betting exchanges such as Betfair & BetDaq.  I am please to report that this has passed our review period and will be listed as an approved system. Champion Racing Lays have a 14 day free trial which is always a nice touch to receive, because lets face it, you ... Read More »