Betfair Profit Maker Review

The Betfair Profit Maker review is over and I think it will hard for any system to perform this well.  I actually continued the review well past the 60 days and the profits just kept on going up and up and up.

It’s a simple in-play Betfair strategy that does not require any trading and only requires the user to place a specific bet at a specific time within a football match which matches the system criteria.  The beauty about this Betfair system is not just it’s simplicity but also the fact that liquidity is not a real concern because trading is not part of the process.

For the one-off price, it’s under £30, you will really struggle to find a better value Betfair system for betting on the football anywhere.  I actually think that given the performance during this review period and the results post review, that it is vastly under priced and double the price would still be a bargain.

Bill Johnson should be very proud of what he has created and even if you paper trade the system for a few weeks, you will suddenly see the results that keep stacking up each week and it will reassure you for placing real money bets into the market.

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After purchasing Betfair Profit Maker you receive an email with the ebook, which is well presented and although it is concise, it contains enough information for you to make money on the Betfair betting exchange.  Talking of betting exchanges, it has to be said that this would work equally well on BetDaq, WBX or Smarkets.

The System costs £29.99 and this is a one-time fee with no recurring monthly charges.  There are no picks with the service as you formulate your own, but it really is so simple to learn and implement, that you will have no trouble securing winners.

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System Cost £29.99
Monthly Payments? No
Emailed Picks No
Money Back Guarantee? No

Betfair Profit Maker will generate just over 1 pick per day, although I was only using the leagues mentioned in the ebook, when in reality you could use any league and increase you picks and profitability with ease.  As you can see from the return on investment below, it would be hard to beat that sort of return from a high street bank!

Number of Bets 240
Average Stake Per Bet £100
Total Amount Staked £24,000
Total Amount Returned £36,650
Profit Generated £12,650
Return On Investment 52.70%

The best day during the review for Betfair Profit Maker came on 25th September 2011 when Bill’s Betfair system generated 48 points of profit.  There were losing days and to be fair, there were lots of them as this system only had a very low strike rate across the review, which just goes to show that there is more to profitable systems than the “win over 95% of bets” claims.  Essentially, if you do purchase Betfair Profit Maker, then you need to be prepared for losing up to 20 bets in a row, but when you do hit the bets, you’ll find you get a few in a row and the overall result is an upwards profit trend

Days Used For 174
Days With Bets 60
Winning Days 21 (35%)
Biggest Winning Day +£4900.00
Biggest Losing Day -£1600.00

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for other reviews on Best Betting System Reviews

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  1. I bought this in 2011 when it was launched, so simple and I’ve done well with it

    You are quite right about long losses though!! I once went 20 matches without winning, but then picked up 5 wins in 3 days which more than made up for it!

    5 stars all day long


  2. Good Morning!

    Hi Peter!

    First of all let me congratulate you for this excellent work you do. I really thank you very much for taking the time to do these tests to these betting systems.

    I’m really interested in buying the product of Bill but I had some questions:

    1) You still keep doing the test? How is the performance now?2) After I buy the ebook, Bill gives the data that there is not a single losing season amongst any of the leagues, which now stands at over 30 years worth of data?


    • Hi Newman

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

      1) I am not still reviewing Betfair Profit Maker but I do use the strategy fairly regularly and it makes good money, in line with the review really.

      2) Bill gives you a pdf which is based on his research. He does not give you all of his databases

      I hope this helps

      Thanks, Peter
      Owner of

  3. Hi Peter
    Are there any other user reviews that you could put up on the website?
    I assume the system can be applied to football {soccer} in any country?


    • Hi Jonathan

      Every user review is on the website, anyone can review or vote, they just have to fill out the form.

      The system has been tested as profitable on certain leagues, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work in other world leagues

      Thanks, Peter
      Owner of

  4. Hello.

    I´ve seen a betfair profit maker review in another site and in there it’s stated that “the system revolves around low priced lays” so my question is. Is this system about back bets or lay bets? Has the system changed recently? The review from the site is recent.


    • Hi Paulo

      I’ve had a look at that review and I think that the reviewer would have probably found out how good this system is if they had actually used it for any period of time rather than writing a review based on what they think might happen.

      The system has not changed as far as I’m aware. I tracked the system for a long time and still use it in my own personal betting portfolio, so it’s still a thumbs up for me, especially at such a low price.

      Thanks, Peter
      Owner of

  5. Hi Peter and everybody else here!

    I bought this system about 2 years ago.

    My experience of the rules for the system based on laying a certain result on Betfair at a certain time in the game, has changed radically so the value that was with the system before is not quite there anymore.

    It is still a good system but you will not pick up as many winners as before.

    So I don´t agree with Peter in his former message. He is right that the system is the same but there is in my opinion a clear change in the value because of the shorted time frame on Betfair when you can get matched with the right odds for it. And that is very important for it´s value.

    Last I want to congratulate Peter for doing a great job with this site!

    Keep up the great work you are doing!

    I´m sorry but I can not go in to the system in more detail because then I would be giving it away.

    That´s why it is a little difficult to explain what I mean by recent value.

    • Hi Peter

      Thanks for popping by, appreciate any comments on here, I’d probably agree I do actually use odds a little bit higher than orginally, but I can’t say much more because I can’t give it away.

      Take care and please come back soon, feel free to leave ratings on any other system reviews that you have used as they all add up to the user created leaderboard

      Thanks, Peter
      Owner of

  6. Hello Peter,

    First i would like to thank you for sharing your reviews with all the Betting Fans out there.
    Now about this particular system, is it safe to say, now, that the ROI is well above the 52% which you’ve experienced in the review?!?



    • Hi Pedro

      Thanks for visiting.

      I can only comment on how I found the system during the review, which was to be very profitable indeed, it is possible that the ROI over a longer time could be higher, but it could also be lower. Overall though, it’s definitely profitable

      Thanks, Peter
      Owner of

  7. Hi Peter

    I was wondering if this system involves in-play betting. I presume it does as you say above “it requires the user to place a specific bet at a specific time within a football match”

    It’s just that I am from Australia where we cannot bet in play over the internet – and that could make it a bit hard to manage.

    Sounds good though – and for the price…a bargain!



    • Hi James

      Thanks for the comment. It requires one bet in-play if certain filters are met, although it may be possible to place the bet before the event starts and register it as a keep bet.

      I don’t know if you can place an in-play bet over the phone in Australia? I hope this helps a little.

      Thanks, Peter
      Owner of

      • Hi Peter – thanks for your response. Yes you can place in play bets over the phone in Australia (it’s crazy over here you can place bets over the internet on horse racing but not sports betting!!) One day they may change the rules – we can only hope!

        The problem with betting over the phone is the time difference: most games in the EPL are from midnight onwards and I value my beauty sleep too much!!



  8. I’ve used this on and off for the past 18 months. Fairly consisten profits. You do have to get used to long losing streaks at times but the wins are big enough to make up for that!

  9. Hi, has anyone used this system successfully on other leagues than the ones mentioned in the ebook? And what is your average number of bets per month?


  10. Hi Peter

    There is a review of Betfair Profit Maker on

    The system was placed in the failed category do you still use Betfair Profit Maker and what do you think of the above review?


    • Hi Chris

      Yep I still use it and although I don’t use it for every game and every league as per the book, as I only have so much time available, it’s been profitable for me in the leagues I use it in (Premier League and Ligue Un). As for the review, Cash Master is a great blog and the reviews are generally superb and more importantly they are honest! With regards to their review of BPM, I would say that any system can lose money over a one month period, which is why I always trial systems on here for a minimum of 60 days and Betfair Profit Maker was actually reviewed for 174 days on here. For the price, I personally still think it’s a sound investment.



  11. Hi mate are you still using this system? if so how much profit have you made since this review? Cheers!

    • Hi Luke

      Yes I still use it although not everyday as I don’t have time with my busy life & this website. I use £10/£20 stakes and I’m definitely a few grand up



  12. Hi

    If you write in googls “??????????” appear this: http://www.??????????????????
    Is that PDF “the Betfair Profit Maker System”?

    • Hi Alvaro

      Yes that was the system and I emailed the owners to let them know about your email. I would say that if you are using it and profiting, then you should consider making a purchase from the site as it is hardly fair that you should have managed to be sneaky and get yourself a free copy without to make profits from the author’s hard work without giving him his fair payment, especially as it’s so cheap



  13. I see this system is not on sale anymore?

  14. oh my mistake, pleae ignore the previous message…


  15. After reading your review I have bought this system. Starting with a small pot and minimum stakes on the EPL and Championship only to test it out. Today was Day 1 and I had 3 bets. 2 bets were matched but I lost – fair enough, we know there will be losses. The third bet went to “lapsed” which I think means nobody took my bet at my specified odds – annoyingly this was the match that then went on to end up how I wanted it to, meaning I would have won some money if the bet was matched.

    So I can see a potentially major flaw in this system which is your bets not being matched, or being matched too late. I don’t fully understand why in play bets can goto “lapsed” – anyone care to help me out?

    • Hi there

      As far as I know, lapsed bets are just bets that are cancelled if a market starts or suspends, but there may be more information in the Betfair help centre. In your example, the trigger which you are looking for must have happened before they got to your money. It’s very much a case of swings and roundabouts, some you win, some you lose, IMHO it’s probably a bit early to call is a potential major flaw given your data size.

      You could place your required bets at specific odds at the beginning of a match as a “keep bet”, meaning the bet will not be cancelled or lapsed.



      • Hi Peter, yep agree it’s too early to call it a flaw. I’ve checked the betfair help and it seems that for in-play bets, there are several situations that can cause a bet to go to lapsed. It depends on your type of bet and what happens during the game, but for example the following could cause bet lapses if your lay was not taken up : a goal, yellow card, red card.

        I will keep using the system until the end of season and report back on my findings. Thanks for the reply.

  16. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the reviews. Can you explain how much your bank should be if you were to use £10 per point?



    • Hi Mike

      No problem, thanks for popping in.

      I personally like to risk no more than 2% of my bank on a bet, so that would mean a bankroll of £500. Of course you could be slightly more adventurous.



  17. Hello Peter,

    I would like to make a question..
    I,ve bought this system but i think that the odds that we should put the bet take to long to be matched.
    I seen you said that use it but with a number of ticks higher.
    Can it be profitable with 5ticks higher?

    Thanks in advance and keep the good reviews!

    • Hi Nelson

      Yes I do believe it is still profitable at 5 ticks higher and that obviously gives you more time to profit. Markets obviously change over time, so it’s always good to be fluid and make small amendments where possible, whilst keeping profitability.



  18. if i win hw can get my money?

  19. Hi Peter,

    Im looking to build a portfolio. Would you say this is a good system to use? Still profitable?

    Im looking for something with minimal effort as im also trading which takes up more time.



  20. …… much time is required daily for this?

    • Yes it still works to the best of my knowledge and you can just focus on one league at a time if you prefer meaning perhaps 1 hours per week

      Thanks, Peter

  21. Is it possible to still get hold of this system?

  22. hi peter!
    is this system working with other bookies? like bet365, sbobet, pinnacle etc.

  23. Hi Peter are you still using the system? and have you tried Bill’s Betfair Profit Machine?

    I do struggle to get matched when there is a clear favourite at even 5 ticks higher. I did give up initially but have decided to pick up the baton again as I had to regularly bet at 5 ticks higher and was only receiving a 1 in 12 strike rate (Eng championship in December 2013). Is there any chance you could do a 2014 betfair profit maker review to see if the system is still working.

    Kind Regards

    • Hey Robbie, Hope you are well and thanks for your mail. As far as I am aware this system is running well. If you bear with me I am just in the process of setting up a very similar review and should be up and running within a week or two. Cheers

      • Thanks for your reply I have noticed this system has to be tested over a long period. The majority of systems start off really well then fail long term while betfair profit maker is completely the opposite, which is what you want. Initially I did not give the system a long enough test and it can get really hectic with matches kicking off at the same time! With this system patience is key on the other hand i have been using betfair profit machine with great success although I have modified the system to suit me.

  24. Hi, is this Betair system still working? I am checking reviews online and it appears that nothing was posted after 2011. Is it really working?

    • Hey Sam, This is a betting system in the form of an ebook. I believe the selections that were emailed out initially have stopped. I am currently and will be finished reviewing a new product which is in the same form but will also come with selections emailed to members.

  25. Hi. Would you recommend this system to someone who works 9-5 and doesn’t have much time. Is it something that can be automated or where bets can be placed at times convenient for the punter? Thanks

    • Hey there, to be honest you might need a bit of spare time on your hands to bet on a system like this. If you’re working 9-5 you might want an easier system that emails you selections. Depending on the sport you’re interested in I have reviewed some decent ones, have a look at the homepage for an idea. Cheers

  26. Hey, im very tempted to buy this system, im a huge fan of football, but as i can see most people in 2014 was struggles to get matched and other problems..The system still works? It still making profits?


    • Hey Andre, The system still works but selections are not emailed as far as I am aware. I’ve almost completed a review of a very similar system that provides a database etc. They also email out their picks. Watch this site, Post should be on site in just over a week.

  27. Hello,
    you mentioned a new review similar to this one.
    Is it ready to read ? cant find it….


    • Hey Ray, please bear with me, just done a World Cup review for these guys which is currently on my Post as Pro Admin World Cup. Their manual should ready for the start of next season and reviewed on this site in next few weeks, watch this space. Cheers

  28. Hi Daniel, can you say me a few words about this football system ? 🙂 How can I contact with you (Skype, Facebook) ? 🙂

    • Hey Mathew, I did not personally review this system as this was done by Peter before I took over, I have heard great things about it though and a lot of my readers continue to follow this system. Hope you enjoy. Cheers. Danny

  29. Things have gone very quiet, any news?

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