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Our Favourite Lays Review is now complete and I have to say that this system has proved itself to be right up there with the very best that I have encountered so far on Best Betting System Reviews.  Philip Wright runs a very tight ship and from the moment you go onto the sales page you are not presented with the usual flashy sales pitch which promises you the earth and delivers very little.

The service itself is very simple and everything is provided in a very efficient manner.  Upon signing up you receive a welcome pdf which sets out the basic rules of the service and also explains how you can automate the system by using a Betfair bot to place your bets.    The system rules are that if the horse odds are 4.00 or higher at the start of the race, then it is classified as a no bet and you should not place the bet.  Philip advocates the use of a bot as he uses one himself, but it is not a necessity as you can either place your bets manually just before the race starts or you can also place a BSP lay bet within Betfair and choose the maximum odds that you wish to to place at, which for this system would be 3.95 (as 3.96 to 3.99 do not exist)

So you’ve got your welcome pack (new addition), you’ve got a Betfair account, you will now receive tips each day from Philip and you place your bets.  If you place your bets as close to the off as possible I believe you will obtain maximum profits as that’s near the BSP which all results are recorded on, however I’d imagine this is profitable no matter what time you place your bets.

The service is only £19 per month and providing Philip keeps his excellent selection criteria up, you should easily be profiting with stakes as low as £10 per bet.  One of the best features of this service is that it’s low risk meaning that the most you would ever risk for a £10 bet would be £29.50 and given that the winning strike rate for Favourite Lays is so high, it’s the perfect mix of risk v reward


Is Favourite Lays A Scam?

Most certainly not, it is a simple, effective and profitable service which sees you picking up regular profits each month.  People sometimes get grumpy with horse laying systems because they record their results at Betfair Starting Price (BSP), but they have to draw their line in the sand and unlike our Layer of Profit review (which is profitable as I write this), Favourite Lays does has a more robust results page in my opinion.

Each person laying their horses will get slightly different results because some people will lay their horse 1 hour before the race, some 10 seconds before the race, so in theory one person could have  a profitable day whilst another has a loss, but like I said in the previous section, if you get your bets in close to the off you will make money with Favourite Lays.

The results on the Favourite Lays results page all stack up, I’ve been following the updates to the page since I have been subscribed for the review and the results on their website are the exact results I have experienced during the review which gives me great comfort.

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Favourite Lays System Costs

The costs for Favourite Lays are detailed below and they are extremely reasonable when you consider that most horse laying systems are double this measly £27 per month being charged.  There are also 6 month and 12 month passes available reducing the cost even further.

System Cost £19
Monthly Payments? Yes
Emailed Picks Yes
Money Back Guarantee? No


Favourite Lays Betting History

All results were recorded at £100 per bet and there was an average of around 2 bets per day during the review period.  There were around 10 selections which either became non-runners or the meetings were abandoned, so the table below just shows the Favourite Lays results and with a 24.50% return on the money invested over 62 days, it has performed admirably.

Number of Bets 123
Average Stake Per Bet £100
Total Amount Staked £12,300
Total Amount Returned £15,314
Profit Generated £3,014
Return On Investment 24.50%


So all in all a great review and I heartily recommend that you subscribe to Favourite Lays if you enjoy making money from laying horses on Betfair

Days Used For 62
Days With Bets 60
Winning Days 48 (80%)
Biggest Winning Day +£380.00
Biggest Losing Day -£380.00
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  1. Long time subscriber, love the service, Philip doesn’t include lots of useless information, he just gives you the tips and that’s all I need. I’m up to £50 stakes now and use the bot recommend to profit on autopilot

    Best kept secret when it comes to horse racing services!!

  2. Hi

    I was going to join when it was sold to me as a simple but honest website with great results.

    However before you give your money away please verify ALL the results…..I will start you off with the 7 October 17.30 Uttoxeter……….

    Worrying ……I know………its only £19 a month so what do you have to lose unfortunately I dont have money to lose like that.
    Maybe its just a simple mistake but would you trust some one with your money who cant even be honest with his results and makes simple result mistakes?

    Not sure how long this will be published on this website but I do hope it helps someone.



    • Hi Richard

      Thanks for your comment, I forwarded it to Steve at OSBM who manages the service for Philip as he updates all the records and he has updated the spread sheet to include the -1.87 point loss and it was a simple oversight on his part and he has emailed their subscribers to leave comments.

      I can confirm to you that I did verify ALL the results during the review on here and they all stacked up to the Favourite Lays website perfectly and I have checked through the results since (as I use personally use the service) the review finished and they still stack up.

      So I do not see it as worrying & your comment will be here for as long as the website is, I have no idea why you have to question my integrity. All comments get published.

      There is also a review underway on Cash Master which follows on from the one on here and they’re enjoying the same profitability that I did whilst reviewing it.

      They’re also proofing their results on Racing Index and it is profitable on there too. I’ve come across some scam artists since I started this website and Peter & Steve are 100% not in that category as I found them good guys to deal with.

      Thanks, Peter
      Owner of BestBettingSystemReviews.com

    • Also Richard, when you leave a comment on this website, it logs the IP address of the person leaving the comment. So the additional 3 comments that you have made regarding this system from Rusty, Dave & Mark were just pointless on your part. If you do not like my site then just stay away, don’t waste your time or my time making libellous comments with false names.

      Thanks, Peter
      Owner of BestBettingSystemReviews.com

    • Hi Richard

      Thanks for the comment.

      I run OSBM and manage the service for Philip, so I’m the guy who collates results and pops them on the Favourite Lays website. Yes I made an error with this particular result, but I’m only human and 1 mistake in hundreds of results is not too shabby. The result was recorded as a loss on Philip’s daily round-up email, I simply omitted typing -187 in the cell and it got put on as a 0, which is the cell default.

      As Peter has correctly pointed out there is another independent review (aside from this one) over on Cash Master and the results are also being proofed to Racing Index.

      How you can leave a half star rating for a service that you have never even subscribed to is slightly galling. In response to your comment Philip emailed his subscribers to ask them to leave their opinions on this site and I think that the general feeling out there is of a job well done by Philip.

      Peter has shown me the other comments that you attempted to get posted on this site, where you used pseudonyms emanating from the same IP address. I would suggest that you keep libellous comments to yourself.



  3. New subscriber but so far very impressed with the service.

  4. The dealings I’ve had with Pip the Tip and Steve at Favourite Lays have been great so far. I’m a gee gee virgin and brand new to the whole concept of betting, never mind betting to ‘lose’. My silly questions to them are often answered in minutes and although I’m new, I feel the quality of the information is second to none. I never leave reviews, but at £19 this is an absolute steal. An easy 5 stars so far.

  5. Been with the service about 3 months. I would echo the review. Great value for money and excellent customer service.

  6. Newly joined, no messing about, very good results, all good

  7. This is the first betting service that is finally giving me profit. My first full month – september, was not super impressive but still made a profit. October results however, have been excelent. So I’m very happy so far. Costumer service is great too.

  8. Have tried loads of crap but this is excellent

  9. incredible!

  10. Peter is the best, It’s a great service, I’m using £30 stakes and have just paid 50% off my 2013 family holiday. Looking forward to clearing the rest using this!

  11. 1st month of subscription and am honestly impressed.
    have looked back at the results which look promising for a long term profitable service
    well done Peter

  12. Hi,

    In response to “Richard’s” comments relating to the 17:30 at Uttoxeter on Oct 7th, I do send my subscribers a results e-mail on a daily basis. The e-mail below is a copy of what I said that day and I am sure any of my subscribers would be happy to verify. We can all make simple mistakes on a spreadsheet and have apologised for that, there is nothing to hide with this service.

    E-mail below, sent on Sunday, 7th Octobet 2012 at 5.43pm:

    A profit of £98 on the day, but it could have been so much better, if Quinder Springs had not managed to pass 3 horses on the run-in, to win the 17:30 at Uttoxeter!

    Fav Lays Sunday 07 Oct 2012

    (Do not lay at 4.0 or above)

    14:30 HUNTINGDON EVE DE NUIT 6th 3.65 + £ 95
    15:45 HUNTINGDON JUNO THE MUFFINMAN 3rd 2.54 + £ 95
    15:55 UTTOXETER ACKERTAC 2nd 2.11 + £ 95
    17:30 UTTOXETER QUINDER SPRING Won 2.87 – £187

    Back tomorrow.


  13. Hi
    Return On Investment 24.50%
    Can you confirm that this is correct?

    For BACKING systems ROI is given as : profit/ total amount staked (ie. that which is risked per BACK bet)

    Hence, ROI for LAYING systems is calculated as :
    total profit / amount risked (NOT the amount staked, as this is not the liability of each bet)

    • Hi Guy

      I have seen ROI reported this way for other laying systems elsewhere, so that is why I included it. I am not a mathematician, if you believe that the percentage is to be based on overall liability per race then you would need to go through all the selection during the review and see what the BSP was on valid bets.

      Irrespective of ROI, the profitability is certainly at a very high level

      Thanks for your comment


  14. You quote £19 membership on this site but on FL site its £27. Why the difference?

    • Hi Gary

      The price recently went up to £27 per month, which is still very reasonable as it’s still performing very well indeed. I say this as it is now in my personal betting portfolio! I’ve updated the price on the review, thanks for letting me know.



  15. Prior to this month, I would have given this service a 4 star rating, but the November results are VERY worrying to say the least:


    I don’t know what’s happening but a -17 point / 14% SR start 7 days into November is a horrendous run! I’ve been using a few laying services with similar price ceilings (3.0 to 4.0) (Layer of Profit, The Lowlay, LayBetDominator) and while they have all had their ups and downs, I’ve never seen any as drastic as this.

    Some of the lays lately seem very risky, laying odds on or evens favourites against a weak field most of the other horses are priced at 10.0 or more.

    Now I’m no expert, but from my experience these sort of lays often don’t pan out well.

    Will be interesting to see if Phillip can turn this disastrous month around. His long term record speaks for itself, and from my dealings with him he is a good guy with prompt replies to emails, but if he doesn’t arrest this run soon all the hard earned profits from the past few months will have vanished before you know it.

    • Hi Peter

      I’ve just got back from holiday, hence the delay. It looks like Philip has had an absolute stinker this month, which I’m happy to have avoided 😛

      I suppose it was bound to happen at some point and I concur with yourself that he’s definitely a good guy and it is important to look at the long term trends for betting rather than a specific day/week/month



  16. This service is £27 a month not £19 I take it the price has went up?

  17. Pops sorry I did not see the above answers lol

  18. Hhmmm, not quite so impressive results in the past 3 weeks and the daily emails do not inspire much confidence that the losing streak will be reversed.

    Also, found that analysing the spreadsheet results over the past year since the service started you would have made a loss on a £10 fixed liability staking basis. Simple maths proves this yet the system author does not reveal that fixing your liability is a loss making strategy.

    Surely a system author should advise on the best staking basis?

    • Should add that in the past 3 weeks since subscribing, on a £500 bank, with £10 fixed stake bets, I am down 40% on my bank with a 55% loss on stakes placed in this period. Painful.

    • Hi Francisco

      Just catching up on my comments. Yes the results have been shocking this month, can’t argue with you there. I would say that Philip does provide a welcome pack that explains how he places his stakes and that is not the method that you outline above, so it may be worth changing your staking method in line with the service recommendation



  19. HI, downloaded the results of oct.2012 from this service, or at least I thought so.However, it actually showed the results from the first week of November 2012 which were absolutely shocking.25 bets and 14 were loosing bets, now this has to be the poorest strike rate I ever came across when laying horses..Can anyone confirm these results, are they true?



    • The results seem up to date for me Claus, I think they get updated once per week. Guess you were on the wrong side of the line 🙂

      As for the poorest results ever when laying horses, unfortunately you are nowhere close to the mark. It all depends on how long a time frame you’re looking at. The current month = shocking, last 2 months = small loss, last 3, 4, 5, 6 months = profitable.

      I’ve just had a quick scan on Racing Index and there are a few laying systems with a poorer record over the past month. Let’s hope Philip gets things going again, the last couple of days appear more positive. The stark reality is that there are far worse performing systems out there 🙁



      • Thanks for answering Peter.Yes, I know bad spells occur in this bizz, was just not expecting such heavy numbers within only one week.In my book it really takes a lot to pull such losses back again.But then again,that kind of goes with the territory when laying odds above evens.


        • I think it’s practically impossible for them to get back in profit for the month of November, but it’s encouraging that the past few days have been profitable. Long may that continue!!

  20. The review still says £19 at the bottom of the first page though there’s a large £27 at the top.

    • Thanks for that Hugh, I’ll correct it now. It was £19 before the price increased to £27, so I guess I just missed one of the amounts



  21. Hi

    Philip from favourite lays here. I am the first to admit that November was a shocking month and I have never known one like it! However, the aim is long term profitability and the results for December are now getting back to normal. Updated December results below, hope this helps.

    Date Time Meet Horse Place BSP Stake Result Total
    01-Dec 13:45 Newcastle Samenerve PU 3.58 £100.00 £95.00 £95.00
    01-Dec 14:45 Towcester Borderhopper Fell 5.00 £0.00 £0.00 £95.00
    01-Dec 15:25 Newcastle Benny Be Good 2nd 3.65 £100.00 £95.00 £190.00
    01-Dec 19:20 Wolverhampton Super Say NR 0.00 £0.00 £0.00 £190.00
    02-Dec No Bets £190.00
    03-Dec 14:40 Plumpton Thundering Home UR 4.42 £0.00 £0.00 £190.00
    03-Dec 15:10 Plumpton Changing Lanes PU 11.69 £0.00 £0.00 £190.00
    03-Dec 17:00 Wolv Ebble 5th 2.92 £100.00 £95.00 £285.00
    04-Dec 13:30 Folkestone Roc De Guye 5th 7.00 £0.00 £0.00 £285.00
    04-Dec 14:30 Folkestone On the Feather 3rd 7.10 £0.00 £0.00 £285.00
    04-Dec 14:50 Towcester Dancing Daffodil Won 1.67 £100.00 -£67.00 £218.00
    04-Dec 15:40 Wolverhampton Pertemps Networks 3rd 2.93 £100.00 £95.00 £313.00
    05-Dec 14:30 Lingfield Livia’s Dream 8th 4.22 £0.00 £0.00 £313.00
    05-Dec 14:50 Catterick Kent Street UR 3.85 £100.00 £95.00 £408.00
    05-Dec 15:10 Hereford Prime Ediiton Fell 9.00 £0.00 £0.00 £408.00
    06-Dec 13:40 Wincanton Typhon de Guye 3rd 2.78 £100.00 £95.00 £503.00
    06-Dec 14:25 Lingfield Mezzotint 7th 2.74 £100.00 £95.00 £598.00
    07-Dec 15:15 Exeter Musical Wedge 2nd 4.10 £0.00 £0.00 £598.00
    08-Dec 14:05 Chepstow The Rainbow Hunter PU 10.00 £0.00 £0.00 £598.00
    08-Dec 14:20 Wetherby War Poet 7th 3.50 £100.00 £95.00 £693.00
    09-Dec 14:25 Kelso Cotswold Charmer PU 2.60 £100.00 £95.00 £788.00
    10-Dec 13:30 Fakenham Amjan 6th 2.56 £100.00 £95.00 £883.00
    11-Dec 14:20 Sedgefield Brave Spartacus Fell 2.08 £100.00 £95.00 £978.00
    12-Dec 14:30 Lingfield Roy The Boy 2nd 2.48 £100.00 £95.00 £1,073.00
    13-Dec 15:20 Taunton Marshall Zhukov 1st 3.05 £100.00 -£205.00 £868.00
    14-Dec 14:55 Lingfield Chookie Hamilton 2nd 3.95 £100.00 £95.00 £963.00
    15-Dec 14:40 Wolverhampton Sewn Up 8th 3.67 £100.00 £95.00 £1,058.00
    15-Dec 18:50 Wolverhampton Amtired 6th 4.45 £0.00 £0.00 £1,058.00
    16-Dec 14:00 Carlisle Cool Operator Won 9.43 £0.00 £0.00 £1,058.00
    17-Dec 15:15 Ffos Las Ulis De Vassy 6th 2.24 £100.00 £95.00 £1,153.00
    18-Dec 15:00 Folkestone Stravita 3rd 4.50 £0.00 £0.00 £1,153.00
    19-Dec 13:50 Newbury Double Dash 2nd 3.75 £100.00 £95.00 £1,248.00
    20-Dec 17:00 Kempton Norwegian Reward 2nd 2.16 £100.00 £95.00 £1,343.00

  22. Not the best of results this year and I notice on racing index he has other racing sites which i have been looking at over the past six months and they are doing even worse. Hse has four racing sites which 3 have major loses and he has just started a new one which has no results published.
    I won’t be going near these sites so I best keep looking for a tipster.
    Compliments for this site http://bestbettingsystemreviews.com/
    for giving good reviews

    • Hi Mark

      Thanks for the comment & kind words. I’ll just correct you on a point though 🙂

      Those other sites are nothing to do with Philip. They are associated because they are all managed by the same company, hope that makes sense. It’s a bit like BetFan managing lots of services, but they are all different tipsters



  23. Hi

    Not sure why this tipster has 4.5 as a review because as with all layers it is over a long time and he has made a lose over a 2.5 year period not including the subscription charge as a lose


    • Hey Mark, Thanks for your comment. The review and system got 4.5 stars because it performed very very well over the period of the review. I have based the star rating on the profit generated as published in my results. The Favourite Lays system has not made a loss over the period you have stated also.

      • From the first proof on http://www.racing-index.com/tipsters/tipster-performance.php which was 08/12/12 the loss at £100 point stake is – £939.67 and that does not include the subs.

        May i also add that he has taken the link off the web site for http://www.racing-index.com/tipsters/tipster-performance.php and it does not take an expert to work out why.

        The total loss just for this year is nearly £1500 and not including subs.

        I am only trying to help and point people in the right direction and its defo not with favouritelays.com

        If you base the results on non proofed results well thats not fair as i am only going on proofed results which can bee found at http://www.racing-index.com/tipsters/tipster-performance.php

        • Hey Mark,
          As I stated in my last post, the Favourite lays system was rated based on the performance during the review period. All my review ratings will be based on the performance of the system during the review.
          I have looked on http://www.racing-index.com/tipsters/tipster-performance.php as you suggested and for example if someone reviewed this system from 01/07/12 until 01/01/14 they would have seen a profit.
          This Favourite Lays system obviously isn’t for you. I’m currently doing a review of a Horse Racing lays system called Profit From Racing and will be publishing results weekly.
          If you are still unhappy and there is a demand from others I would be willing to review this Favourite Lays system again.
          As I have stated though all ratings are based on the performance of the review

          • Hi Daniel,

            Thanks again for your comments and a great site.

            No need for another review as I am sure people can go to Racingindex and see for themselves.

            It seems like he got lucky when you reviewed him but long term I dont think he delivers and when he took the links bestbettingreviews and racingindex website off his site I had a feeling he had something to hide.


          • Hey Mark, Thanks for the positive comments regarding BBSR and I’m really glad you get some good use from the site. I’m going to get busy in 2014 so plenty of reviews coming up. Good luck with your betting.

  24. Hi there. Just wondering how this system has been performing lately?

  25. Hi

    Seems like they have closed after some awful results.

    I sort of knew they were just in it short term.

    Hopefully nobody lost too much



  26. Why is this site still on here as it has been shut down after terrible results

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