Golf Bet Profits Review

Golf Bet Profits Review

The Golf Bet Profits review concluded and this is the first golf betting service that I have ever used and it has been absolutely sensational racking up a profit of £5,767 to £100 stakes

Who Runs Golf Bet Profits?

Golf Bet Profits is run by Simon Holden with the system being managed by the guys at BetFan.  Simon reports having been profitable at golf betting since 1989 when he had his first bet on Nick Faldo to win the Masters.  After banking a decent win after Faldo won as a 25 to 1 shot he began to look into formulating golf betting tips on a regular basis.

So since that date Simon has kept methodical and detailed player, course and tournament ratings which he uses to whittle down from the often 160 strong fields at the start of tournament and get the best value for his golf bets

Golf Bet Profits Costs

There are various subscription packages available for Golf Bet Profits, with a monthly recurring subscription of £42 per month (including VAT), a 6 month subscription of £210 (including VAT) and finally the best value subscription is the annual one for £378 (including VAT)

Given the profitability of the Golf Bets Profits service, the prices are very reasonable, although this golf betting system is probably better suited to those that can afford £10 per point or higher as their betting amounts.

Golf Bet Profits Betting History

The make up for betting on golf is slightly different to what we’re used to with most other sports betting systems because the norm is to place lots of bets at the beginning of a tournament and then that’s pretty much it for the next 4 or 5 days.

Number of Bets 88
Average Stake Per Bet £100
Total Amount Staked £39,950
Total Amount Returned £45,717
Profit Generated £5,767
Return On Investment 24.50%

As you can see although there were a lot of bets, there were not every day, so it’s usually a case of placing 5 or 6 bets per golf event and waiting for the profits to roll in.

Days Used For 62
Days With Bets 33
Winning Days 10 (30.30%)
Biggest Winning Day +£13050.00
Biggest Losing Day -£3000.00

Overall Golf Bet Profits is a golf betting system for the serious punter.  Yes there will be long losing streaks, so if you can’t handle losing 10 points in a row, then it’s not for you.  However if you are sensible with your betting bank and are patient for the wins, then you should hopefully make some decent profits with this system.

Update – Since I reviewed this product, Simon nailed an absolutely stunning tip with a bet on Tommy Gainey in the Perth International golf tournament.  A person betting £10 per point would have made £5,647.10 profit from that one tip alone!

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