Football Bets Direct Review

Football Bets Direct by Neil Gray has not performed well and the after 54 betting days the system is 43.42 points down and has been in the red since Day 20 of this Football Bets Direct Review.  The maximum profit reached was £615.00 on Day 12 before the wheels came off and the system lurched from one bad result to another.

Football Bets Direct created picks in 13 leagues and actually made a profit in 6 of them, but the big losses in the German Bundesliga and French Ligue Un wiped out any of the good work done elsewhere.  The table below shows the profits and losses made as distributed throughout the league bets

League League Result
Belgian Jupiler League +£183.00
Danish Super League +£37.00
English Premier League +£40.00
English Championship -£859.78
French Ligue Un -£1080.35
German Bundesliga -£1935.99
Dutch Eredivisie -£712.19
Italian Serie A +£646.00
Norwegian Tippeligaen +£210.00
Portuguese Super Liga -£636.70
Swedish Allsvenskan -£116.87
Scottish Premier League +£363.00
Spanish La Liga -£479.59

Total Loss = -£4342.47

So as you can see it doesn’t make for the best reading and a loss of of over £4342.47 based on £100 stakes is shocking.  Some of Neil’s match selections were baffling, as a seasoned bettor myself, I may not be making millions each year but I do profit from football most seasons, so I was most shocked at quite a few of his selections.

The system itself is based on Neil’s tips, which come via email and a progressive betting pattern is employed, which is not necessarily terrible providing that the picks are of sufficient quality.  Each league is treated separately, so if you have an “A-Bet” in the English Premier League on the Monday and it loses, then if that next bet was in a different league, that would also be an “A-Bet”, you wouldn’t hit your B-bet until another bet crops up up the same league.  I hope that makes sense of sorts to you all

With each league having separate progressive patterns to monitor it did make knowing where you were up to a little difficult, unless you kept a detailed record like I did, which you can access below.

Part of me wondered whether some betting system providers, such as Neil Gray with Football Bets Direct deliberately make it tricky to know where you’re up to, so that you don’t really know how badly it’s performing.  Now that may sound daft, but people do skip systems bets due to being busy with work etc and then rejoin them with a weeks gap and have no idea how the system performed in the middle.  With a progressive betting system, it’s not just a case of saying that it lost therefore I lost £100, because if that bet was a B-Bet or a C-Bet, then you could quite easily lose a lot more than that.

Anyway, suffice to say that I don’t recommend this system in any shape, way or form and if you do take the plunge then please paper trade it during your 60 day trial to make sure that it is performing well


  1. Haha, amazed you gave this 1 star. worst systeme ive used dis year

    half a star for me 🙂 lol


  2. did okay for a while and then it went bad. not my favourite.

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