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ProSports World CupPro Sports Traders World Cup 2014


Welcome to my review of a Football World Cup 2014 Trading service brought to you by a new team called Pro Sports Traders.

Pro Sports Traders contacted me at the end of Feb 2014 this football season and asked me to review an upcoming Ebook that would detail many aspects of football trading as well as show you how to make a regular profit from football trading.

The Pro Sports Traders team are trying to build a small community of football traders with a limited number of members. Membership to this service will open soon but in the meantime the team have put together a Pro Sports Traders World Cup 2014 Ebook with Pre Tournament selections and explanations for these selections. Pro Sports Traders World Cup 2014 selections cover bets like Laying Group Winner, Backing Group Loser, Overall Winner, Top Goalscorer and more such as Group With Most Goals.

The Pro Sports Traders team acknowledge that a model cannot be designed for World Cup Betting such as they have done for domestic league competitions but that being said there are still many factors and characteristics that can be studied.

I have been proofing weekly domestic and European selections for Pro Sports Traders since Feb 2014 (3 months) and they have gained over 70 points from their fixed odds selections alone. With this Exciting Ebook due to be launched after the World Cup the Pro Sports Traders World Cup 2014 Ebook proves to be a great taster for the main course.

The Pro Sports Traders World Cup 2014 Ebook is priced at a one off fee of £29.99

For £29.99 you will receive The Pro Sports Traders World Cup 2014 Ebook  which includes pre tournament selections and explanations outlining the reasoning behind these selections. You will also receive a spreadsheet of useful stats and advice/selections during the World Cup 2014 tournament of bets and trades.

I have had a lot of comments and discussions recently on BBSR regarding football trading. Although the Pro Sports Traders World Cup 2014 Ebook is not in any way as detailed as the main Ebook due out before next years domestic season starts it is still a good read for all those excited about the upcoming World Cup.

I will also be reviewing Pro Sports Trades upcoming detailed Ebook so watch this space.

Good luck, enjoy the World Cup, I hope your country give you a good sweat and hopefully if you decide to purchase this Ebook you can also enjoy some profit.

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Danny Devine

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