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Classic Racing Gold Review

Welcome to your 90 day Classic Racing Gold Review which will be conducted by Eddie Minghella. Thanks to Eddie for researching this system and flagging it for a review.

Classic Racing Gold have been on solid form and certainly deserve our attention.

Classic Racing Gold was formed by a group of individuals who share a love of racing and a love of profiting from it! With over 25 years experience in the industry and some great testimonials from subscribers I am excited to see how this services rates against our other successful reviews. Classic Racing Gold website has a nice inclusive feel about it. These individuals offer club members the opportunity to tour their stables and see their horses race for free.

Classic Racing Gold has banked over £28,000 in 6 months to £100 stakes. Now that beats any desk job, certainly in Manchester where I am from!

The Classic Racing Gold bets are emailed 7-9pm the night before the races so that you can get your bet placed early at ideally the best price on the market. There is also a members area on the website where you can gain access.

Classic Racing Gold Review will run for 90 days so that we can get an accurate picture of the service. The tips will be monitored from Wednesday 01/06/2016 to Tuesday 30/08/16 before we make our final judgement on the quality of the tips and general service.

How much will it cost? £60 per Month or you can purchase 3 months for £150

We will follow the service operating on their advised betting amounts as there will be place and lay bets given.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy our Classic Racing Gold Tips Review.

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Results and Review

Week 1 Review Classic Racing Gold

Opening Bank £0

All of our bets this week have been Irish racing or horses, so when there is no Irish meeting then there has been no bet.

Not a lot of winners for us but the Derby winner at 12/1 made all the difference and we ended the week with a 6.52pts profit.

We also had 5 bets finish 2nd so there certainly seems like there could be potential.

Closing Bank £652

Week 2 Classic Racing Gold Review

Opening Bank £652

Just the 9 bets but 5 winners 2 seconds and a third with just the 1 bet out of the first 3 and a very nice profit of 16.5pts for the week.

Classic Racing Gold is showing a lot of potential but as we all know things can go wrong, but I am hoping that it doesn’t happen with this service.

Closing Bank £2302

Week 3 Classic Racing Gold Review

Opening Balance £2302

Another profitable week this week with a nice 10/1 winner at Ascot, the service continues to do well.

Closing Balance £2852

Week 4 Classic Racing Gold Review

Opening Balance £2852

Another week and another week of profit for the team at Classic Racing Gold, from just 6 bets we had 4 winners and a profit of 14pts a very good effort indeed and this service is shaping up.

Also on the Whats app that they run for members they also spoke about the Irish Derby, and suggested that Stellar Mass was far too big a price at 66/1 and of course that ran 3rd at 33/1.

These extra bits of information that go on the whats app are not included in the official bets, but they are well worth taking an interest in that’s for sure.

Overall a very good week and a profit of 42pts after our first 4 weeks.

Closing Balance £4261

Week 5 Classic Racing Gold Review

Opening Balance £4261

Ok, where do I start, one of the lads who runs the service was rushed into hospital and that meant that this would possibly be a very quiet week, which it was.

Our first bet was on Thursday, and that won, we then had 4 bets on Saturday, and they all won, so a 100% week and a profit of 14pts.

This service continues to impress and log may it continue, we are now 56pts up.

Closing Balance £5661

Week 6

Opening Balance £5661

Well we had our first losing week this week as we just didn’t have things quite go our way, Classic Racing Gold had some well backed horses who just missed out on getting a place along with a couple of 2nds.

We made a 6.41pt loss but we are still 50pts up for the trial.

Closing Balance £5020

Week 7

Opening Balance £5020

After our losing week last week Classic Racing Gold have made a very nice 19.5pts profit this week and the service continues to impress.

We had 11 bets with 6 of them winning and another 2 returning a profit, not too shabby.

Closing Balance £6971

Week 8

Opening Bank £6971

A quiet week this week with just the 6 bets but the results were 4 winners a 2nd and one unplaced and a profit of 10.5pts.

This service is looking very good so far and we now stand at 80pts up and have very nearly doubled are 100pt bank.

Closing Bank £8024

Week 9

Opening Balance £8024

Just 6 bets this week with 2 winners a 2nd and a 3rd, and a profit of just over 5pts.

We were very close to making a bigger profit as we had a 2nd at 5/2 which we had backed at 6/1 beaten a Nk this would have made another 7pts if it had won.

Still going very well and we are getting close to doubling our 100pt bank. Can Classic Racing Gold be one of the very few tipsters to break the 100point barrier?

Closing Balance £8559

Week 10

Opening Balance £8559

Another week of profit for this Classic Racing Gold etting service and we are very close now to doubling our 100pt bank.

We had 12 bets with 5 of them winning 3 finishing 2nd and the rest finishing 3rd, and a profit of 12.55pts.

This service continues to impress.

Closing Balance £9814

Week 11

Opening Balance £9814

Another week goes by and more profits are added to the bank.

This week we had 10 bets with 4 winners and a 5/1 shot beaten a Nk that should have won.

Still not complaining as we made another 6pts and doubled our starting bank of 100pts, we have now made 104pts.

Unbelievable Jeff!!!

Closing Balance £10426

Week 12

Opening Balance £10426

A busier week this week with 16 bets but with the same result another profitable week, it really is going to be painful when we do in fact have a losing week.

Of those 16 bets 6 of them finished 1st with another 5 finishing 2nd and only 2 of them not in the first 3, truly remarkable.

What was even more remarkable this week was that we had a 10/1 winner at sp which we had backed at 20/1.

Our profit for the week was 24.75pts, and the overall profit for the trial at the moment now stands at 129pts.

Closing Balance £12901

Final Week

Opening balance £12,901

A quieter week this week with just 7 bets and 2 winners but another profit of 2.7pts and this brings our total profit to 131.71pts.

I would like to point out that on 2 occasions we did in fact back 2 horses in the same race and had the winner of both races.

This service continues to impress and the bank has again increased

Closing balance £13,171

Final Review and Verdict

Well the Classic trial has come to an end and firstly let me say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

As I have said before, I have been reviewing betting services and systems of one type or another for many years, and I have to say that no other betting service comes close to Classic.

Not only are the tips very profitable but the customer service is first class.

If you have any problems Ben is back to you very quickly to help, this is not always the case with others.

You are given notice via an email as to when the bets are going to be sent out, and they are always on time (right to the minute).


You do need to be quick to get the prices, but as long as you are organised then you should be ok.

Classic specialise in the Irish racing,so when there is no Irish racing then there will be no bets, so we don’t bet every day.

The bets are normally sent out the night before racing, although Ben has also sent them out early morning 7.30 to see what impact it had on the market.


A lot of the bets are ew bets, and not all of them are at big prices as we will be backing ew at 5/2 / 11/4, some people don’t like this, but I personally understand why they bet this way and it been proven to be very profitable indeed.


Ben has also set up a whatsapp group, and its a must that you make sure that Ben puts you on it when you join.

This group is full of Ben’s members and is a great source for chat and any other bits of information regarding racing and betting.

Ben also sends out bets that are not official bets for some of the big meetings, and these have also been very profitable, these bets are not included in my final figures.


Members do have a problem with our bookmaker fiends who as we know don’t like to take bets from people who win, so you need to try and spread your bets across a number of bookmakers.

I have also included in my figures what the profits would be if you solely backed at Betfair SP.

Yes Classic is also very profitable at Betfair SP as well, this of course means that you don’t need to worry about trying to get on quickly as you can put your bet on whenever you want.

Its obviously not as profitable as using the bookmakers but it saves a lot of messing about when they are limiting your accounts.


Ok lets look at the figures;


During our trial we have had;


123 bets

50 winners

30 seconds

12 thirds

31 unpl


Thats a strike rate of 40% this is very good indeed when you consider that some of the bets are decent prices.


We have a strike rate of 65% of our bets being 1st or 2nd, and 74% in the first 3.


We started our trial betting at £100 per pt and a fictitious £10000 betting bank as Ben recommends a 100pt betting bank, and we ended the trial with a profit of £13171.

So our bank would now stand at £23171 and has more than doubled in 3months and a ROI of 50% quite incredible.


Now lets look at the figures for Betfair SP


Same £100 per pt and £10000 betting bank.


Our bank would after 3 months stand at £16505 an increase in the bank of 65%, yes not as good as using the bookmakers but still very profitable indeed.

And you wont get your Betfair account closed, and a ROI of 25% still very very good indeed.


Just think if Classic continued to be as profitable for the next 3 months then your betting bank using Betfair SP would also have doubled.


I personally don’t know of anyone else who using Betfair SP can produce these sorts of profits (proofed), and I am delighted that its so profitable to Betfair SP as this is probably the way Bens members will eventually have to go.


Still I can cope with doubling my betting bank every year and probably more without the fear of being shut down.


There is little doubt that Classic is a top class service and probably the best out there at the moment, and has proven what they say to be true.


I really cant recommend this service enough and all I can say is join and join quickly before Ben decides to limit the numbers.

Verdict; This was a true classic and will be up there for a long time to come!

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