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Lucky 7 Naps Review

Welcome to your 90 day Lucky 7 Naps Review.

I needed something really promising to review after just completing a 150 point profit review of Gold Plated Racing so here we go.. Lucky 7 Naps is brought to us by the Bet Kudos platform where it currently stands as their number 1 betting service!!

Lucky 7 Naps started proofing Feb 2014 and just over one year later (Mar 2015) Lucky 7 Naps has accrued a whopping +1487 points. That is nothing short of outstanding and that is the very reason why I have chosen this service to review. Equating that to cash that would mean £14,870 to £10 per point stakes or £148,700 to £100 per point stakes. I want to put this service to the test and to be honest I can’t wait.

Michael runs the service and tells us that he averages 50 points per week profit. If this is true then the service could bring us in a small fortune.

Lucky 7 Naps send their selections by email 7 days per week. The selections are strictly Win only so no Lay or Ew which makes things straight forward. Simply place the Win selection with your preferred bookie.

I hope I can make my Lucky 7 Naps Review enjoyable for all our followers. I will be publishing results and updating the review weekly so keep your eyes here. I will also be emailing success stories to my mailing list as and when so sign up for notifications also.

My Lucky 7 Naps Review will run for 90 days so that we can get an accurate picture of the service. The horse racing tips will be monitored from Monday 23/3/15 to Sunday 21/6/15 before we make our final judgement on the quality of the tips and general service.

The Lucky 7 Naps horse racing system costs £19 per Week, £44 per Month or £89 per Quarter.

We will follow the service operating on £100 per point to coincide with our other reviews with a starting bank of £0.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy our Lucky 7 Naps Review.

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Week 1

Opening balance £0

Not a great first week for our Lucky 7 Naps Review and surely things can only get better from here.

Date Course Time Selection Odds Stake Win/Lose Profit Bank Points
23/03/2015 Taunton 15:20 Makadamia 2.88 500 Loss -500 -500 -5
23/03/2015 Wolverhampton 15:40 Al Muheer 4 500 Win 1500 1000 10
23/03/2015 Taunton 16:50 King Masini 4.33 500 Loss -500 500 5
23/03/2015 Wolverhampton 17:40 Fab Lolly 3.5 500 Loss -500 0 0
24/03/2015 Wolverhampton 14:50 Greys Angel 6 500 Loss -500 -500 -5
24/03/2015 Southwell 15:10 Worthy Award 3.5 500 Loss -500 -1000 -10
25/03/2015 Newton Abbot 15:10 Velator 4 500 Loss -500 -1500 -15
25/03/2015 Newton Abbot 16:10 Olympian Boy 8 500 Loss -500 -2000 -20
25/03/2015 Lingfield 16:30 Boxing Shadows 9 500 Loss -500 -2500 -25
25/03/2015 Kempton 18:45 Hipz 9 500 Loss -500 -3000 -30
25/03/2015 Kempton 20:15 Troopingthecolour 8 500 Loss -500 -3500 -35
26/03/2015 Ffos Las 14:10 Thedrinkymeister 2.5 500 Win 750 -2750 -27.5
26/03/2015 Ffos Las 15:15 Red Devil Lads 2.63 500 Win 815 -1935 -19.35
26/03/2015 Wolverhampton 16:00 Sbrasse 3.25 500 Win 1125 -810 -8.1
26/03/2015 Newbury 16:45 Westaway 4.5 500 Loss -500 -1310 -13.1
26/03/2015 Cork 17:10 Tiger Bay Lady 7 500 Loss -500 -1810 -18.1
26/03/2015 Chelmsford 17:45 Claude Greenwood 10 500 Loss -500 -2310 -23.1
26/03/2015 Chelmsford 18:45 Bint Dandy 4.33 500 Win 1665 -645 -6.45
26/03/2015 Chelmsford 19:15 Gung Ho Jack 7 500 Loss -500 -1145 -11.45
26/03/2015 Chelmsford 19:45 Tight Lipped 13 500 Loss -500 -1645 -16.45
26/03/2015 Chelmsford 20:15 Leoncavallo 2.63 500 Loss -500 -2145 -21.45
27/03/2015 Lingfield 14:30 Royal Mizar 17 500 Loss -500 -2645 -26.45
27/03/2015 Newcastle 14:40 Have you had Yours 3.75 500 Win 1375 -1270 -12.7
27/03/2015 Lingfield 16:05 Gigawatt 4.33 500 Loss -500 -1770 -17.7
27/03/2015 Wetherby 17:05 Crazy Jane 11 500 Loss -500 -2270 -22.7
27/03/2015 Lingfield 17:15 Hills and Dales 4.5 500 Loss -500 -2770 -27.7
27/03/2015 Wolverhampton 18:45 Sunny York 6 500 Loss -500 -3270 -32.7
27/03/2015 Wolverhampton 19:15 Shadows ofthenight 8 500 NR 0 -3270 -32.7
27/03/2015 Dundalk 19:35 Strait of Zanzibar 8 500 Loss -500 -3770 -37.7
28/03/2015 Uttoxeter 14:45 Got the Nac 7 500 Loss -500 -4270 -42.7
28/03/2015 Uttoxeter 15:55 Goldie Horn 13 500 Loss -500 -4770 -47.7
28/03/2015 Chelmsford 16:05 Showtime Star 8 500 Loss -500 -5270 -52.7
28/03/2015 Kempton 16:35 Athletic 15 500 Loss -500 -5770 -57.7
28/03/2015 Chelmsford 17:15 Ruban 8 500 Loss -500 -6270 -62.7
29/03/2015 Ascot 14:00 Vintage Vinnie 3.25 500 Loss -500 -6770 -67.7
29/03/2015 Limerick 14:55 Dandridge 3.75 500 NR 0 -6770 -67.7
29/03/2015 Ascot 17:15 Foundry Square 3 500 Loss -500 -7270 -72.7

Week 1 Closing balance -£7,270

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  1. How man selections do they provide daily and do you then have to choose your own runner from the list

    • Thanks for your comment Anthony. We only have one week of selections to go off at the minute but we’re averaging over 5 a day. As you can see from the results, one day had 3 and another had 10 selections so its varied.

  2. Very good strike rate.
    I have only one problem with this service and it is a big one …… unless you are up with the larks, you have no chance of making the huge profits stated.
    If you check Betfairs historical matched amounts , you will see the amounts matched at the advised odds are peanuts, so I think we can assume that odds achieved with bookies will also be much lower overall. Sometimes I’ve seen odds quoted reduced by more than 50% by the time I’ve got my bets on.
    And , of course, we all know that proofing services take no notice of non runner reductions.
    Towards the end of May I received an email from Betfan quoting over 100 pts profit for the month so far. Comparing my own results, I was showing a loss at that time for the month of May…… kind of prooves the point.
    Overall , I am about 10 pts up in 2 months.

    • Hello Eric,

      I have been a bit behind with this review but I will be updating results in the coming fortnight. I do not include non runners and cannot comment on the prices you have been receiving. Keep your eyes posted for my full honest review. Good luck

      • Classic example yesterday.

        Email at 06.50 gave selection advised at odds of 16/1. “Odds provided by Betfair”….. not sure if they meant Sportsbook or exchange but in any case , NOTHING matched on exchange at 16/1. Highest was ONE pound matched at 14.5.

        If it had won , their results would have shown 48pts profit. I would have shown 16.5 pts.
        31.5 pts is a huge difference 🙁

        I am 33.5pts up over last 4 days which is not to be sniffed at. However, proofed results show a profit of approx 41.5.

        • Hey Eric, glad your gaining profit regardless. I guess prices like 16/1 on a tipped horse won’t hang around for that long to be honest.. At least with emails coming out as early as 06:50 then you have a chance at trying to get best price. Good luck

          • Hi Daniel,

            I would be grateful if you could post this open message to some of my subscribers who are struggling to either get on a price early enough or get enough on the selections with the listed book.
            My first point is not a dig but just a point about trying to attain a profit when battling the bookies. All my selections are based on value so with this in mind I find the greatest value available is when the market is just forming with some of the books not quite getting it right which for me is the time to exploit. I then share this with my subscribers which may at times be early but if your going to make a profit then a little pain getting up early to place a few bets is not the end of the world.
            You will NOT make money in life without discipline and hard work even with the best advice available!
            With this in mind open lots of accounts and don’t get greedy with any one bookmaker.

            I personally back every selection I send, I don’t though always manage to get the full stake on with some of the bookmakers due to restrictions so I try to spread my stakes and increase the stake if the odds are less favorable. So if I send out the selection at 4-1 with Bet 365 but I can only use Paddy Power and they have it at 7-2 then I will add 10% to my stake due to 10% difference in the odds, I wouldn’t advice going above 15% though so if you have missed the price then miss the bet.

            My last response would be making a profit following any tipster is very difficult to achieve in the short term unless they hit a winning streak right at the start, My selections tend to gain the biggest profits mid to late season but to benefit from this then you need to grow your banks slowly but all the time gaining confidence and building up your stakes even if your not making massive profits during early season profit is profit.
            Good luck and all the best best.
            Kind Regards,

          • That’s the point, you don’t have a chance. Nobody on Betfair (exchange) got 16/1.

            One lucky person got £1 at 13.5/1. Nobody else got anywhere near it.

            Yesterday they actually had a winner which they quoted @ 12/1 (Betfair again) … I got 5/1.

            Their ‘proofed’ profit and mine on that selection show 21pt difference.

  3. In response to Mick’s post …….

    It’s really not the service that I have my problem with. Everbody knows that advised odds are sometimes difficult to get. Mick himself admits this.
    My problem is with proofing services generally. Proofing to sp or bfsp in my opinion should be standard practice. Anyone who betters those odds would then see it as a bonus, rather than being disappointed that they didn’t get advised odds.
    As for ignoring R4s and other non runner reductions, well, that’s just nonsense. It’s simply ‘cooking the books’ and false advertising.

    • Hey Eric, I guess there are arguments for and against proofing to Sp and Bsp. As the market fluctuates it is hard to find the middle ground. Some tipping services send out tips very early am to take advantage of the early prices and I think it’s an injustice to their efforts to ignore the early prices. I also see where you are coming from though as these early prices don’t hang around for long. Anyhow, hope you’re having luck with your tips. All the best. Danny

  4. Mick I am a member with you can you please tell me how to limit restrictions on my accounts every body says I should stop getting early prices because in the end they will limit me betfair obviously doesn’t work on your system can I have some personal advice rather than going on Bet kudos thanks

    • Hi Martin, He sounds annoyed bless him!!

      Hi there is no one answer to your question as the traders will make decisions based on their profit loss in any particular month and as a result will have a cull depending on who’s winning/losing or posses a high risk.i.e.gaining early value such as yourself.

      I have had numerous accounts closed but fortunately I have friends willing to let me use there accounts and from this experience I can gauge how much risk different bookmakers are willing to take with me.

      I have had an account with William Hill for 10 years and have never had any issues with them but I do try to keep it sensible. I also have an account in my name with Betbright and although occasionally they stop me betting too early on the whole they are okay.

      Betfair: Sports book I advise betting £15 max.
      Betfred, Betvictor,, 32red, Unibet, Racebet, Vernons, Smart live, 10bet, Tote, Skybet, Ladbrokes and Stan James will close you quickly if you get carried away. Keep your winnings to £100. Scale bets accordingly.
      Boyle Sports and Sporting Bet are very quick to limit.

      Paddy Power and Bet365 can be quite tolerant but its best to mix up your bets and add some multiples, RF’S and the odd footy bet to keep them sweet.

      I will use the exchanges also but will wait until 10 am and then recheck the odds, if value is still to be had then I will top up any shortfalls from earlier.



  5. Thanks for advice mick the system is great to be honest its a shame that you cant put more money on but because of robbing bookies you have to keep it sensible but can you really get up to £100 a point because I can’t see how I can do it to be honest how much do you think is a fair amount to keep to to be honest I think its hard to do £10 per point and can you email me all the bookies u think is best for your system ie early prices.


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