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Racing Bets Direct is another system by Neil Gray and unfortunately it’s been fairly disastrous and finished 13 points down after 58 days of review here on Best Betting System Reviews. The system revolves around Neil emailing you tips each day about which horses to lay. The emails are always delivered the day before and are prompt and customer service is courteous when required.

There were 80 bets in total and 38 horses were winning bets giving the system a strike-rate of 58.46%. The average laying odds compares favourably to other systems, with an average of 3.28 over the course of the review, however the losses were not any good to us.

So a loss of £1313.77 over the course off the review. I ran some other staking models to see if a profit could be achieved and unfortunately it was not to be achieved through conventional staking methods.

The first alternative staking model I tried was to bet 4% of the bank on each lay, but this resulted in a worst loss of £1763.17, so there was not much to write home about there.

The second alternative I decided upon was a £100 straight lay bet on each pick, but the loss for that was even worse at £2604, so it became clear that there were simply not enough winning bets for any method to win, so that got me thinking.

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This system is without a fantastic winning system if you follow one simple and subtle change of strategy. Basically, when Neil emails you a horse to lay, place a bet on it to win instead!! If you had placed £100 bets on all of the horse picks received during this review, you would be be sitting on a profit of £3389 which would catapult it into one of our best betting systems

Visit Racing Bets Direct
System Cost $5 for first 30 days
Monthly Payments? $47 per month
Emailed Picks Yes, daily
Money Back Guarantee? Yes 60-days

Just over a bet per day, so it’s pretty easy to keep up with this one

Number of Bets 80
Average Stake Per Bet £55.55
Total Amount Staked £3,610.52
Total Amount Returned £2,296.75
Loss Generated -£1,313.77
Return On Investment -37%

I shall let the figures speak for themselves, as I don’t think I need to add too much to this review

Days Used For 127
Days With Bets 58
Winning Days 38 (58.46%)
Biggest Winning Day +£90.45
Biggest Losing Day -£521.48

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for other reviews on Best Betting System Reviews

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  1. Peter, I’m glad to read an honest review of this shocking system, I lost over £2,000 following Neil’s picks & strategy prior to the date of your review and I was convinced that it wasn’t just me. Most other reviews on the internet about Racing Bets Direct say that it’s brilliant and will make you steady money, RUBBISH, they are talking nonsense.

    Stay away from Racing Bets Direct, unless you bet his lays to win as Peter says in his review !

    Excellent stuff


  2. Not very good, picks seemed random and you are correct to point out in your review that this would actually be better as a backing system, haha



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