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Multi Sports Tipping Review

Welcome to your 90 day Multi Sports Tipping Review which will be conducted by myself. These types of services are by far my favourite as Multi Sports Tipping service covers 7 different sports as the title would suggest. For those of you that like a punt on most sports then you should enjoy this review and this service.

The sports covered by Multi Sport Tipping Service are, Soccer, Rugby, Golf, Tennis, American Football, Horse Racing and Dogs.

Multi Sports Tipping from the Bets For Today platform is run by Ian Hudson, a professional gambler from Liverpool who has been making a living from gambling for over ten years. Ian has previously run a successful golf tipping service but rather than set up more services for different sports Ian has come up with this one service to cover all sports and keep it all under the one umbrella for one monthly fee. You can’t ask for a fairer deal if you are into gambling across the spectrum of sports.

I hope this review can satisfy your appetite for an all sports tipping service and more importantly I hope it can join our other successful services on my main page.

Multi Sports Tipping Review will run for 90 days so that we can get an accurate picture of the service. The tips will be monitored from Monday 01/02/2016 to Sunday 01/05/16 before we make our final judgement on the quality of the tips and general service.

How much will it cost? £27 per Month but please note this service is available to try for 7 days at only £3 

We will follow the service operating on their advised betting amounts as there will be place and lay bets given.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy our Multi Sports Tipping Review.

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Week 1

Week 1 Opening balance £0

Now, that’s how I like to get a review started! Multi Sports Tipping has delivered results in Golf, Rugby, Tennis and Dog Racing and is looking set to be a great service!

Stake Return Profit Profit %
Rugby League 29.40 19.20 -10.20 -34.69
Tennis 150.00 237.30 87.30 58.20
Dogs 309.16 303.79 -5.36 -1.73
Golf 120.00 542.50 422.50 352.08
Football 10.00 0.00 -10.00 -100.00
TOTAL 618.56 1102.79 484.24 78.29

Week 1 Closing balance £484.24

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  1. Thanks very much for starting this review!! I hadn’t heard about this service until I saw it your preview on here. 3 days in, 16 tips sent and I’ve had 16 wins. I know it’s early days but I’m over £300 up already!!

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