Sports Betting Champ Review

Our review of Sports Betting Champ by Dr John Morrison is now complete and after 75 betting days and unfortunately we ended up with a 22.7 point loss or £2270 as per our £100 per bet rule here at Best Betting System Reviews.  The Sports Betting Champ system started the review off a whole lot better than I was imagining it would do to be honest.  Sports Betting Champ by Dr John Morrison is one of the long standing sports betting system on the internet and the guy has made an absolute fortune from it off Clickbank where it has been one of their all time top selling gambling products.

If you search for Sports Betting Champ Review, you will find lots of reviews saying that John Morrison and Sports Betting Champ is a scam, but you will also find an equal number of reviews saying that it is the best thing since sliced bread.  Well there are reviewers out there who give positive reviews in order to gain commissions, but I’m sure a few reputable sites have also given it positive reviews and I can see why that is possible.

I say that because the review here ran for 75 betting days, but let’s suppose we had ran it for only 45 days, then we would have been looking at a profit of £875, which would have given it a big thumbs up from Best Betting System Reviews

You can visit Sports Betting Champ here

System Cost $197
Monthly Payments? No
Emailed Picks Yes, daily
Money Back Guarantee? Yes 60-days

Sports Betting Champ will keep you busy as long as the NFL, MLB & NBA seasons are in progress, over 100 bets along the way from John Morrison

Number of Bets 103
Average Stake Per Bet £100
Total Amount Staked £10,300
Total Amount Returned £8,030
Loss Generated -£2,270
Return On Investment -23.21%

As you can see when we look at the biggest winning and losing days, the good days are very good whereas the bad days, whilst bad were never more than the £100 stakes we used for each match.  A 67% strike-rate in terms of winning days is a good return as nobody likes to have losing days day after day

Days Used For 295
Days With Bets 75
Winning Days 42 (56%)
Biggest Winning Day +£439.18
Biggest Losing Day -£806.40

Overall, I can’t recommend this to followers of the blog as the results have quite simply not been good enough and we tracked the results for 295 days, so that’s a fair test sample that you won’t find on many review sites!

You can visit Sports Betting Champ here


  1. Put my betting bank with the bookies he recommended for cash bonuses and it was a nightmare to withdraw and close the account down. Also he was claiming winning bets where mine was losing.

  2. Not absolutely ready to echo Graham’s remarks but I am leaning in the direction. In my view, he is on probation for the moment.

  3. That is Morrison not Graham.

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