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Congratulations to Rich Allen aka the Sports Betting Professor as his American Sports betting system becomes only the second gambling system to receive the thumbs up from all at Best Betting System Reviews.

Sports Betting Professor concentrates on 3 major US sports, those being NBA Basketball, NFL Football & MLB Baseball. The NFL & NBA systems are very similar in their structure and can be used in conjunctionwith one another, whilst the MLB is a system to be used on it’s own.

After reading through the slick and well presented website, you’ll be faced with your first choice, do you buy the system formulas so that you know how to generate your own winning picks or do you simply buy the picks and receive your daily emails for which bets to place.

For the purposes of this Sports Betting Professor review, I actually purchased both and I wasn’t disappointed with the quality which arrived in my inbox.

The systems themselves cost $197, which may seem like a huge outlay, but it’s far to say that on this occasion you get what you pay for as the pdfs accompanying each American sport are professionally presented, very coherent and full of interesting facts and figures which have all gone into the reasoning about how and why to make the picks he does. This comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, backed by Clickbank, so you know you have nothing to worry about if you don’t like it.

Alongside the betting system formulas, I also purchased a subscription to the daily sports picks, which start out at a very reasonable $5 for the first month and then then $47 per month after that. Once again that Clickbank guarantee is there for your satisfaction.

The systems themselves are for placing straight bets on a team to win and it is a progressive betting system with an A-bet, B-bet and C-bet being available. Your first bet is Bet-A and if you lose this, you move onto Bet-B and seek to recoup some of Bet-A whilst generating a profit at the same time. If you lose Bet-B, then you move onto Bet-C, but there is never a Bet-D, if you lose Bet-C, you simply start your next bet as Bet-A. Rich Allen explains this betting strategy in more detail and more eloquently than I have done here

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So I was obviously please with the quality of products received, but how did the system actually perform, this is what it’s all about. Well a profit was secured overall and this would have covered the costs of purchasing both the system and the daily picks, so that’s a good positive.

On month into the review and we were over £1,000 up and it was looking like it was heading into orbit, however those of you who read through the posts on this site, will remember that it wasn’t all rosy though as Rich Allen went through somewhat of a slump with his NFL picks in November and clocked up some losing bets which took us down to a low of £600 at one point, before the system rallied again and finished up with a nice profit.

I was close to putting this system down as a neutral system, but let me explain why I am happy to approve it.

I have personally used this system for the past couple of years and have done extremely well from using it and if it were not for a poor NFL tipping season from Rich, this would have easily been a record breaking betting season. Further analysis of the betting system review period show that the NFL system picks lost just over £1,900 whilst the NBA picks generated over £2,300 in profit.

The NBA picks have generated vast profits over the past 3 seasons and this system gets the thumbs up, even if it is just to use the NBA System. With a £500 bankroll and the picks subscription in your pocket, you could easily win over £200 each month with minimal effort, so for this reason I give Sports Betting Professor a thumbs

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System Cost Optional – $197
Monthly Payments? Optional $5 for first month – $47 per month for picks
Emailed Picks Yes, daily
Money Back Guarantee? Yes 60-days

There are plenty of tips throughout the week and you won’t be short of action thanks to the frequency of emails. Initital stakes were £100 and increased if a Bet-B or Bet-C were required, hence the slightly higher average bet value.

Number of Bets 81
Average Stake Per Bet £192.83
Total Amount Staked £15,619.12
Total Amount Returned £16,011.96
Profit Generated £392.84
Return On Investment 2.51%

A lengthy review period and although the strike-rate of winning days was low, the overall system strike-rate was superb with 89% of betting series being won.

Days Used For 110
Days With Bets 59
ABC Bets 42
Winning ABC Bets 38 (89%)
Winning Days 25 (42%)
Biggest Winning Day +£401.11
Biggest Losing Day -£856.79

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back for other reviews on Best Betting System Reviews


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  1. I’ve used this for a couple of years and it’s a bit of a mixed bag, but I still think it’s worth a look, especially as you can trial it for 30 days for only $5.

    My advice is to stay away from the MLB tips, which are just straight bets and to stick to the progressive betting in the NFL & NBA systems as they have proved to be very profitable, particularly the NBA tips which have been on fire the past 2 years



  2. Have to agree with Steve really, the MLB tips were not very good but the others have had a decent strike rate so 3 stars from me but if he can up his game on the baseball I’d gladly go up to 4

  3. I purchased this in September 2011 and it is the bomb! I have made over $1000 profit each month since I started using it and Rich even personally repsonded to a couple of questions that I had for him, which was a great touch as I didn’t actually expect a response.

    This is one system that you can believe the hype about. LOVE IT!!

  4. Awesome – The results so far in 2012 have been out of this world! I’m a UK based bettor and joined in January 2012 and have been using £50 stakes I’m over a £1000 up as of the 10th June 2012!

    You should consider re-reviewing as I think your ratings are too low Peter!

    • I will possibly update some reviews in the future, but I’ve got far too many new ones to do at the moment. Thanks for the comment though and I’m glad you’re making money!

      Thanks, Peter
      Owner of

  5. I have heard some great comments with regard to Ross’ system AND I think I have paid the $5 for the trial period but am I the only one that gets a message from his website saying something to the effect of “We are aware of the problem and will attend to it shortly”?

    I have been getting this message for I think a week. ??????

    • I think you mean Rich rather than Ross :-), but yes he seems to be having a very good year for his subscribers.

      You should drop him an email if you have any access problems

      Thanks, Peter
      Owner of


    • Hey Wayne, thanks for the comment. If your on my website then you should click onto the American Football tab, there are various posts detailing all the results from my review. You can also contact Rich Allen via his website, just click the link on my review and I’m sure he’d be happy to get back to you. Cheers

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