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TNT Sports Betting Review – Days 11 to 13

Another update to come after this but Frank Belanger and the TNT Sports Betting Review team have had an excellent week which sees the system profit rise to £446 after 13 days, which is not too shabby of a return.  Still there’s a long way to go and I’m not convinced that backing odds on favourites is a sure way ... Read More »

TNT Sports Betting Review – Days 9 to 10

I’ve had a really busy week, hence the lack of posts, but I’m back and there are lots of results to catch up on and I’ll kick off with TNT Sports Betting Review.  Frank Belanger has certainly been bombarding my inbox with tips over the past week and there will be a few posts as I seek to catch up.  ... Read More »

TNT Sports Betting – Day 7

A clean sweep on the Basketball bets in the NBA thanks to Frank Belanger on Day 7 of our TNT Sports Betting review.  There were only 3 matches in the NBA and we had winning bets on all of them.  I must admit to being a little surprised with how well the system is performing at the minute as backing ... Read More »

TNT Sports Betting – Day 4

A superb day for TNT Sports Betting with 5 of the 6 bets winning for an overall game of £184 on the day.  Both basketball bets in the NBA won easily and the Soccer picks nearly completed a clean sweep only for Southampton to be held to a nil nil draw at home to Notts County All bets are £100 ... Read More »

TNT Sports Betting – Day 2

After my last post yesterday, the bets kept coming and coming, with a total of 6 bets for Wednesday, enough for even the most ardent sports betting nut.  Tennis and Basketball have been the only bets thus far with the bets on Greek and Spanish Basketball matches being totally out of my league and range of sporting knowledge.  I suspect ... Read More »