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Betfair Profit Maker Review

The Betfair Profit Maker review is over and I think it will hard for any system to perform this well.  I actually continued the review well past the 60 days and the profits just kept on going up and up and up. It’s a simple in-play Betfair strategy that does not require any trading and only requires the user to ... Read More »

Betfair Profit Maker Review – Days 34 to 38

A loss of 8.5 points for Bill Johnson’s Betfair Profit Maker in the latest review period.  The results from the rest of the review will be going up very soon, so check back before the new year to see how this soccer system for Betfair gets on All winning results are shown net of Betfair’s 5% commission You can visit ... Read More »

Betfair Profit Maker Review – Days 2 to 3

No bets on day 2 of the review with only 5 potential bets on offer, however we sprung into action on day 3 and after a rocky start to the day, a superb profit was realised with a gain of £1600 on the day. Potential matches to bet on days 2 & 3 as per the system = 40 Actual ... Read More »

Betfair Profit Maker Preview

I’ve just purchased a copy of Betfair Profit Maker which is a Betfair betting system created by Bill who is one of Dr Matt Abraham’s subscribers over on Betfair Trading Expert. It cost £29.99 and my first impressions are that it seems like a bit of a snip as the information is put together in a personal yet professional manner ... Read More »