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Betfair Profit Maker Review

The Betfair Profit Maker review is over and I think it will hard for any system to perform this well.  I actually continued the review well past the 60 days and the profits just kept on going up and up and up. It’s a simple in-play Betfair strategy that does not require any trading and only requires the user to ... Read More »

Betfair Profit Maker Review – Days 42 to 45

A much better review period for Betfair Profit Maker as a gain of 7.5 points is made taking the overall profit for this Betfair football system to £4,750 All winning results are shown net of Betfair’s 5% commission You can visit Betfair Profit Maker here Date Match League Stake Match Result Total Result bal b/f +£4000.00 10/9/11 Everton v Aston ... Read More »

Betfair Profit Maker Review – Days 39 to 41

A loss of 11.5 points for Bill Johnson’s Betfair Profit Maker as the review hurtles towards the conclusion, however with a 40 point gain in such a short time, it would have to have a really bad run to finish down.  The latest results will be up very shortly, so please check back soon All winning results are shown net ... Read More »