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Soccer Betting Professor Review

Soccer Betting Professor Review The Soccer Betting Professor Review has finished and overall Rich Allen can be happy with what he has created.  This 2012/2013 version is totally different to the 2011/2012 version and is easier to follow and over the course of the review, it was also easy to profit from. The 2011/2012 version of Soccer Betting Professor saw ... Read More »

Football Elite Review

Football Elite

The Football Elite  review is over and Matt Love can be very proud of his football betting service.  Most football betting tipsters simply send you an email with their tip and very rarely offer any accompanying text to tell you why they have chosen that particular selection.  That is certainly not the case with Football Elite, Matt’s emails give a ... Read More »

Betfair Profit Maker Review

The Betfair Profit Maker review is over and I think it will hard for any system to perform this well.  I actually continued the review well past the 60 days and the profits just kept on going up and up and up. It’s a simple in-play Betfair strategy that does not require any trading and only requires the user to ... Read More »