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Do you get as frustrated as me when a betting tipster claims to make fantastic profits, but in reality it's all a bit of a letdown?

Hi, my name is Paul Edwards and I am the man behind the Best Betting System Reviews website. After buying yet another disappointing betting system, I decided that I had finally had enough and it was time to take action.

I searched the internet for as many betting tipsters, systems and strategies as I could possibly find. Once I had a huge list, I began contacting the owners and explained that I wanted to report on the real results of their services and products.

Most were happy to have everything laid out in public and I set about recording their results in real-time. I do all this myself so there's a limit to how many results I can track at any one time, but my aim is to work through every available betting product and put together a complete list of tipsters and systems which are worth following.

My list of betting products to review is long, but I'm always keen to add to it. If you have any suggestions for future reviews, I'd be very happy to hear from you. You can contact me here.

My mission is to help you follow winners and avoid losers by providing honest and transparent advice. Let's do this!

Recommended Betting Systems

The Basketball Geek Review

I reviewed The Basketball Geek for 12 weeks and banked 28.44 points. That was £284.40 profit to £10 stakes. If you are looking for something different to add to your sports betting portfolio, then I would recommend this basketball tipster.

Quentin Franks Racing Review

I reviewed Quentin Franks Racing for 12 weeks and banked an incredible 109.67 points. That’s £1096.70 to just £10 stakes. With consistent daily selections and 8/12 winning weeks, I am certainly recommending this horse racing tipster to boost your betting banks.

QF Value Tips Review

I reviewed QF Value Tips service, which is run by popular horse racing tipster Quentin Franks, for 16 weeks and banked 30.36 points profit. Thats £303.60 to £10 stakes. I extended my review by 4 weeks due to the break caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and was certainly not disappointed.

CD Racing Review

I followed CD Racing, run by tipster Christian, for 12 weeks and banked a healthy 46.35 points profit. That’s £463.50 to £10 stakes. Despite the break due to the Coronavirus pandemic there were still 9 out of 12 winning weeks and will be recommending this tipster as one to follow.

The Bookies Enemy Review

I followed tipster Gary, who runs The Bookies Enemy service, for 12 weeks and banked an excellent 65.1 points. That was an impressive £650.10 profit to my £10 stakes which worked out at a tidy £216.70 per month. With consistent profits like these, this tipster will definitely come recommended as one to follow.

US Racing Expert Review

I followed pro tipster James for 12 weeks and banked an excellent 66.4 points profit. That’s £221 per month to £10 stakes. The results were especially impressive as my review took place during the Coronavirus pandemic. With many services folding, this one flourished and comes highly recommended.

Goal Profits Review

Having won plenty of awards of a number of years, there’s no doubt that Goal Profits is widely considered to be the best football trading service. I was excited to see what’s offered with the £1 trial and beyond into full membership.

Fantastic Eights Review

Fantastic Eights is surely the best horse racing tipster you will ever find. At flat £100 stakes during my review, the profit would have been £13,170 and a remarkable 33.9% ROI.

Reviews in Progress

The Wizard Of Big Odds

The Wizard Of Big Odds claims to have banked an impressive £4577 (to £10 stakes) since June 2018. I will be following the tips to see if I can enjoy similar returns.

Tee and Serve Tips Review

Tee and Serve Tips run by tipster Chris covers both golf and tennis selections and shows a highly impressive £6170 profit since he started in April 2019 (to date of this review). I am following the tips for three months to log the results.

Victor Value Review

Danny reviewed Victor Value in 2013 and gave the service a pass after making 61 points profit. I am carrying out a new review to make sure that Victor is still going well.

Cleeve Racing Review

Cleeve Racing is a horse racing tipping service that claims to have had 17 profitable seasons in a row since 2011. I am following their tips for a minimum of 3 months and recording results.

Cricket Betting Tipster Review

Pankaj, the mastermind behind the service ‘Cricket Betting Tipster’. He has been operating since March 2018 and is a high odds tipster offering selections with average odds of 7.28. I am following the tips for at least 3 months to record his results.

Premier Greyhound Tips Review

Premier Greyhound Tips has been around since October 2014 and banked an impressive £6868 at £10 stakes, to date of this review. I will be following the tips for 3 months to log the results.

Cotswold Racing Review

Cotswold Racing is a horse racing tipping service with 35 years of experience under their belt. I will be following their tips for 12 weeks and recording the results.

Ed Culham Review

Ed Culham is a professional horse racing tipster who has over a 30% strike rate. I will be tracking results for 3 months in the hope of achieving consistent profits.