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Do you get as frustrated as me when a betting tipster claims to make fantastic profits, but in reality it's all a bit of a letdown?

Hi, my name is Paul Edwards and I am the man behind the Best Betting System Reviews website. After buying yet another disappointing betting system, I decided that I had finally had enough and it was time to take action.

I searched the internet for as many betting tipsters, systems and strategies as I could possibly find. Once I had a huge list, I began contacting the owners and explained that I wanted to report on the real results of their services and products.

Most were happy to have everything laid out in public and I set about recording their results in real-time. I do all this myself so there's a limit to how many results I can track at any one time, but my aim is to work through every available betting product and put together a complete list of tipsters and systems which are worth following.

My list of betting products to review is long, but I'm always keen to add to it. If you have any suggestions for future reviews, I'd be very happy to hear from you. You can contact me here.

My mission is to help you follow winners and avoid losers by providing honest and transparent advice. Let's do this!

Recommended Betting Systems

Goal Profits Review

There’s no doubt that Goal Profits is the best football trading service out there. This is exactly what to expect from the £1 trial and beyond as you learn how to trade football.

Betfair Profit Maker Review

Betfair Profit Maker is a simple in-play Betfair football betting strategy that does not require any trading. During my six month review, the system made a profit of £12,650 to £100 stakes at 52.7% ROI.

Reviews in Progress

The Judge Review

Welcome to your 90 day review of The Judge betting service which will be conducted by myself. Let us be the judge of whether or not this service lives up to it’s claims. A little bit about The Judge betting service; The Judge provides us with Win Selections for Greyhound Races. The tipster behind the service has been in the greyhound racing business since he was a young boy 17 years ago. The Judge believes he has the expertise, contacts and intelligence to ensure we can make this a memorable and profitable review. I really hope he keeps his word. In …

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Each Way Hits Review

Welcome to your 90 day Each Way Hits Review which will be conducted by myself. Lets hope this service can live up to its name. A little bit about Each Way Hits betting service; Each Way Hits is brought to us by the Betfan Platform which has hosted many other successful services. All selections are placed as an each way bet so we have the insurance of getting paid from the bookie even if our horse does not win, we only need to be placed to ensure we are topping up our bank. Rather than backing favourites with short odds or laying …

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Lay The Draw Tips Review

Lay The Draw Tips is a soccer tipping service which focuses on Laying bets, in this case, draws specifically. To do this you will obviously need a betting account with the likes of Betfair to allow you to lay bets. Lay The Draw Tips never lay bets that are over the odds of 4 to restrict the amount that we lose on losing selections. In the past 14 months they have had 1527 selections, most bets are on the weekends, typical between 10 and 20 on a Saturday, but they are staggerred over different times, as they are around the world. As …

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Fantastic Eights Review

Fantastic Eights comes from the same team that brought us Betfan TIPTV. Fantastic Eights has come to our attention due to recent form. In May 2015 (two months ago) Fantastic Eights came 1st in the Top Ten monthly services by producing a staggering +399 points profit in one month. That is a staggering +£3,990 profit to £10 stakes or +£39,900 to £100 stakes. Unbelievable…. That’s why I want to put this system to the test. Frankie, the guy that runs Fantastic Eights, sounds very much like ourselves. He is ultimately trying to beat the bookie and in doing so …

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