I'm Paul Edwards and my aim is to make Best Betting System Reviews the "go to" betting review website.

I will be reviewing services, strategies, systems and tipsters honestly, transparently and with no bias whatsoever. I will keep track of the results, report them at the prices actually available and tell you whether you can expect a good standard service should you decide to subscribe. Most importantly, I will never accept any form of payment in return for a favourable review.

I'll be following tipsters for a minimum of three months to give the best possible view on how their service performs. If I am still not convinced, I will continue the review until I am happy I am able to give you an accurate overview of the service.

I will pull no punches! If a service is poor, I will be telling you. We've all seen those guys who stand next to a Ferrari, promising the earth and likely bending the truth somewhat. I will make sure that you never waste your money on false claims ever again. It's time to weed out the rubbish.

About Me

I have always been interested in sports and the betting world. My old man was a regular horse racing punter who loved an acca bet every weekend in search of the big winner. One weekend he struck it lucky and hit £7k off a 10p each way acca bet, a pretty decent earner for the late 80's!

Anyway, this got me very interested from a young age and I have had a go at everything from casino slots, poker, football and horse racing. I haven't managed to hit that big winner yet though.

I acquired Best Betting System Reviews from Danny Devine towards the end of 2019 and it's now my mission to search out the very best betting products.

Want to Help?

Have you been looking at a betting product but you're not convinced enough to put your money in? Maybe you have heard of a decent tipster and want me to check him or her out for you?

I am only too happy to help so send me an email with the details and I will add them to my review list.

Affiliate Disclosure

My posts may contain affiliate links. When conducting a review, I test each product thoroughly and recommend only the very best. I never, ever accept any sort of payment in return for a positive review. If you buy something through an affiliate link, you won’t pay a penny more but I’ll receive a small commission which helps cover site costs. Thanks!