Carl Nicholson’s Value Naps Review


The Value Naps service is run by top tipster Carl Nicholson who is well known for selecting winners at large odds.

Carl has decided to opt for a different approach with this service looking at shorter priced selections with a higher win rate.

He has an average strike rate of 39% with an impressive 25% ROI (return on investment) to date of this review.

I will be following this tipster and tracking results at my usual 100 point bank, £10 per point stakes (£1000 starting bank). And will record results over the next 3 months


Week 1 and a great start for my Carl Nicholson's Value Naps review. 11 winners from 22 selections left me with a healthy 14.96 points in the bank. 

23/04/20Dr Edgar Race 7 GulfstreamWin (1pt)2.20-£10.00-£10.00
23/04/20Retro StreetRace 10GulfstreamWin (1pt)3.25-£10.00-£20.00
24/04/20Sunset EmpireRace 1Tampa Bay DownsWin (1pt)0.00N/R-£20.00
24/04/20Lady BreannaRace 5Tampa Bay DownsWin (1pt)3.50£25.00£5.00
24/04/20Bueno Bueno BuenoRace 8Tampa Bay DownsWin (2pt)2.63£32.60£37.60
24/04/20Lady FiorellaRace 6GulfstreamWin (1pt)4.33-£10.00£27.60
24/04/20Sharon’s Fury Race 2Los AlamitosWin (1.5pt)2.63£24.45£52.05
24/04/20Scouted Race 4Los AlamitosWin (1pt)4.33-£10.00£42.05
25/04/20The Mighty JudgeRace 4GulfstreamWin (1pt)2.63£16.30£58.35
25/04/20Smack Race 6GulfstreamWin (1pt)3.75-£10.00£48.35
25/04/20Vegas KittenRace 10GulfstreamWin (1pt)3.50-£10.00£38.35
25/04/20ProfessionalRace 5Tampa Bay DownsWin (1pt)3.25£22.50£60.85
25/04/20Got The GistRace 7Tampa Bay DownsWin (1pt)0.00N/R£60.85
26/04/20Tiz Samurai Race 8Tampa Bay DownsWin (1pt)3.75-£10.00£50.85
26/04/20Oak BluffsRace 1GulfstreamWin (1pt)4.50-£10.00£40.85
26/04/20R Kiss Em GoodbyeRace 4GulfstreamWin (1pt)4.00£30.00£70.85
26/04/20Bourbon In MayRace 9 GulfstreamWin (1.5pt)0.00N/R£70.85
27/04/20Rocky Boy IndianRace 6Will Rodgers DownsWin (1pt)3.00£20.00£90.85
27/04/20Ten Count OutRace 7Will Rodgers DownsWin (1pt)3.25£22.50£113.35
27/04/20Blue MoonriseRace 8Will Rodgers DownsWin (2pt)2.50£30.00£143.35
27/04/20Three CordsRace 9Will Rodgers DownsWin (1.5pt)2.38-£15.00£128.35
28/04/20Covington QualityRace 4Will Rodgers DownsWin (1pt)3.50£25.00£153.35
28/04/20Way Too Cute Race 10Will Rodgers DownsWin (1pt)3.50-£10.00£143.35
29/04/20Golden LullabyeRace 6Will Rodgers DownsWin (1pt)2.63£16.30£159.65
29/04/20SpendaholicRace 8Will Rodgers DownsWin (1pt)2.50-£10.00£149.65

A small 2.58 points loss meant I was still 12.38 points up overall and in good shape after just 2 weeks.

30/04/20Monmouth DrRace 3Gulfstream Win (1.5pt)1.73£10.95£160.60
30/04/20BiminiRace 5Gulfstream Win (1pt)1.83-£10.00£150.60
30/04/20Proquestor Race 11Gulfstream Win (1pt)N/R£0.00£150.60
01/05/20Snap HookRace 9 Gulfstream Win (1pt)2.10-£10.00£140.60
01/05/20Run HeatRace 3Los AlamitosWin (1pt)N/R£0.00£140.60
02/05/20Lookin At RosesRace 7Gulfstream Win (1pt)5.00-£10.00£130.60
02/05/20Britesideoftheroad Race 12Gulfstream Win (1pt)3.25-£10.00£120.60
02/05/20AppreciatedRace 4Los AlamitosWin (1pt)2.20-£10.00£110.60
02/05/20D’crazinessRace 7Tampa Bay DownWin (1pt)4.00-£10.00£100.60
02/05/20Lucky Runs NorthRace 8Tampa Bay DownWin (1.5pt)3.00-£15.00£85.60
03/05/20Wild One ForeverRace 5Gulfstream Win (1pt)5.00-£10.00£75.60
03/05/20OutshineRace 10Gulfstream Win (1pt)2.63£16.30£91.90
03/05/20ProjectedRace 5Tampa Bay DownWin (1.5pt)2.63£24.45£116.35
04/05/20PotomicRace 9 Will Rodgers DownsWin (1pt)4.50-£10.00£106.35
05/05/20Trapper PeakRace 1Fonner ParkWin (1pt)N/R£0.00£106.35
05/05/20Speaker VanRace 3 Will Rodgers DownsWin (1pt)3.75£27.50£133.85
06/05/20Dig InRace 1Tampa Bay DownsWin (1pt)4.33-£10.00£123.85

Another profit of 2.3 points during week 3 left me a healthy 15.8 points up overall.

07/05/20Take Charge AgainRace 3GulfstreamWin (1pt)2.38£13.80£137.65
08/05/20Frank FirstRace 9GulfstreamWin (1pt)3.00-£10.00£127.65
08/05/20Joejoe’s KingdomRace 2Los AlamitosWin (1pt)N/R£0.00£127.65
09/05/20Sunset EmpireRace 5Tampa Bay DownsWin (1pt)3.00-£10.00£117.65
09/05/20Colonels DaughterRace 6Tampa Bay DownsWin (1pt)3.00-£10.00£107.65
10/05/20La Tres JolieRace 5GulfstreamWin (1pt)4.33£33.30£140.95
11/05/20Buck DuaneRace 10Will Rodgers DownsWin (1pt)3.00-£10.00£130.95
11/05/20Three Footer Race 6Fonner ParkWin (1pt)2.75£17.50£148.45
12/05/20Eastside BoyRace 2Fonner ParkWin (1pt)N/R£0.00£148.45
12/05/20Rubber Bandman Race 10Will Rodgers DownsWin (1pt)5.50-£10.00£138.45
13/05/20You’re The ReasonRace 7Fonner ParkWin (1.5pt)3.00-£15.00£123.45
13/05/20Kurious Kennedy Race 8Fonner ParkWin (1pt)2.20£12.00£135.45
13/05/20Happy WandererRace 1Tampa Bay DownsWin (1pt)3.25£22.50£157.95
13/05/20Rosas Way Race 8Tampa Bay DownsWin (1pt)N/R£0.00£157.95

Week 4 gave me an 11.4 points loss. Thankfully I had such a good start I was still 4.3 points in the green overall and still remained positive for the weeks to come.

14/05/20Moonshine AnnieRace 7Golden Gate FieldsWin (1pt)3.75-£10.00£147.95
14/05/20EldritchRace 9Golden Gate FieldsWin (1pt)4.33-£10.00£137.95
14/05/20Stone HandsRace 5 GulfstreamWin (1.5pt)5.00-£15.00£122.95
15/05/20Miss Ryleigh Race 2Santa AnitaWin (1pt)2.63-£10.00£112.95
15/05/20Civil SuitRace 7Santa AnitaWin (1pt)3.50£25.00£137.95
15/05/20Lord Byron Race 4Tampa Bay DownsWin (1pt)4.50-£10.00£127.95
15/05/20Sagamore MischiefRace 4GulfstreamWin (1pt)2.20-£10.00£117.95
16/05/20Mr Magico Race 1Golden Gate FieldsWin (1pt)6.50-£10.00£107.95
16/05/20Street ImageRace 1Santa AnitaWin (1pt)3.75-£10.00£97.95
16/05/20Born To GrooveRace 1Tampa Bay Downs Win (1pt)2.20-£10.00£87.95
17/05/20Mommy RoseRace 7Golden Gate FieldsWin (1pt)3.25-£10.00£77.95
17/05/20Oiseau De GuerreRace 9 Golden Gate FieldsWin (1pt)2.50-£10.00£67.95
19/05/20Golden Bullet Race 4Fonner ParkWin (1pt)2.63-£10.00£57.95
19/05/20Rulethenight Race 8Fonner ParkWin (1pt)4.33-£10.00£47.95
19/05/20R V T Thunder RoadRace 4Will Rogers Downs Win (1pt)2.38£13.80£61.75
19/05/20Spirit Of CaledonRace 7Will Rogers Downs Win (1.5pt)1.62£9.30£71.05
20/05/20Janganda Race 9 Tampa Bay Downs Win (1pt)1.73£7.30£78.35
20/05/20NacogdochesRace 2Will Rogers Downs Win (1pt)2.88-£10.00£68.35
20/05/20Moro BossRace 3Will Rogers Downs Win (1pt)3.00-£10.00£58.35
20/05/20Fayette WarriorRace 10Will Rogers Downs Win (1.5pt)2.20-£15.00£43.35

A 4.5 point loss during week 5 has put me 0.2 points into the red overall but nothing too much to worry about as there was still plenty of time left to get back into profit.

21/05/20MuskoraRace 5Golden Gate FieldsWin (1pt)2.00-£10.00£33.35
22/05/20Cjs Rockhard N ReadyRace 3Remington ParkWin (1pt)2.38£13.80£47.15
22/05/20Hot On The TrailRace 2Santa AnitaWin (1pt)3.25-£10.00£37.15
22/05/20Music To My Ears Race 7Santa AnitaWin (1pt)3.25-£10.00£27.15
22/05/20Mast Cove Race 2Tampa Bay Downs Win (1pt)6.00-£10.00£17.15
22/05/20MelissaniRace 3Tampa Bay Downs Win (1pt)2.75£17.50£34.65
23/05/20LifelineRace 4Golden Gate FieldsWin (1pt)2.75£17.50£52.15
23/05/20Stars In The SkysRace 6Golden Gate FieldsWin (1pt)3.00-£10.00£42.15
23/05/20Wilshire DiamondRace 2GulfstreamWin (1pt)10.00-£10.00£32.15
23/05/20Lovely LiliaRace 7Santa AnitaWin (1pt)2.88-£10.00£22.15
23/05/20W W ArchieRace 1Tampa Bay Downs Win (1pt)2.10-£10.00£12.15
24/05/20Texas Music BoxRace 3Lone StarWin (1pt)4.00£30.00£42.15
24/05/20Something SuperRace 4Lone StarWin (1pt)3.50-£10.00£32.15
24/05/20Quinn Murphy Race 5Lone StarWin (1pt)N/R£0.00£32.15
24/05/20Foreign ProtocolRace 3Santa AnitaWin (1pt)3.00-£10.00£22.15
25/05/20Continental UnionRace 2 Golden GateWin (1.5pt)1.80-£15.00£7.15
25/05/20Thanks Race 6Golden GateWin (1pt)3.75-£10.00-£2.85
25/05/20Preacher MarseeRace 3GulfstreamWin (1pt)N/R£0.00-£2.85
25/05/20Ms MeshakRace 7 GulfstreamWin (2pt)2.00£20.00£17.15
26/05/20Name The PriceRace 5Fonner ParkWin (1pt)N/R£0.00£17.15
27/05/20Sunset EmpireRace 2Tampa Bay DownsWin (2pt)2.25-£20.00-£2.85
27/05/20Birds Eye View Race 7 Tampa Bay DownsWin (1pt)N/R£0.00-£2.85

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