CD Racing Review


CD Racing, run by tipster Christian, is a horse racing service that shows a strike rate of over 28% and an impressive 11.88% ROI, to the date of this review.

Christian, a keen horse racing enthusiast, says he is dedicated to achieving profits for his members and has an analytical, rational approach to betting on horse races.

His service sends out daily tips usually between 6-8 pm and can be received via email or text.

They recommend all members use a betting bank of 100 points. For example a £1000 bank would mean £10 per point. I will be following the staking plan and will record the weekly results of this service below.


Week 1 and only 4 selections but it was quality over quantity with 2 winners and a nice 8.25 points profit in the bank.

14/03/20Truckers Lodge3.35UttoxererEW (1pt)6.00£62.50£62.50
15/03/20Takingrisks 3.35CarlisleWin4.50-£10.00£52.50
20/03/20Fit For Function4.30DundalkEW (0.5pt)7.00£40.00£82.50

A small loss during week 2 of 1.3 points but still a decent overall profit of 6.95 points from minimal selections.

Ireland have now followed the UK and postponed all racing. It looks like I will be putting my CD Racing Review on hold for the time being while we all wait and hope for an end to this terrible Coronavirus pandemic.

21/03/20Cut The Mustard3.10ThurlesEW (0.5pt)9.00-£10.00£72.50
21/03/20Max Dynamite4.10ThurlesWin5.50-£10.00£62.50
22/03/20General Principle3.10DownpatrickEW (0.5pt)13.00-£10.00£52.50
23/03/20Mokhalad3.00NaasEW (0.5pt)7.00£5.00£57.50

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