Cleeve Racing Review


Cleeve Racing is a horse racing tipping service that claims to have had 17 profitable seasons in a row since 2011 to date of this review. They also won best tipping service newcomer in February 2020 so I was eager to get started with this highly recommended tipster.

Selections are emailed daily with full reasoning behind each pick and specific staking advice.

The tips have average odds of 6.00 - 10.00.

I will be following this service for the next 3 months with my usual £1000 starting bank and £10 per point stake.


Cheltenham Festival did not bring me any luck with a poor start to my Cleeve Racing review leaving me 17.1 points down. Still very early days and I am hopeful of some better results to come.

10/03/2020Asterion Forlonge1.30CheltenhamEW (1pt)7.00-£10.00-£10.00
10/03/2020Notebook2.10CheltenhamWin (2pts)4.00-£20.00-£30.00
10/03/2020Kildisart2.50CheltenhamEW (1pt)10.00£12.50-£17.50
10/03/2020Sharjah3.30CheltenhamEW (1pt)15.00£25.00£7.50
10/03/2020Precious Cargo4.50CheltenhamEW (1pt)17.00-£20.00-£12.50
10/03/2020Ravenhill 5.30CheltenhamEW (1pt)6.50£68.75£56.25
11/03/2020The Big Breakaway1.30CheltenhamEW (1pt)11.00-£20.00£36.25
11/03/2020Battleoverdoyen2.10CheltenhamEW (1pt)15.00-£20.00£16.25
11/03/2020Franco De Port 2.50CheltenhamEW(0.5pts)11.00-£10.00£6.25
11/03/2020Defi Du Seuil3.30CheltenhamWin (2pts)2.25-£20.00-£13.75
11/03/2020Thyme White4.50CheltenhamEW(0.5pts)15.00-£10.00-£23.75
12/03/2020Mister Fisher1.30CheltenhamEW (1pt)6.50-£20.00-£43.75
12/03/2020Third Wind2.10CheltenhamEW(0.5pts)13.00£10.00-£33.75
12/03/2020Riders Onthe Storm2.50CheltenhamEW (1pt)8.00-£20.00-£53.75
12/03/2020City Island3.30CheltenhamEW (1pt)13.00-£20.00-£73.75
12/03/2020Clondaw Castle 4.10CheltenhamEW (1pt)29.00N/R-£73.75
12/03/2020Le Breuil 5.30CheltenhamEW (1.5pts)7.50-£30.00-£103.75
13/03/2020Allmankind1.30CheltenhamEW (2pts)6.00£13.33-£90.42
13/03/2020Zanza2.10CheltenhamEW (1pt)41.00-£20.00-£110.42
13/03/2020Thyme Hill2.50CheltenhamWin (2pts)6.50-£20.00-£130.42
13/03/2020Clan Des Obeaux3.30CheltenhamEW (1pt)10.00-£20.00-£150.42
13/03/2020Éclair De Beaufeu4.50CheltenhamEW (1pt)8.50£8.75-£141.67
14/03/2020Just Your Type3.35UttoxeterEW (0.5pts)15.00-£10.00-£151.67
14/03/2020Tamaroc Du Mathan2.40KemptonEW (1pt)6.00-£20.00-£171.67

Ireland have now followed the UK and put a stop to all racing. I will be putting my Cleeve Racing review on hold while we wait to hear for more news on the Coronavirus pandemic.


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