Cricket Betting Tipster Review


Pankaj, is the mastermind behind the service 'Cricket Betting Tipster'. He has been operating since March 2018 and is a high odds tipster offering selections with average odds of 7.28.

His picks are sent daily, usually between 7-8.30am and he averages 37 bets per month.

A 150 point bank is recommended so I will be using my usual £10 stakes (£1500 bank) and following this tipster for a minimum of 3 months to record his results.


Just the 4 selections during week 1 with 2 winners and 2 losers resulting in a small overall loss of 0.53 points.

07/08/20 Sharjah v Fujairah Emirates D1013.30Sharjah1.501pt£5.00£5.00
08/08/20Durham v LancashireBob Willis Trophy11.00Lancashire1.471pt£4.70£9.70
08/08/20Gloucestershire v Warwickshire Bob Willis Trophy11.00Warwickshire1.521pt-£10.00-£0.30
08/08/202 selections aboveBob Willis TrophyN/ADouble2.260.5 pt-£5.00-£5.30

Week 2 and just the 1 winner from 5 selections mean a small loss of 0.3 points leaving me 0.8 points in the red overall.

15/08/20Leicestershire v DurhamBob Willis Trophy11.00Durham1.951pt-£10.00-£15.30
18/08/20Trinbago Knight Riders v Guyana Amazon WarriorsCaribbean Premier League15.00Guyana Amazon Warriors2.000.5 pt-£5.00-£20.30
18/08/20Barbados Tridents v St. Kitts & Nevis PatriotsCaribbean Premier League22.30St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots2.100.5 pt-£5.00-£25.30
18/08/202 Selections aboveCaribbean Premier LeagueN/ADouble4.100.25 pt-£2.50-£27.80
19/08/20Guyana Amazon Warriors v St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots Caribbean Premier League22.30Guyana Amazon Warriors1.663pt£19.80-£8.00

1.5 points profit during week 3 meant I was just about back in the green with an overall profit of 0.73 points.

20/08/20Trinbago Knight Riders v Jamaica TallawahsCaribbean Premier League22.30Trinbago Knight Riders1.671pt£6.70-£1.30
22/08/20Derbyshire v Durham UK Bob Willis Trophy11.00Durham2.10VOID£0.00-£1.30
22/08/20Guyana Amazon Warriors v Jamaica TallawahsCaribbean Premier League19.15Guyana Amazon Warriors1.721pt£7.20£5.90
25/08/20Jamaica Tallawahs v Guyana Amazon Warriors Caribbean Premier League22.30Guyana Amazon Warriors1.801pt-£10.00-£4.10
26/08/20Saint Lucia Zouks v Trinbago Knight Riders Caribbean Premier League15.00Trinbago Knight Riders1.572pt£11.40£7.30

Week 4 and 2.14 points in the bank leaving me on 2.87 points in the green overall.

27/08/20 Durham v LancashireUK Vitality Blast18.30Lancashire1.621pt£6.20£13.50
28/08/20Warwickshire v SomersetUK Vitality Blast18.30Somerset1.73VOID£0.00£13.50
29/08/20St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots v Jamaica TallawahsCaribbean Premier League19.15St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots2.250.5pt-£5.00£8.50
30/08/20Glamorgan v WarwickshireUK Vitality Blast14.00Warwickshire1.732pt£14.60£23.10
01/09/20Somerset v GlamorganUK Vitality Blast18.30Somerset1.561pt£5.60£28.70

Another 1.57 points banked during week 5 meant an overall profit of 4.44 points.

03/09/20Worcestershire v SomersetUK Vitality Blast13.05Somerset1.621pt£6.20£34.90
04/09/20Lancashire v DerbyshireUK Vitality Blast14.30Lancashire1.501pt£5.00£39.90
05/09/20Essex v Kent UK Vitality Blast13.05Essex2.250.5pt-£5.00£34.90
06/09/20Yorkshire v LeicestershireUK Bob Willis Trophy10.30Yorkshire1.421pt£4.20£39.10
08/09/20Trinbago Knight Riders v Jamaica TallawahsCaribbean Premier League15.00Trinbago Knight Riders1.531pt£5.30£44.40

Week 6 and another 1.69 points in the bank for my Cricket Betting Tipster review. That left me 6.13 point in profit overall.

10/09/20Hampshire v SussexUK Vitality Blast18.35Sussex1.671pt£6.70£51.10
11/09/20Warwickshire v Glamorgan
Somerset v Worcestershire
UK Vitality Blast18.30Warwickshire
13/09/20Southern Vipers W v Western Storm WUK Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy Women10.30Western Storm W2.200.5pt-£5.00£41.10
14/09/20Hampshire v KentUK Vitality Blast14.00Kent1.672pts£13.40£54.50
15/09/20Leicestershire v Derbyshire UK Vitality Blast18.30Derbyshire2.370.5pt£6.85£61.35

A small loss of 1.3 points during week 7. I was still in profit by 4.83 points for my review overall.

16/09/20Glamorgan v SomersetUK Vitality Blast18.30Somerset1.661pt£6.60£67.95
17/09/20Nottinghamshire v Derbyshire
Lancashire v Yorkshire
UK Vitality BlastN/ANottinghamshire
18/09/20Sussex v Middlesex
Lancashire v Durham
UK Vitality BlastN/ASussex
19/09/20Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super KingsMumbai Indians15.00Mumbai Indians1.751pt-£10.00£58.35
22/09/20Rajasthan Royals v Chennai Super KingsIndia IPL15.00Chennai Super Kings1.731pt-£10.00£48.35

Week 8 and just the 2 selections which were sadly both losers. The Cricket Betting Tipster did send an email out mentioning he had been unwell which may have been why there were only 2 tips. 

I was now 2.83 points in profit for my review overall.

24/09/20Kings XI Punjab v Royal Challengers Bangalore India IPL15.00Royal Challengers Bangalore1.731pt-£10.00£38.35
26/09/20Southern Vipers W v Northern Diamonds W  UK Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy Women10.30Northern Diamonds W2.001pt-£10.00£28.35

3.08 points profit banked during week 9 meant I was now 59.2 points profit overall.

30/09/20Northern v Khyber PakhtunkhwaPakistan T2011.00Northern1.691pt£6.90£35.25
01/10/20Balochistan v SindhPakistan T2111.00Balochistan1.721pt£7.20£42.45
02/10/20Chennai Super Kings v Sunrisers Hyderabad India IPL15.00Chennai Super Kings1.850.5pt-£5.00£37.45
03/10/20Royal Challengers Bangalore v Rajasthan RoyalsIndia IPL11.00 Rajasthan Royals2.001pt-£10.00£27.45
05/10/20Khyber Pakhtunkhwa v SindhPakistan T2011.00Khyber Pakhtunkhwa1.651pt£6.50£33.95
05/10/20Balochistan v Central PunjabPakistan T2015.30Balochistan1.721pt£7.20£41.15
05/10/20 Pakistan T20N/ADouble 2 above2.840.5pt£9.20£50.35
06/10/20Khyber Pakhtunkhwa vs Central Punjab  Pakistan T2111.00Khyber Pakhtunkhwa1.530.75pt£3.98£54.33
06/10/20Balochistan vs NorthernPakistan T2215.30Northern1.650.75pt£4.88£59.21

Week 10 and a profit of 1.33 points taking my overall profit up to 7.25 points with 2 weeks to go.

08/10/20Sunrisers Hyderabad v Kings XI Punjab India IPL15.00Sunrisers Hyderabad1.801pt£8.00£67.21
09/10/20Rajasthan Royals vs Delhi CapitalsIndia IPL15.00Delhi Capitals1.721pt£7.20£74.41
09/10/20Northern vs Central Punjab
Sindh vs Southern Punjab
Pakistan T20 CupN/ANorthern
10/10/20Chennai Super Kings vs RC Bangalore India IPL 14.00RC Bangalore1.801pt£8.00£77.41
12/10/20Khyber Pakhtunkhwa v Southern Punjab Pakistan T20 Cup11.00Khyber Pakhtunkhwa1.511pt£5.10£82.51
13/10/20Khyber Pakhtunkhwa v SindhPakistan T20 Cup11.00Khyber Pakhtunkhwa1.581pt-£10.00£72.51

Week 11 and another 1 point profit in the bank leaving me 8.24 points in the green overall.

14/10/20Northern v Sindh
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa v Central Punjab
Pakistan T20 CupN/ANorthern
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
15/10/20Balochistan v NorthernPakistan T20 Cup11.00Northern1.571pt£5.70£73.21
17/10/20Delhi Capitals v Chennai Super KingsIndia IPL15.00Delhi Capitals1.801pt£8.00£81.21
18/10/20Mumbai Indians v Kings XI PunjabIndia IPL15.00Mumbai Indians1.621pt£6.20£87.41
19/10/20Chennai Super Kings – Rajasthan RoyalsIndia IPL15.00Chennai Super Kings1.820.5pt-£5.00£82.41

Week 12 and a small loss of 0.8 points. I was still 7.4 points in profit for my review overall so have decided to extend it by another 4 weeks to see if I can increase it further.

21/10/20Kolkata Knight Riders v Royal Challengers Bangalore India IPL15.00Royal Challengers Bangalore1.760.75pt£5.70£88.11
23/10/20Chennai Super Kings v Mumbai Indians India IPL15.30Mumbai Indians1.621pt£6.20£94.31
25/10/20Royal Challengers Bangalore v Chennai Super KingsIndia IPL10.00Royal Challengers Bangalore1.611pt-£10.00£84.31
27/10/20Hyderabad Sunrisers v Delhi Capitals India IPL14.00Delhi Capitals1.721pt-£10.00£74.31

Week 13 and a small loss of 0.89 points meant I was still in the green overall on 6.54 points.

29/10/20Chennai Super Kings v Kolkata Knight RidersIndia IPL14.00Kolkata Knight Riders1.800.75pt-£7.50£66.81
01/11/20Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan RoyalsIndia IPL14.00Kolkata Knight Riders1.861pt£8.60£75.41
02/11/20Hobart W v Melbourne Renegades WAustralia Big Bash League Women3.30Melbourne Renegades W1.511pt-£10.00£65.41

Week 14 and a loss of 1.4 points. This meant I was now 5.14 points in profit for my Cricket Betting Tipster review overall.

06/11/20Melbourne Renegades W v Sydney Thunder W
Sydney Sixers W v Hobart W
Australia Big Bash League WomenN/A Sydney Thunder W
Sydney Sixers W
07/11/20Trailblazers Women vs Supernovas WomenIndia T20 Challenge Women14.00Trailblazers Women1.651pt-£10.00£45.41
07/11/20Delhi Capitals vs Sunrisers HyderabadIndia IPL14.00Sunrisers Hyderabad1.801pt-£10.00£35.41
10/11/20Melbourne Renegades W v Hobart WAustralia Big Bash League Women8.05Melbourne Renegades W1.802pts£16.00£51.41

A small profit of 0.76 points during week 17 meant I now had an overall profit of 5.86 points.

14/11/20Lahore Qalandars v Peshawar Zalmi Pakistan Super League14.30Peshawar Zalmi2.000.5pt-£5.00£46.41
15/11/20Hobart W v Adelaide WAustralia Big Bash League22.30Adelaide W1.621pt£6.20£52.61
17/11/20Sydney Sixers W v Brisbane WAustralia Big Bash League Women3.30Brisbane W2.200.5pt£6.00£58.61

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