Each Way Leader Review


Each Way Leader is a horse racing tipster service which, as you may have guessed by the name, backs selections each way.

Tipster Jim looks to back horses at bigger odds, in fact his tips have average odds of 8.53!

Jim sends daily selections out via email between 7-8.30am and averages around 27 tips per month.

He recommends a 300 point bank, so a £3000 bank will result in £10 per point bets (£5 Each Way). I will go with that for my Each Way Leader review and post my weekly results below.


A good start for my review of Each Way Leader. I had a small profit place at 6.50 and nice winner at odds of 4.50 to leave me with 1.75 points profit.

12/02/20Para Mio20.00KemptonEW8.50-£10.00-£10.00
13/02/20The British Lion18.00Chelmsford CityEW4.33-£10.00-£20.00
14/02/20It’s Nice To Be Nice16.40LingfieldEW5.50-£10.00-£30.00
17/02/20Agent of Fortune20.00KemptonEW4.50£43.75£17.50

2 out of 7 selections were placed during week 2 of my Each Way Leader review leaving me with a small loss of 4.25 points.

20/02/20Grandee Daisy20.30Chelmsford CityEW4.50-£1.25£6.25
21/02/20Sir Hector16.00LingfieldEW6.00-£10.00-£3.75
22/02/20Lily Like18.00Chelmsford CityEW12.00£8.75-£5.00
22/02/20Zulu Zander19.30Chelmsford CityEW19.00-£10.00-£15.00
25/02/20On A Promise15.45CatterickEW21.00-£10.00-£25.00

A much better week with 1 winner and 3 places out of the 7 selections. I banked 4.29 points profit and was back in the black overall with a total of 1.79 points profit over the 3 weeks.

26/02/20Swiss Cheer19.00KemptonEW4.33£41.63£16.63
27/02/20Second Collection19.00Chelmsford CityEW7.00£2.50£22.88
27/02/20Upavon19.30Chelmsford CityEW8.00-£10.00£12.88
28/02/20Lady Latte18.45NewcastleEW19.00N/R£12.88
02/03/20Café Sydney16.45WolverhamptonEW11.00£15.00£17.88

I recorded a loss of 5.08 points during week 4. The Cheltenham Festival has just started so I am hoping for a busier and more profitable week to come.

05/03/20Northgate Lad18.30NewcastleEW13.00-£10.00-£2.96
06/03/20Vincenzi Coccotti15.10ChelmsfordEW6.00-£10.00-£12.96
06/03/20Baltic Prince15.40ChelmsfordEW15.00-£10.00-£22.96
07/03/20Balgees Time20.00ChelmsfordEW8.50N/R-£22.96
10/03/20Captain Guinness13.30CheltenhamEW15.00-£10.00-£32.96

Week 5 and unfortunately there were 7 out of 7 losers leaving me with an overall loss of 10.29 points.

12/03/20Ard Abhainn16.50CheltenhamEW17.00-£10.00-£52.96
13/03/20Christopher Wood14.10CheltenhamEW26.00-£10.00-£62.96
14/03/20Garo De Juilley14.40KemptonEW34.00-£10.00-£82.96
14/03/20Red Gunner17.25WolverhamptonEW7.50-£10.00-£92.96

Just the 3 selections during week 6 but a 1 point profit thanks to a placed selection at huge odds of 29.00.

Selections are rapidly becoming thin on the ground as the UK seems to be heading towards a lockdown due to the Coronavirus. There is still some racing in Ireland but for how long only time will tell.

20/03/20Tennessee Wildcat13.30DundalkEW8.00-£10.00-£112.96
21/03/20Kavanahs Corner15.40ThurlesEW7.50-£10.00-£122.96

Not all businesses and services sadly made it through the Coronavirus Pandemic. Each Way Leader was one of them and the decision has been made to end the service. 

This, of course, concludes my Each Way Leader review.