Ed Culham Review


Ed Culham is a professional horse racing tipster who has over a 30% strike rate (to date of this review). He takes a careful approach to his selections by offering a limited number of bets. He likes to stake each-way at odds of 10/1 or greater.

He advises a 150 point bank, so £1500 to £10 stakes and sends emails out Friday evenings ready for the weekends racing.

I will be following this service for 12 weeks at the recommended staking plan to see if I can bank some consistent profits.


A small profit during my first week with 2 losers and 1 winner meant I banked 2.63 points.

24/10/20KING VEGA14.55DoncasterE/W (0.5pts)7.50-£10.00-£10.00
24/10/20FLINCK15.15CheltenhamE/W (1pt)8.50-£20.00-£30.00
24/10/20MUJBAR 15.35NewburyE/W (0.5pts)10.00£56.25£26.25

Week 2 and a 0.5 point profit to give me a total of 3.12 points profit overall.

31/10/20CHAPMANSHYPE 14.45WetherbyE/W (0.5pts)17.00-£10.00£16.25
31/10/20EPIC HERO 15.15NewmarketWin (1pt)4.00-£10.00£6.25
31/10/20AYE RIGHT15.20WetherbyE/W (1pt)15.00£25.00£31.25

Week 3 and another 1.5 points profit to give me a total of 4.63 points profit overall.

07/11/20Portrush Ted13.35AintreeWin (1pt)N/R£0.00£31.25
07/11/20Euchen Glen15.15DoncasterE/W (0.5pts)9.00-£10.00£21.25
07/11/20Torcello15.15DoncasterE/W (0.5pts)17.00-£10.00£11.25
07/11/20The Big Bite15.20AintreeWin (1pt)4.50£35.00£46.25

A 6.3 points loss during week 4 which left me 1.68 points in the red overall.

13/11/20Mucking Brilliant13.50CheltenhamWin (1pt)4.00-£10.00£36.25
13/11/20Mossey Fen14.25CheltenhamWin (2pts)4.00-£20.00£16.25
13/11/20Grand Mogul15.35CheltenhamWin (1pt)3.75-£10.00£6.25
13/11/20Art Approval16.05CheltenhamE/W (0.5pts)13.00-£10.00-£3.75
14/11/20Simply The Betts14.15CheltenhamE/W (0.5pts)6.00-£10.00-£13.75
14/11/20Happy Diva14.15CheltenhamE/W (0.5pts)15.00-£10.00-£23.75
14/11/20Mrs Milner14.50CheltenhamWin (1pt)7.00-£10.00-£33.75
14/11/20Whatsupwithyou15.25CheltenhamE/W (1pt)10.00£12.50-£21.25
15/11/20Discorama13.50CheltenhamWin (2pts)3.25-£20.00-£41.25
15/11/20Put The Kettle On14.25CheltenhamWin (1pt)3.00£20.00-£21.25
15/11/20Ballyandy15.00CheltenhamE/W (0.5pts)8.50£4.38-£16.87

Week 5 and a 2 point profit put me back in the black, just, with a small overall profit of 0.31 points.

21/11/20Do Your Job12.10HaydockWin (2pts)3.25-£20.00-£36.87
21/11/20Sams Adventure12.40HaydockE/W (0.5pts)15.00-£10.00-£46.87
21/11/20War Lord13.50HaydockE/W (0.5pts)10.00£56.25£9.38
21/11/20Third Wind14.25HaydockE/W (0.5pts)8.00£3.75£13.13
21/11/20Dolphin Square14.25HaydockE/W (0.5pts)17.00-£10.00£3.13

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