eSports Betting Guru


This new tipster offers something a little different by the way of eSports selections. He started June 2020 has banked £510 profit to £10 stakes at the date of this review.

His selections are emailed daily between 11am - 1pm and he averages 29 bets per month.

I will be using my usual £10 stakes (£1000 bank) and following the tipster for a minimum of 3 months to record his results.


A great start to my eSports Betting Guru review with 9.12 points in the bag.

25/10/20Virtus Pro v Nemiga 12.00Virtus ProWin (10pts)1.20£20.00£20.00
25/10/20Vexed v FWRD 13.00VexedWin (5pts)1.44£22.00£42.00
25/10/20Team Vitality v Heroic17.00HeroicWin (2pts)2.05£21.00£63.00
26/10/20Natus Vincere v NiP 15.30Natus VincereWin (2pts)1.70£14.00£77.00
28/10/20Lyngby Vikings v Dignitas 12.00DignitasWin (2pts)2.20-£20.00£57.00
28/10/20Natus Vincere v NiP 15.30Natus VincereWin (3pts)1.72£14.00£71.00
29/10/20HAVU v Lyngby Vikings12.00HAVUWin (6pts)1.33£19.80£90.80
29/10/20Team Vitality v Complexity 15.30Team VitalityWin (4pts)1.61£24.40£115.20
29/10/20BIG v FaZe 18.30BIGWin (4pts)1.30£12.00£127.20
30/10/20Endpoint v North14.00EndpointWin (1pt)2.75-£10.00£117.20
30/10/20Nemiga v K23 17.00NemigaWin (5pts)1.29-£50.00£67.20
31/10/20FATE v Endpoint 14.00EndpointWin (8pts)1.30£24.00£91.20

Week 2 and a loss of 15 points wiped my first weeks profit out and left me 5.88 points in the red overall.

02/11/20Astralis v MIBR15.30MIBR to win a mapWin (1pt)6.00£50.00£141.20
02/11/20FURIA v G2 Esports 18.30FURIAWin (3pts)1.66-£30.00£111.20
03/11/20MIBR v FURIA 18.30FURIAWin (8pts)1.25-£80.00£31.20
05/11/20Heretics v c0ntact17.00HereticsWin (3pts)1.80-£30.00£1.20
05/11/20ESEA MDL North America1.00Seret ClubWin (2pts)2.00£20.00£21.20
06/11/20Team Vitality v Team Spirit14.00Team SpiritWin (2pts)2.87-£20.00£1.20
06/11/20FaZe v OG 17.30OGWin (6pts)1.36-£60.00-£58.80

A small loss of 0.75 points during week 3 meant I was now in the red overall by 6.63 points.

08/11/20Team Vitality v FaZe 14.00Team VitalityWin (10pts)1.32-£100.00-£98.80
08/11/20Natus Vincere v Complexity 17.30Over 2.5 MapsWin (1pt)1.95-£10.00-£108.80
09/11/20SJ Gaming v LDLC17.00SJ GamingWin (1pt)2.25£9.50-£99.30
09/11/20Gambit ESports v Tempo12.00Gambit EsportsWin (1pt)1.85-£10.00-£109.30
10/11/20Izako Boars v AGF 10.50Izako BoarsWin (1pt)2.25£12.50-£96.80
10/11/20MAD Lions v Fnatic17.30MAD LionsWin (1pt)2.10£11.00-£85.80
11/11/20Team Sirius v CDEC Gaming12.00CDEC GamingWin (1pt)2.50£15.00-£70.80
12/11/20Cloud9 v Virtus.pro13.00Virtus.proWin (1pt)1.55£5.50-£65.30
12/11/20FATE v ESPADA17.00ESPADAWin (1pt)1.28£2.80-£62.50
13/11/20Team Envy v MiBR 16.00MiBRWin (1pt)1.62£6.20-£56.30
14/11/20Sparking Arrow Gaming v Invictus Gaming12.00Invictus GamingWin (1pt)1.44-£10.00-£66.30

Week 4 and 5 out of 6 winner meant a profit of 2.81 points. I was still in the red for my review overall with a loss of 3.82 points.

15/11/20Cloud9 v OG 16.00OGWin (2pts)1.57£11.40-£54.90
19/11/ v mudgolems16.00Vikin.ggWin (1pt)1.91£9.10-£45.80
19/11/20forZe v MIBR16.00MIBRWin (1pt)1.99£9.90-£35.90
20/11/20compLexity Gaming v BIG14.00BIGWin (1pt)1.95-£10.00-£45.90
21/11/20Royal Never Give Up v Vici Gaming12.00Vici GamingWin (1pt)1.24£2.40-£43.50
21/11/20Wisla Krakow v Sprout 14.00SproutWin (1pt)1.53£5.30-£38.20

Week 5 was pretty much scratch with a small 0.2 points profit. This meant I was 3.6 points in the red for my review overall.

23/11/20Sprout v HellRaisers18.00HellRaisersWin (0.75pts)2.55-£7.50-£45.70
24/11/20Team Spirit v Virtus Pro15.30Virtus ProWin (1pt)1.80£8.00-£37.70
25/11/20Sprout v sAw 17.00SproutWin (1pt)1.52£5.20-£32.50
26/11/20Team Liquid v MAD Lions15.30MAD LionsWin (1pt)2.10-£10.00-£42.50
27/11/ v Just Error13.00Vikin.ggWin (1pt)1.44£4.40-£38.10
28/11/20Alliance v mudgolems 13.00AllianceWin (0.75pts)2.26£9.45-£28.65
29/11/20Virtus Pro v Natus Vincere 16.00Natus VincereWin (0.75pts)2.40-£7.50-£36.15

A loss of 2.83 points during week 6 meant I was now on an overall loss of 6.44 points.

01/12/20FURIA v North12.00FURIAWin (2pt)1.27£5.40-£30.75
01/12/20MAD Lions v Team Envy 14.00Team EnvyWin (0.5pt)3.25-£5.00-£35.75
01/12/20G2 Esports v FURIA 15.30G2 EsportsWin (0.75pts)1.95-£7.50-£43.25
03/12/20Natus Vincere v mudgolems13.00mudgolemsWin (1pt)2.36-£10.00-£53.25
04/12/20mousesports v Cloud912.00mousesportsWin (2pt)1.44£8.80-£44.45
05/12/ v Fnatic14.00FnaticWin (1pt)2.10-£10.00-£54.45
05/12/20MIBR v OG 17.00MIBRWin (1pt)2.20-£10.00-£64.45

Week 7 and a small loss of 1.72 points meant I was now 8.16 points in the red overall.

09/12/20OG v BIG15.30OGWin (1pt)1.86-£10.00-£74.45
10/12/20Nemiga Gaming v sAw12.00sAwWin (1pt)2.45-£10.00-£84.45
11/12/20Gambit eSports v Live TO Win12.00Live TO WinWin (2pt)1.46£9.20-£75.25
12/12/20Team Vitality v BIG 15.30Team VitalityWin (1pt)1.36£3.60-£71.65
12/12/20forZe v sAw 15.30forZeWin (1pt)1.64-£10.00-£81.65

Week 8 and a loss of 2.4 points as I head into the Christmas period where eSport takes a week out. I will return in the New Year to see if the eSports Betting Guru can get me back in the black during our final 4 weeks.

14/12/20Team Vitality v BIG 11.00Team VitalityWin (1pt)1.30-£10.00-£91.65
14/12/20FURIA v NaVi 18.00NaViWin (1pt)1.50£5.00-£86.65
16/12/20BIG v Astralis18.00AstralisWin (2pt)1.27-£20.00-£106.65
18/12/20Astralis v Team Vitality15.00Team VitalityWin (1pt)1.83-£10.00-£116.65
19/12/20BIG v Team Liquid18.30Team LiquidWin (1pt)2.10£11.00-£105.65

Week 9 and a small 1.2 points profit in the bank. This meant I was now 9.3 points in the red overall.

26/12/20Phoenix Gaming v Invictus Gaming5.00Phoenix GamingWin (0.5pt)3.40£12.00-£93.65
09/01/21Oh My God vs EDward Gaming 11.00EDward GamingWin (1pt)1.25£2.50-£91.15
10/01/21Team WE v Rogue Warriors9.00Team WEWin (1pt)1.25£2.50-£88.65
10/01/21JD Gaming v Invictus Gaming11.00JD GamingWin (0.5pt)1.83-£5.00-£93.65

Week 10 and just the 3 selections and 1 winner meant a loss of 0.9 points and an overall loss of 10.26 points.

13/01/21DRX vs Afreeca Freecs11.00DRXWin (1pt)2.10-£10.00-£103.65
15/01/21Victory Five vs LGD Gaming 9.00LGD GamingWin (0.5pt)5.00-£5.00-£108.65
17/01/21Oh My God vs eStar 9.00eStarWin (1pt)1.60£6.00-£102.65

Week 11 and small profit of 0.7 points left me 9.54 points in the red overall.

19/01/21Team Liquid vs 17.00Vikin.ggWin (0.5pt)2.43-£5.00-£107.65
20/01/21BOOM Esports vs Neon eSports11.00BOOM EsportsWin (1pt)1.75-£10.00-£117.65
21/01/21EDward Gaming vs JD Gaming11.00EDward GamingWin (1pt)2.10£11.00-£106.65
24/01/21Misfits vs MAD Lions 18.00MisfitsWin (0.75pt)2.50£11.25-£95.40

Just the 3 selections during my final week with 2 winners and 1 loser for a small profit of 0.2 points. This meant I was finished up 9.3 points in the red for my eSports Betting Guru review overall.

26/01/21Heroic vs mousesports16.30mousesportsWin (1pt)1.80£8.00-£87.40
29/01/21Evil Geniuses vs FunPlus Phoenix14.00Evil GeniusesWin (1pt)1.49-£10.00-£97.40
31/01/21INTZ-eSports vs FURIA Uppercut18.00INTZ-eSportsWin (1pt)1.40£4.00-£93.40

Review Conclusion

After 12 weeks my eSports Betting Guru review has come to an end with an overall loss of 9.3 points.

Sadly after a big loss of 15 points during week 2 I never recovered and was unable to bank an overall profit.

It was nice to try something different to the usual horse racing and football tipsters but on this occasion it did not work out well and therefore I will not be able to recommend this service.