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This new tipster offers something a little different by the way of eSports selections. He started June 2020 has banked £510 profit to £10 stakes at the date of this review.

His selections are emailed daily between 11am - 1pm and he averages 29 bets per month.

I will be using my usual £10 stakes (£1000 bank) and following the tipster for a minimum of 3 months to record his results.


A great start to my eSports Betting Guru review with 9.12 points in the bag.

25/10/20Virtus Pro v Nemiga 12.00Virtus ProWin (10pts)1.20£20.00£20.00
25/10/20Vexed v FWRD 13.00VexedWin (5pts)1.44£22.00£42.00
25/10/20Team Vitality v Heroic17.00HeroicWin (2pts)2.05£21.00£63.00
26/10/20Natus Vincere v NiP 15.30Natus VincereWin (2pts)1.70£14.00£77.00
28/10/20Lyngby Vikings v Dignitas 12.00DignitasWin (2pts)2.20-£20.00£57.00
28/10/20Natus Vincere v NiP 15.30Natus VincereWin (3pts)1.72£14.00£71.00
29/10/20HAVU v Lyngby Vikings12.00HAVUWin (6pts)1.33£19.80£90.80
29/10/20Team Vitality v Complexity 15.30Team VitalityWin (4pts)1.61£24.40£115.20
29/10/20BIG v FaZe 18.30BIGWin (4pts)1.30£12.00£127.20
30/10/20Endpoint v North14.00EndpointWin (1pt)2.75-£10.00£117.20
30/10/20Nemiga v K23 17.00NemigaWin (5pts)1.29-£50.00£67.20
31/10/20FATE v Endpoint 14.00EndpointWin (8pts)1.30£24.00£91.20

Week 2 and a loss of 15 points wiped my first weeks profit out and left me 5.88 points in the red overall.

02/11/20Astralis v MIBR15.30MIBR to win a mapWin (1pt)6.00£50.00£141.20
02/11/20FURIA v G2 Esports 18.30FURIAWin (3pts)1.66-£30.00£111.20
03/11/20MIBR v FURIA 18.30FURIAWin (8pts)1.25-£80.00£31.20
05/11/20Heretics v c0ntact17.00HereticsWin (3pts)1.80-£30.00£1.20
05/11/20ESEA MDL North America1.00Seret ClubWin (2pts)2.00£20.00£21.20
06/11/20Team Vitality v Team Spirit14.00Team SpiritWin (2pts)2.87-£20.00£1.20
06/11/20FaZe v OG 17.30OGWin (6pts)1.36-£60.00-£58.80

A small loss of 0.75 points during week 3 meant I was now in the red overall by 6.63 points.

08/11/20Team Vitality v FaZe 14.00Team VitalityWin (10pts)1.32-£100.00-£98.80
08/11/20Natus Vincere v Complexity 17.30Over 2.5 MapsWin (1pt)1.95-£10.00-£108.80
09/11/20SJ Gaming v LDLC17.00SJ GamingWin (1pt)2.25£9.50-£99.30
09/11/20Gambit ESports v Tempo12.00Gambit EsportsWin (1pt)1.85-£10.00-£109.30
10/11/20Izako Boars v AGF 10.50Izako BoarsWin (1pt)2.25£12.50-£96.80
10/11/20MAD Lions v Fnatic17.30MAD LionsWin (1pt)2.10£11.00-£85.80
11/11/20Team Sirius v CDEC Gaming12.00CDEC GamingWin (1pt)2.50£15.00-£70.80
12/11/20Cloud9 v Virtus.pro13.00Virtus.proWin (1pt)1.55£5.50-£65.30
12/11/20FATE v ESPADA17.00ESPADAWin (1pt)1.28£2.80-£62.50
13/11/20Team Envy v MiBR 16.00MiBRWin (1pt)1.62£6.20-£56.30
14/11/20Sparking Arrow Gaming v Invictus Gaming12.00Invictus GamingWin (1pt)1.44-£10.00-£66.30

Week 4 and 5 out of 6 winner meant a profit of 2.81 points. I was still in the red for my review overall with a loss of 3.82 points.

15/11/20Cloud9 v OG 16.00OGWin (2pts)1.57£11.40-£54.90
19/11/ v mudgolems16.00Vikin.ggWin (1pt)1.91£9.10-£45.80
19/11/20forZe v MIBR16.00MIBRWin (1pt)1.99£9.90-£35.90
20/11/20compLexity Gaming v BIG14.00BIGWin (1pt)1.95-£10.00-£45.90
21/11/20Royal Never Give Up v Vici Gaming12.00Vici GamingWin (1pt)1.24£2.40-£43.50
21/11/20Wisla Krakow v Sprout 14.00SproutWin (1pt)1.53£5.30-£38.20

Week 5 was pretty much scratch with a small 0.2 points profit. This meant I was 3.6 points in the red for my review overall.

23/11/20Sprout v HellRaisers18.00HellRaisersWin (0.75pts)2.55-£7.50-£45.70
24/11/20Team Spirit v Virtus Pro15.30Virtus ProWin (1pt)1.80£8.00-£37.70
25/11/20Sprout v sAw 17.00SproutWin (1pt)1.52£5.20-£32.50
26/11/20Team Liquid v MAD Lions15.30MAD LionsWin (1pt)2.10-£10.00-£42.50
27/11/ v Just Error13.00Vikin.ggWin (1pt)1.44£4.40-£38.10
28/11/20Alliance v mudgolems 13.00AllianceWin (0.75pts)2.26£9.45-£28.65
29/11/20Virtus Pro v Natus Vincere 16.00Natus VincereWin (0.75pts)2.40-£7.50-£36.15

A loss of 2.83 points during week 6 meant I was now on an overall loss of 6.44 points.

01/12/20FURIA v North12.00FURIAWin (2pt)1.27£5.40-£30.75
01/12/20MAD Lions v Team Envy 14.00Team EnvyWin (0.5pt)3.25-£5.00-£35.75
01/12/20G2 Esports v FURIA 15.30G2 EsportsWin (0.75pts)1.95-£7.50-£43.25
03/12/20Natus Vincere v mudgolems13.00mudgolemsWin (1pt)2.36-£10.00-£53.25
04/12/20mousesports v Cloud912.00mousesportsWin (2pt)1.44£8.80-£44.45
05/12/ v Fnatic14.00FnaticWin (1pt)2.10-£10.00-£54.45
05/12/20MIBR v OG 17.00MIBRWin (1pt)2.20-£10.00-£64.45

Week 7 and a small loss of 1.72 points meant I was now 8.16 points in the red overall.

09/12/20OG v BIG15.30OGWin (1pt)1.86-£10.00-£74.45
10/12/20Nemiga Gaming v sAw12.00sAwWin (1pt)2.45-£10.00-£84.45
11/12/20Gambit eSports v Live TO Win12.00Live TO WinWin (2pt)1.46£9.20-£75.25
12/12/20Team Vitality v BIG 15.30Team VitalityWin (1pt)1.36£3.60-£71.65
12/12/20forZe v sAw 15.30forZeWin (1pt)1.64-£10.00-£81.65

Week 8 and a loss of 2.4 points as I head into the Christmas period where eSport takes a week out. I will return in the New Year to see if the eSports Betting Guru can get me back in the black during our final 4 weeks.

14/12/20Team Vitality v BIG 11.00Team VitalityWin (1pt)1.30-£10.00-£91.65
14/12/20FURIA v NaVi 18.00NaViWin (1pt)1.50£5.00-£86.65
16/12/20BIG v Astralis18.00AstralisWin (2pt)1.27-£20.00-£106.65
18/12/20Astralis v Team Vitality15.00Team VitalityWin (1pt)1.83-£10.00-£116.65
19/12/20BIG v Team Liquid18.30Team LiquidWin (1pt)2.10£11.00-£105.65

Week 9 and a small 1.2 points profit in the bank. This meant I was now 9.3 points in the red overall.

26/12/20Phoenix Gaming v Invictus Gaming5.00Phoenix GamingWin (0.5pt)3.40£12.00-£93.65
09/01/21Oh My God vs EDward Gaming 11.00EDward GamingWin (1pt)1.25£2.50-£91.15
10/01/21Team WE v Rogue Warriors9.00Team WEWin (1pt)1.25£2.50-£88.65
10/01/21JD Gaming v Invictus Gaming11.00JD GamingWin (0.5pt)1.83-£5.00-£93.65

Week 10 and just the 3 selections and 1 winner meant a loss of 0.9 points and an overall loss of 10.26 points.

13/01/21DRX vs Afreeca Freecs11.00DRXWin (1pt)2.10-£10.00-£103.65
15/01/21Victory Five vs LGD Gaming 9.00LGD GamingWin (0.5pt)5.00-£5.00-£108.65
17/01/21Oh My God vs eStar 9.00eStarWin (1pt)1.60£6.00-£102.65

Week 11 and small profit of 0.7 points left me 9.54 points in the red overall.

19/01/21Team Liquid vs 17.00Vikin.ggWin (0.5pt)2.43-£5.00-£107.65
20/01/21BOOM Esports vs Neon eSports11.00BOOM EsportsWin (1pt)1.75-£10.00-£117.65
21/01/21EDward Gaming vs JD Gaming11.00EDward GamingWin (1pt)2.10£11.00-£106.65
24/01/21Misfits vs MAD Lions 18.00MisfitsWin (0.75pt)2.50£11.25-£95.40

Week 12 should have been my final week but due to the small amount of selections I have been receiving, I have decided this review needs longer to give a more accurate conclusion. I will therefore continue for another 12 weeks.

This week I only had 3 selections with 2 winner and 1 loser for a small profit of 0.2 points. this meant I was still 9.3 points in the red for my eSports Betting Guru review overall.

26/01/21Heroic vs mousesports16.30mousesportsWin (1pt)1.80£8.00-£87.40
29/01/21Evil Geniuses vs FunPlus Phoenix14.00Evil GeniusesWin (1pt)1.49-£10.00-£97.40
31/01/21INTZ-eSports vs FURIA Uppercut18.00INTZ-eSportsWin (1pt)1.40£4.00-£93.40

A loss of 4.5 points during week 13 meant I was now 13.88 points in the red for my review overall.

01/02/21ENCE v Izako Boars 17.00Izako BoarsWin (1pt)3.35-£10.00-£103.40
04/02/21Astralis v Ninjas In Pyjamas
Team Vitality v Complexity
Team Vitality
Win (3pts)1.30-£30.00-£133.40
05/02/21Live To Win vs Team Empire
Astralis vs OG
N/ALive To Win
Win (1pt)1.46£4.60-£128.80
07/02/21Team Spirit vs Live To Win16.55Live To WinWin (1pt)1.66-£10.00-£138.80

Week 14 and 4 out of 4 losers meant a loss of 5 points and I was now 18.88 points in the red for my review overall.

09/02/21compLexity Gaming vs G2 Esports15.30G2 EsportsWin (1pt)1.73-£10.00-£148.80
10/02/21Movistar Riders v SINNERS Esports12.00Movistar RidersWin (1pt)2.20-£10.00-£158.80
13/02/21Evil Geniuses vs Cloud91.00Cloud9Win (2pt)1.59-£20.00-£178.80
14/02/21Team Spirit vs Cloud9 11.00Cloud9Win (1pt)2.50-£10.00-£188.80

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