Football Acca Tipster Review


The Football Acca Tipster service run by sports bettor Boris has been active since October 2018 and has recorded 11 out of 19 profitable months.

He sends an average of 75 tips each month daily between 7-8.30am at an average odds of 2.05.

A starting bank of 200 points was recommended, so I will be following this tipster and tracking results at my usual £10 per point stakes (£2000 starting bank).


A small loss of 4.6 points during week 1 but still very early days for my Football Acca Tipster review.

08/04/20 Slavia Mozyr v BATEBoth Teams To Score (Yes)1.852.00-£20.00-£20.00
08/04/20Brest v Shakhtyor SoligorskBoth Teams To Score (No)1.672.00-£20.00-£40.00
08/04/20Managua FC v Ocotal
Ferretti v Real Madriz
Managua FC & Ferretti Double2.072.00£20.14-£19.86
08/04/20Esteli v Juventus Managua Over 2.5 Goals1.752.00-£20.00-£39.86
10/04/20FK Gorodeja 2 v Din. Minsk 2
Gorodeja v Din. Minsk
Din. Minsk 2
Din. Minsk Draw No Bet
10/04/20Lokomotiv Pamir v Dushanbe 83 Lokomotiv Pamir1.752.00£15.00-£44.86
11/04/20Gorodeja v Din. MinskDin. Minsk1.8010.00-£100.00-£144.86
11/04/20Jalapa v DiriangenDiriangen Draw No Bet1.6210.00£0.00-£144.86
11/04/20Sabanas v Managua FCManagua FC1.6110.00£61.00-£83.86
11/04/20Juventus Managua v Real MadrizJuventus Managua1.6710.00£67.00-£16.86
12/04/20Istiqlol Dushanbe v CSKA Pomir Dushanbe
Chinandega v Esteli 
Over 2.5 Goals
Esteli Draw No Bet
12/04/20Brest v Isloch MinskBrest -0.25 Asian Handicap1.522.00£10.40-£26.46
13/04/20Slavia Mozyr v Rukh Brest Slavia Mozyr -0.25 Asian Handicap1.722.00-£20.00-£46.46

A small loss of 1 point during week 2 left me 5.69 points in the red. Plenty of time still ahead to get into the black.

15/04/2020Energetik-BGU 2 v FK Gorodeja 2
Ferretti v Sabanas
Energetik-BGU 2
15/04/2020Ferretti U20 v Sabanas U20
Juventus Managua U20 v Ocotal U20
Ferretti U20
Juventus Managua U20
15/04/2020Esteli U20 v Diriangen U20
Real Madriz U20 v Chinandega U20
Esteli Draw No Bet
Real Madriz Draw No Bet
16/04/2020Belshina 2 v Smolevichi 2
Energetik-BGU v Gorodeja
Din. Minsk v Neman
Smolevichi 2 / Draw Double Chance
Energetik-BGU/Draw Double Chance
Din. Minsk / Draw Double Chance
17/04/2020Belshina v Smolevichi Draw3.001.00£20.00-£2.86
18/04/2020Dushanbe 83 v FaizkandFaizkand Draw No Bet1.732.00£0.00-£2.86
18/04/2020Vitebsk v Brest
BATE v Zhodino
Brest Draw No Bet
18/04/2020Sabanas U20 v Juventus Managua U20
uktosh v Khujand
Juventus Managua U20
19/04/2020Altyn Asyr v Kopetdag Asgabat
Ahal v Sagadam
Over 2.5 Goals
Ahal Draw No Bet
20/04/2020Ahal v SagadamOver 2.5 Goals1.972.00-£20.00-£56.86

1.5 points profit banked during week 3 meant I was still 4.1 points in the red. I am hoping for more profit to come over the upcoming weeks, however, it is a difficult time for selections due to the coronavirus so any profits will be greatly received. 

22/04/2020Ferretti U20 v Real Madriz U20
Ferretti v Jalapa
Ferretti U20 Draw No Bet
Ferretti Draw No Bet
22/04/2020Ferretti v JalapaFerretti -1 Asian Handicap1.922.00£18.40-£58.46
23/04/2020Smolevichi 2 v Din. Minsk 2
Juventus Managua U20 v Jalapa U20 
Din. Minsk 2
Juventus Managua U20 Draw No Bet
24/04/2020Smolevichi v Din. Minsk
Kopetdag Asgabat v Ahal
Din. Minsk Draw No Bet
Ahal / Draw Double Chance
24/04/2020Neman v Energetik-BGUDraw3.101.00-£10.00-£38.46
25/04/2020Slavia Mozyr v FC Minsk
Dushanbe 83 – CSKA Pomir Dushanbe 
Slavia Mozyr / Draw Double Chance
CSKA Pomir Dushanbe Draw No Bet
25/04/2020Gorodeja v BATE BATE1.632.00£12.60-£45.86
25/04/2020Zhodino 2 v Rukh Brest 2 Zhodino 2 /Draw Double Chance1.872.00£17.40-£28.46
25/04/2020Brest v Shakhtyor SoligorskDraw3.401.00-£10.00-£38.46
26/04/2020Slutsk v Belshina
Zhodino v Rukh Brest
Isloch Minsk v Vitebsk
Slutsk / Draw Double Chance
Zhodino/Draw Double Chance
Isloch Minsk/Draw Double Chance
26/04/2020Dushanbe 83 v CSKA Pomir Dushanbe
FC Asgabat v Nebitci
Juventus Managua U20 v Esteli U20
CSKA Pomir Dushanbe / Draw Double Chance
FC Asgabat/Draw Double Chance
Esteli U20/Draw Double Chance

Week 4 and 3.83 points profit in the bank. Pretty good going at a difficult time for sport due to the coronavirus.

29/04/2020Shakhtyor Soligorsk v BrestUnder 2.5 Goals1.651.00-£10.00-£51.26
29/04/2020BATE v Slavia Mozyr
Esteli v Diriangen
Esteli Draw No Bet
30/04/2020Din. Minsk 2 v Slutsk 2
Minsk 2 v Zhodino 2 
Din. Minsk 2
Minsk 2
30/04/2020Smolevichi v Energetik BGUDraw3.101.00-£10.00-£40.66
01/05/2020BATE 2 v Neman 2
Sachter Soligorsk 2 v Isloch Minsk 2
Neman 2 Draw No Bet
Sachter Soligorsk 2 Draw No Bet
01/05/2020Vitebsk 2 v Slavia Mozyr 2 Slavia Mozyr 2 / Draw Double Chance1.601.00£6.00-£54.66
02/05/2020FC Minsk v ZhodinoDraw3.101.00-£10.00-£64.66
02/05/2020Rukh Brest v GorodejaGorodeja / Draw Double Chance1.861.00£8.60-£56.06
02/05/2020Din. Minsk v SlutskDin. Minsk1.622.00-£20.00-£76.06
02/05/2020Belshina v Brest Brest1.602.00£12.00-£64.06
03/05/2020Vitebsk v Slavia Mozyr Slavia Mozyr +0.25 Asian Handicap1.811.00£8.10-£55.96
03/05/2020Krumkachy v FC GomelFC Gomel / Draw Double Chance1.622.00£12.40-£43.56
03/05/2020BATE v NemanBATE -1 Asian Handicap1.662.00£13.20-£30.36
03/05/2020Shakhtyor Soligorsk v Isloch MinskShakhtyor Soligorsk1.672.00£13.40-£16.96
04/05/2020Merw v Nebitci
Altyn Asyr v FC Asgabat
Merw / Draw Double Chance
Altyn Asyr

Week 5 and a small 1.16 points lost. Still plenty of time to see my review get into the green as I am left just 1.46 points down.

05/05/2020Ahal v EnergetikOver 2.5 Goals1.572.00-£20.00-£22.96
07/05/2020FK Gorodeja 2 v Minsk 2Minsk 2 -2.5 Asian Handicap1.831.00-£10.00-£32.96
07/05/2020Jeonbuk v Suwon BluewingsJeonbuk1.731.00£7.30-£25.66
08/05/2020Jeju Utd v Seoul E
Ulsan Hyundai v Sangju Sangmu
Jeju Utd Draw No Bet
Ulsan Hyundai Draw No Bet
09/05/2020Nebitci v Altyn Asyr
Gyeongnam v Jeonnam
Altyn Asyr
Gyeongnam Draw No Bet
09/05/2020Asan v Bucheon FC 1995Bucheon FC 1995 Draw No Bet1.801.00£8.00-£33.26
09/05/2020Pohang v Busan Pohang -0.25 Asian Handicap1.802.00£8.00-£25.26
10/05/2020Isloch v BelshinaIsloch -0.75 Asian Handicap1.772.00£7.70-£17.56
10/05/2020Vitebsk v Shakhtyor SoligorskShakhtyor Soligorsk1.672.00-£20.00-£37.56
10/05/2020Smolevichi v BATEBATE -1.25 Asian Handicap1.652.00£13.00-£24.56
11/05/2020Lokomotiv Gomel v Krumkachy Draw3.501.00£10.00-£14.56

A small loss of 2.1 points during week 6 has left me 3.5 points down overall. Still plenty of time left to get back in the green.

13/05/2020Merw v Altyn Asyr
Nebitci v Ahal
Altyn Asyr
14/05/2020Energetik v Kopetdag Asgabat Kopetdag Asgabat1.801.00£8.00£3.64
15/05/2020Zhodino v Gorodeja
Busan v Jeonbuk
Zhodino Draw No Bet
Jeonbuk Draw No Bet
15/05/2020Karlsruher v Darmstadt Draw3.401.00-£10.00-£6.36
15/05/2020Regensburg v Holstein KielDraw3.401.00£24.00£17.64
16/05/2020Energetik-BGU v Dynamo Brest
BATE v Slutsk
Suwon Bluewings v Ulsan Hyundai
Dynamo Brest/Draw Double Chance
Ulsan Hyundai/Draw Double Chance
16/05/2020RB Leipzig v FreiburgOver 2.5 Goals1.572.00-£20.00-£2.36
16/05/2020Eintracht Frankfurt v B. MonchengladbachDraw3.601.00-£10.00-£12.36
17/05/2020Greuther Furth v Hamburger SVHamburger SV -0.25 Asian Handicap1.653.00-£15.00-£27.36
17/05/2020Sputnik v FC Gomel FC Gomel1.821.00£8.20-£19.16
17/05/2020Union Berlin v Bayern MunichBayern Munich -1.75 Asian Handicap1.683.00£10.20-£8.96
18/05/2020Energetik v Merw
Kopetdag Asgabat v FC Asgabat
Kopetdag Asgabat Draw No Bet
18/05/2020Werder Bremen v Bayer LeverkusenBayer Leverkusen1.672.00£13.40-£5.56
19/05/2020Kuressaare v Kalju
Legion v Levadia
Paide v Tulevik
19/05/2020Guadalupe v LimonLimon / Draw Double Chance1.901.00-£10.00-£35.56

Week 7 was the worst to date with a 17 point loss. Very disappointing but many football leagues are returning there should be plenty of opportunities to get this review back in the green. 

20/05/2020Dynamo Brest v BATEDraw3.701.00-£10.00-£45.56
20/05/2020Tallinna Kalev v NarvaNarva -2 Asian Handicap1.901.00-£10.00-£55.56
20/05/2020Grecia v Zeledon Zeledon / Draw Double Chance1.601.00-£10.00-£65.56
21/05/2020Neman v ZhodinoZhodino -0.25 Asian Handicap1.962.00-£20.00-£85.56
21/05/2020Pohang v Seoul Draw3.401.00-£10.00-£95.56
22/05/2020Dynamo Shakhtyor Soligorsk v Belshina
Hertha Berlin v Union Berlin 
Shakhtyor Soligorsk
Hertha / Draw Double Chance
22/05/2020Jeju Utd v Daejeon
Ansan Greeners v Bucheon
Jeju Utd / Draw Double Chance
Bucheon FC 1995 / Draw Double Chance
22/05/2020Darmstadt v St. PauliDraw3.301.00-£10.00-£111.36
22/05/2020VfL Osnabruck v HannoverDraw3.401.00-£10.00-£121.36
23/05/2020Wolfsburg v DortmundDortmund1.803.00£24.00-£97.36
23/05/2020Ferencvaros v Debrecen
FC Gomel v Volna Pinsk
Vitebsk v Din. Minsk 
FC Gomel
Din. Minsk / Draw Double Chance
23/05/2020Isloch v Energetik-BGU Draw3.451.00-£10.00-£86.16
23/05/2020Jeonbuk v Daegu
Ulsan Hyundai v Busan
Jeonbuk Draw No Bet
Ulsan Hyundai
24/05/2020Schalke v Augsburg
Mainz V RB Leipzig 
Schalke / Draw Double Chance
RB Leipzig
24/05/2020Holstein Kiel v Stuttgart
BATE v Dynamo Brest
Stuttgart / Draw Double Chance
BATE Draw No Bet
24/05/2020Herediano v Guadalupe Herediano1.602.00-£20.00-£166.16
25/05/2020Ararat Yerevan v UrartuArarat Yerevan1.602.00£12.00-£154.16
26/05/2020Sokolov v Vysehrad
Mlada Boleslav v Slavia Prague
Vysehrad / Draw Double Chance
Slavia Prague Draw No Bet
26/05/2020Jablonec v Zlin
Dortmund v Bayern Munich
Both Teams To Score (Yes)
26/05/2020Eintracht Frankfurt v FreiburgEintracht Frankfurt -0.25 Asian Handicap1.792.00-£10.00-£204.16

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