Goal Profits Review


Danny carried out a Goal Profits review on this site way back in 2012. Since then, the service has won multiple awards so I decided to take a look for myself and see what improvements have been made. The bottom line, I wanted to find out why Goal Profits members feel they belong to the stand out football trading service available online today.

Run by professional traders Steve Brown and Kevin Laverick, Goal Profits has established itself as the go to service if you want to learn how to trade football succesfully. The two traders make it clear that Goal Profits is not a tipping service, but a football trading community which teaches members a variety of strategies and how to trade football properly.

When Danny first reviewed Goal Profits he said, "I made almost 30 points of profit during the 60 day review at an average return of 39.9% per trade. In other words, trading every selection at a flat £100 stake, I made almost £40 profit each time. That is so impressive in itself, notwithstanding all of the other support and coaching with comes with a Goal Profits membership".

Impressive indeed, but the service has moved on a long way from those days. Every member now has access to multiple time saving research tools and all the stats they will ever need at their fingertips. It seems that the days of spending hours at your computer researching matches for a Saturday afternoon are long gone.

There are also regular chat room sessions during which you can follow the professionals, free trading workshops that allow you to trade live in person with Steve and Kevin, first class customer service and a lot more that I'll show you throughout this review.

If you prefer, you can click here instead and see it all for yourself with a £1 trial for 7 days.

What do you get with the £1 Trial?

When I started my trial, I discovered that I did not have full access to all the strategies and areas of the site. However, there was more than enough information to read and keep me busy.

I was first directed to Launchpad, which is a comprehensive football trading course. It is restricted to the beginner sections during the £1 trial, but all of it opens up as soon as you decide to stay on as a full member.

To give you an idea of Launchpad, these are the topics covered in the "Trading Basics" section:

  • Mindset
  • Football Trading in the Real World
  • Why are you Trading?
  • F.O.M.O.
  • Positive Thinking
  • Bank Management
  • The 6 Rules of Bank Management
  • The Power of Compounding
  • Recording Results
  • Setting Targets
  • Improving Performance

Launchpad then moves on to "Trading for Beginners" which introduces many of the tools available to members including Team Stats, the Live Stats Module and Custom Shortlist Pro. This section also explains how to start trading for the first time including staking, lay the draw trading, in-play trading and how to keep trading time to a minimum (important for many of us).

Once you're ready to get into some trades, there are four beginner strategies. Two of them have shortlists of suitable trades which are generated by Team Stats and the other two are in-play strategies which require a certain amount of goals at the right times. The Live Stats Module displays alerts when these conditions are met, so it's easy enough to follow.

It is well worth taking your time to read each section thoroughly before you move to the next. Goal Profits is not a "get rich quick scheme" and urges members to aim for long term success.

Team Stats​

As I mentioned previously, the beginner strategies are nice and easy. Once you move on to the intermediate part of Launchpad and another six trading strategies though, things get a lot more interesting.

Finding suitable matches for these strategies needs a bit more effort than simply opening up a shortlist and I found it fascinating. There's plenty of help as usual, but lots of ways to put your own spin on things.

It's still quick to do though, thanks to Team Stats (and you can try it out during your £1 trial).

I'm not sure how well I will be able to explain Team Stats, but I'll give it a good go and Steve has given me permission to add a screenshot too.

In short, for each fixture due to be played on any particular day there are a number of rows of stats all on one page. You can see exactly how various teams perform during matches, at different times during matches, against different teams, when they go 0-1 down or 1-0 up and so on.

It's a huge amount of information and this is how it looks:

Some of the stats will make sense right away, but a lot of it is much more niche and has particular uses. Don't worry, it's all explained in Launchpad and if you get stuck, the support is excellent.

There are additional pop ups too which contain yet more data!

Once you get your head around everything, you get a fantastic overview of every fixture which helps you to confidently trade teams you've never heard of before, such as "Club Destroyers". What a brilliant name!

Incidentally, Steve and Kevin unveiled a new strategy for backing the draw on the day I was writing this part of the review and Arsenal v Sheffield United was one of the predictions. It ended 1-1 and a winner.

Custom Shortlist Pro

This tool is a must for more experienced traders and a huge time saver. It allows you to load system generated shortlists and add extra filters, or start from scratch with your own.

The best thing is that you can save your filters and load them up in seconds whenever you want. Custom Shortlist Pro loads Team Stats for all matches which fit your criteria and that allows you to do any extra checking right there and then.

I cannot begin to tell you how fantastic this tool is!

Here's a very simple example:

I asked Custom Shortlist Pro to identify all matches in which the home team had won more than 50% of their home matches during the season and in which the home team had won at least their last four in a row.

It displayed four of them and they all ended in home wins!

A £10 four-fold would have returned £48.87 and it literally took a minute to find the teams to back.

The possibilities with this tool are endless. Steve has even shared a set of his own filters in intermediate Launchpad and I saw a member celebrating a winning treble in the chat room today.

Live Stats Module

Once your research is done and matches kick off, attention switches to the in-play action. This is where the Live Stats Module comes in and it may well be the best tool of the lot.

It's certainly my favourite!

While there are lots of score websites available which show you shots, corners, etc none of them show you what is happening right now and then rates the current action so you can quickly identify which teams are going for a goal.

Imagine what you can do with that information for every in-play football match in all the biggest leagues around the world.

Here's an example. I set the "LIVE Games" tab to show me any matches in which one of the teams had a rating of 10 or more. A "ping" sounded and this match was displayed:

Obviously, I don't know the first thing about Mexican teams but I could see that Monterrey were 1-2 down and had a rating of 10 which showed that they were attacking.

I clicked on each of the team names and a score table popped up which showed me that Monterrey had scored in nearly all of their home matches, most more than once. It also showed me that Morelia had only kept one clean sheet away from home.

In addition, I could see in the "Alerts" column that this was a "M22" qualifier which I knew meant that the home team was expected to score next.

So the home team was losing the match, but attacking hard and had scored plenty of goals at home during the season.

11 minutes later and hey presto!

I'd never have been able to predict a Mexican football match before, but the Live Stats Module and Team Stats made it possible.

You really need to try this tool for yourself and you can do so for £1 when you click the button below.


Having all these great tools is great, but you need to know what do do with them!

I have already mentioned the Launchpad football trading course and there are more ways to get started as a beginner or improve your trading if you already have some experience.

Firstly, there's a live trading chat room in which Steve and Kevin run sessions for members. They let everyone know what they're doing and why, not just for members to follow along but to learn. Again, there's a real emphasis on learning to trade properly and not just following tips.

I followed Steve's session today (18th January 2020) and he posted three winners for members to follow, plus one more trade which broke even. Steve explained what he was doing, posted some screenshots and then emailed a full review along with more screenshots. It's very impressive.

Steve staked a total of £60 between the three winners and made a profit of £93.72. It's certainly not a case of backing obvious favourites at silly prices, which I have seen happen a lot elsewhere.

As well as the chat room, members enjoy top class email support. Paul is a dedicated "Member Support" guru whose full-time job (seven days a week) is to look after members, plus every member has direct access to both Steve and Kevin. Whatever questions you have, they're answered the same day.

Finally, Steve and Kevin arrange free trading workshops from time to time so that members can watch all the research and trading tools being used live by pro traders.

I've seen expensive seminars before, but never for this sort of thing offered for free. If you haven't got the impression yet that Goal Profits really cares about their members finding success, this proves it beyond any doubt.

What Happens after the Trial?

At the end of your £1 trial, PayPal will rebill you for the next month.

You're not tied in to anything so you can cancel the subscription at any point during your trial in your PayPal account, though I don't think anyone would want to do that and lose access to all the tools.

At the time of writing, monthly membership costs £39.95 and there are cheaper options. For example, a quarterly subscription costs £99 or an annual subscription costs £365 (which conveniently works out at £1 per day).

The annual option includes a few extras, such as the Team Stats Archive (thousands and thousands of matches worth of historical data) and access to a "Pre-Match Scalping Module" for pre-match trading. You also get a guaranteed place at the free trading workshops which is worth the cost alone.

If you choose, you can upgrade your trial to a full membership at any point and get access to all the intermediate and advanced strategies. You will find full details about this in the Members Area once you start your trial.

Review Conclusion

I can certainly see why Goal Profits keeps winning awards!

It's not just the top class tools and football trading strategies, but Steve and Kevin going above and beyond to help their members find success.

The service has come a long way since Danny's Goal Profits review back in 2012 and, by all accounts, Steve and Kevin are as dedicated as ever to improving still further.

In terms of cost, I have to say that I think membership is a bit of a bargain.

Take the annual membership as an example. £365 sounds like a lot of money (and it is) but once you break it down to £1 per day, that's a couple of pints of beer per week. Even if you only save one hour per week by using the research tools, £7 isn't even minimum wage.

If your aim is to trade football matches and earn some extra cash or you're looking to change your life completely and try trading for a living, then there's no doubt that these are the guys to turn to.

Give the £1 trial a go and see everything for yourself. I think you'll be glad you did.