NHL Betting Master Review


The NHL Betting Master service run by tipster Robert has been active since December 2018 and has banked £3528.40 profit to date of this review.

It appears to be quality over quantity for Robert as he sends an average of just 20 tips each month. They are emailed out daily between 4.30-6.30pm at an average odds of 2.52.

A starting bank of 100 points was recommended, so I will be following this tipster and tracking results at my usual £10 per point stakes (£1000 starting bank).


Week 1 and a very small loss of 0.5 point. Still early days for my NHL Betting Master review so I am hoping to bank some decent profits in the weeks to come.

07/04/20Ice Banda v Shest Trolley11.05Ice Banda (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.183.00-£30.00-£30.00
07/04/20Ledianye Voiny v Rakety19.20Over 7.5 Goals1.8610.00-£100.00-£130.00
08/04/20Chetyre Ronina v Boevye Lisy19.20Chetyre Ronina (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.109.00cancelled-£130.00
09/04/20Moskovskiy Eshelon v Chetyre Ledokola 12.20Chetyre Ledokola (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.4010.00£140.00£10.00
09/04/20Ledianye Voiny v Rakety 19.20Ledianye Voiny (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.251.00-£10.00£0.00
10/04/20Ice Banda v Moskovskiy Eshelon 11.55Ice Banda (Match Winner | 3-Way| Full Time)2.057.00-£70.00-£70.00
10/04/20Reaktivatori v Broneboytsy 16.30Broneboytsy (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.1010.00-£10.00-£80.00
11/04/20Rakety v Boevye Lisy 19.10Rakety (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.256.00£75.00-£5.00

A very poor run during week 2 left me 32.5 points down overall. Still very early days so I am hoping for a quick turnaround.

13/04/20Molotoboytsy v Shest Trolley 11.05Shest Trolley (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.105.00-£50.00-£55.00
14/04/20Ledianye Voiny v Rakety 19.20Rakety (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.251.00-£10.00-£65.00
15/04/20 Chetyre Ronina v Boevye Lisy19.10Chetyre Ronina (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.504.00-£40.00-£105.00
17/04/20Chetyre Ronina v Rakety19.10Rakety (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.259.00-£90.00-£195.00
18/04/20Serp and Molot v Reaktivatori 15.10 Reaktivatori (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.359.00-£90.00-£285.00
19/04/20Chetyre Ronina v Boevye Lisy20.20Chetyre Ronina (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.454.00-£40.00-£325.00

I banked 14.3 points profit during week 3. Not enough to get me out of the red but I was hoping this was the start of building the bank with some more consistent profits.

20/04/20Boevye Lisy v Rakety 19.10Rakety (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.409.00£126.00-£199.00
22/04/20Reaktivatori v Broneboytsy16.10Broneboytsy (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full-Time)2.445.00£72.00-£127.00
23/04/20Chetyre Ronina v Boevye Lisy 20.20Boevye Lisy (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full-Time)2.209.00cancelled-£127.00
25/04/20Ice Banda v Shest Trolley11.55Ice Banda (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.501.00£15.00-£112.00
26/04/20Kings Town v Reaktivatori 16.10Reaktivatori (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.507.00-£70.00-£182.00

Week 4 and only 1 winner from 5 selections which gave me a loss of 9 points and left me 27.2 points in the red overall.

28/04/20Broneboytsy v Serp and Molot15.00Broneboytsy (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.608.00-£80.00-£262.00
29/04/20Chetyre Ronina v Boevye Lisy 19.20Chetyre Ronina (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.551.00-£10.00-£272.00
01/05/20Ledianye Voiny v Stalnye Kabany20.20Ledianye Voiny (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.154.00-£40.00-£312.00
02/05/20Chetyre Ronina v Stalnye Kabany 20.10Stalnye Kabany (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.5510.00-£100.00-£412.00
03/05/20Chetyre Ronina v Boevye Lisy 20.20Chetyre Ronina (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.4010.00£140.00-£272.00

I banked 4.4 points profit during week 5. Not enough to take me out of the red but any profit during the coronavirus is always a welcome bonus.

05/05/20Voiny Suomi v Gladiator 20.00Voiny Suomi (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.004.00£40.00-£232.00
07/05/20Chetyre Ronina v Boevye Lisy20.20Boevye Lisy (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.308.00£104.00-£128.00
08/05/20Ice Banda v Moskovskiy Eshelon 12.05Ice Banda (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.755.00-£50.00-£178.00
10/05/20Trolley v Chetyre Ledokola 12.10Chetyre Ledokola (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.455.00-£50.00-£228.00

Week 6 gave me a loss of 14.95 points, largely due to 2 large stakes bets going down has left me 37.7 points in the red overall.

11/05/20Stalnye Kabany v Chetyre Ronina20.20Chetyre Ronina (Match Winner | 3-Way Full-Time)2.051.00£10.50-£217.50
12/05/20 Ledianye Voiny v Rakety19.20Rakety (Match Winner | 3-Way | Full Time)2.453.00-£30.00-£247.50
15/05/20Stalker Moscow v Ledoviy Desant14.00Ledoviy Desant (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.504.00£60.00-£187.50
16/05/20Ershistie Tigry v Ledoviy Desant16.00Ledoviy Desant (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.6810.00-£100.00-£287.50
17/05/20Voiny Suomi v Gladiator19.50Gladiator (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.109.00-£90.00-£377.50

2 winners and 2 losers during week 7 resulted in a small loss of 3.35 points.

19/05/20Goryachiye Golovy v Beshenye Psy17.50Goryachiye Golovy (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.201.00£12.00-£365.50
20/05/20Voiny Suomi v Gladiator19.00Voiny Suomi (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.206.00-£60.00-£425.50
21/05/20Stalker Moscow v Krasnye Kryliya 16.50Stalker Moscow (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.295.00£64.50-£361.00
22/05/20Goryachiye Golovy v Beshenyye Psy17.50Beshenyye Psy (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.205.00-£50.00-£411.00

A loss of 7.35 points during week 8. Largely due to a big 9 point loss in the Goryachiye Golovy v Beshenye Psy selection.

48.45 points down overall but a minimum of 4 weeks left so I am still hopeful of getting back in the green.

25/05/20Goryachiye Golovy v Beshenye Psy17.50Goryachiye Golovy (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.305.00£65.00-£346.00
27/05/20Goryachiye Golovy v Beshenye Psy17.50Beshenye Psy (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.209.00-£90.00-£436.00
29/05/20Stalker Moscow v Ershistie Tigry 14.50Ershistie Tigry (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.006.00-£60.00-£496.00
31/05/20Voiny Suomi v Beshenye Psy16.50Voiny Suomi (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.151.00£11.50-£484.50

Week 9 and a small loss of 1.3 points. A lot of work still to be done to turn this one around as I was 49.76 points in the red overall. Still at least 3 weeks to go and if I see an up turn I may well be tempted to extend my review.

With all the upset during these unsettling times with coronavirus, it will only be fair to give the NHL Betting Master a chance to turn things around.

01/06/20Ershistie Tigry v Ledoviy Desant12.50Ershistie Tigry (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)1.733.00£21.90-£462.60
03/06/20Ershistie Tigry v Stalker Moscow14.50Stalker Moscow (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.256.00£75.00-£387.60
04/06/20Zolotye Drakony v Snezhnye Medvedi20.50Snezhnye Medvedi (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.807.00-£70.00-£457.60
06/06/20Stalker Moscow v Krasnye Kryliya 12.50Krasnye Kryliya (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.304.00-£40.00-£497.60

A loss of 11.4 points during week 10 saw my review of the NHL Betting Master slip even further into the red. An overall loss of 61.1 points now and things were looking pretty bleak.

08/06/20vukovaja Ataka v Ognennye Pantery16.50Zvukovaja Ataka (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.206.00-£60.00-£557.60
09/06/20Ledoviy Desant v Krasnye Kryliya12.50Krasnye Kryliya (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.401.00£14.00-£543.60
10/06/20Bystrye Rysi v Ognennye Pantery 15.50Bystrye Rysi (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.008.00-£80.00-£623.60
11/06/20Lyutye Vepri v Ognennye Pantery 15.50Ognennye Pantery (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.206.00£72.00-£551.60
13/06/20Krasnye Kryliya v Ledoviy Desant12.50Krasnye Kryliya (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.955.00-£50.00-£601.60
14/06/20Ledovyy Desant v Ershistyye Tigry14.50Ershistyye Tigry (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)3.001.00-£10.00-£611.60

Week 11 and a small profit of 1.5 points in the bank. Unfortunately nowhere near good enough to turn the review around as I was still 59.6 points in the red.  

15/06/20Reaktivnye Bizony v Chernye Grifony Chernye Grifony (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.252.00-£20.00-£631.60
16/06/20Ognennye Pantery v Bystrye Rysi16.50Ognennye Pantery (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.157.00£80.50-£551.10
17/06/20Lyutye Vepri v Bystrye Rysi16.50Bystrye Rysi (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.153.00-£30.00-£581.10
19/06/20Reaktivnye Bizony v Zolotye Drakony19.50Zolotye Drakony (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.256.00£75.00-£506.10
20/06/20Reaktivnye Bizony v Zolotye Drakony21.50Zolotye Drakony (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.201.00-£10.00-£516.10
21/06/20Lyutye Vepri v Zvukovaja Ataka15.50Zvukovaja Ataka (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.408.00-£80.00-£596.10

My final week and I ended with a nice profit of 16.6 points. Sadly nowhere near enough to get back in profit so an overall loss of 43 points.

23/06/20Chernye Grifony v Zolotye Drakony 19.50Zolotye Drakony (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.003.00£30.00-£566.10
24/06/20Ledoviy Desant v Ershistie Tigry11.50Ershistie Tigry (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.207.00£84.00-£536.10
26/06/20Stalker Moscow v Krasnye Kryliya Stalker Moscow (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.102.00£22.00-£452.10
27/06/20Bystrye Rysi v Ognennye Pantery 16.50Bystrye Rysi (Match Winner | 3-Way Including Draw)2.252.00£25.00-£430.10

Review Conclusion

After 12 weeks I have decided to end my NHL Betting Master review. 

Even though I ended with my best week it was not enough to turn the review around. In fact I never really recovered after my 32.5 point loss during week 2.

As much as it was nice to review a different sport, I sadly will not be able to recommend this service after finishing with a 43 point loss overall.