NHL Betting Master Revisited


I have decided to take a second look at The NHL Betting Master service run by tipster Robert. I constantly see them as one of the top tipsters and wonder if I may have missed something.

After looking at my review early last year I see I had a very poor second week and it made things very difficult to turn around. With this in mind I will take a second look for an additional 12 weeks.

I will be doubling my previous starting bank due to some of the high stakes bets this tipster used in my last review. So a 200 points and using my usual £10 per point stakes (£2000 starting bank).


5.1 points in the bank after my first week. A great start from just 4 selections. 

23/01/21Minnesota Wild v San Jose Sharks1.00Minnesota Wild (Match Winner | 3 Way)2.0510pts£105.00£105.00
25/01/21Minnesota Wild v San Jose Sharks1.00Minnesota Wild (Match Winner | 3 Way)2.1110pts-£100.00£5.00
26/01/21New Jersey Devils v Philadelphia Flyers0.00New Jersey Devils (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.307pts-£70.00-£65.00
30/01/21Chicago Blackhawks v Columbus Blue Jackets1.00Columbus Blue Jackets (Match Winner | 3 Way)2.458pts£116.00£51.00

Week 2 I received 3 selections and sadly 3 losers which meant a loss of 8 points leaving 2.9 points in the red overall.

31/01/21Detroit Red Wings v Florida Panthers0.00Detroit Red Wings (Match Winner | 3 Way)3.653pts-£30.00£21.00
04/02/21Philadelphia Flyers v Boston Bruins1.00Philadelphia Flyers (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.153pts-£30.00-£9.00
05/02/21Tampa Bay Lightning v Detroit Red Wings0.00Detroit Red Wings (Match Winner | 2 Way)4.052pts-£20.00-£29.00

I banked a profit of 4.7 points during week 3 which meant I was back in the black overall with 1.8 points in the bank.

09/02/21Ottawa Senators v Edmonton Oilers0.00Edmonton Oilers (Match Winner | 3 Way)1.853pts£25.50-£3.50
11/02/21Montreal Canadiens v Toronto Maple Leafs0.30 Montreal Canadiens (Match Winner | 2 Way)1.918pts-£80.00-£83.50
12/02/21Dallas Stars v Carolina Hurricanes1.30Carolina Hurricanes (Match Winner | 3 Way)2.278pts£101.60£18.10

Week 4 and 3 out of 5 winners meant an excellent profit of 13.76 points which left me 15.57 points in profit overall.

13/02/21New York Rangers v Boston Bruins0.00Boston Bruins (Match Winner | 3 Way)1.938pts£74.40£92.50
15/02/21Vegas Golden Knights v Colorado Avalanche0.00Colorado Avalanche (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.102pts-£20.00£72.50
16/02/21Pittsburgh Penguins v Washington Capitals0.00Washington Capitals (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.159pts£103.50£176.00
18/02/21St. Louis Blues v San Jose Sharks1.00St. Louis Blues -1.5 (Asian Handicap)2.263pts-£30.00£146.00
20/02/21New Jersey Devils v Buffalo Sabres17.30 Buffalo Sabres (Match Winner | 2 Way)1.971pt£9.70£155.70

A loss of 6.3 points during week 5 but I was still 9.27 points in profit for my NHL Betting Master review overall.

21/02/21Vancouver Canucks v Winnipeg Jets3.00Vancouver Canucks (Match Winner | 2 Way)1.913pts-£30.00£125.70
22/02/21New York Islanders v Buffalo Sabres0.00Buffalo Sabres (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.401pt-£10.00£115.70
24/02/21 Florida Panthers v Dallas Stars22.00Dallas Stars (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.107pts£77.00£192.70
26/02/21Arizona Coyotes v Colorado Avalanche2.00Arizona Coyotes +0.5 (Asian Handicap)1.9410pts-£100.00£92.70

Week 6 and a loss of 9.76 points meant I was 0.49 points in the red for my NHL Betting Master review overall.

28/02/21Edmonton Oilers v Toronto Maple Leafs0.00Edmonton Oilers (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.017pts-£70.00£22.70
02/03/21Anaheim Ducks v St. Louis Blues3.00Anaheim Ducks (Match Winner | 3 Way)3.057pts-£70.00-£47.30
03/03/21Pittsburgh Penguins v Philadelphia Flyers0.00Philadelphia Flyers (Match Winner | 2 Way)1.884pts-£40.00-£87.30
04/03/21Vegas Golden Knights v Minnesota Wild3.00Minnesota Wild (Match Winner | 3 Way)3.101pt-£10.00-£97.30
05/03/21New Jersey Devils v New York Rangers0.00New York Rangers (Match Winner | 2 Way)1.871pt£8.70-£88.60
06/03/21Pittsburgh Penguins v Philadelphia Flyers18.00Pittsburgh Penguins (Match Winner | 2 Way)1.939pts£83.70-£4.90

3 selections and 3 losses during week 7 meant a loss of 3 points which left me 3.49 points in the red overall.

07/03/21Philadelphia Flyers v Washington Capitals0.00Philadelphia Flyers (Match Winner | 2 Way)1.871pt-£10.00-£14.90
09/03/21Carolina Hurricanes v Nashville Predators0.00Nashville Predators (Match Winner | 3 Way)3.701pt-£10.00-£24.90
12/03/21Buffalo Sabres v Pittsburgh Penguins0.00Buffalo Sabres (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.751pt-£10.00-£34.90

Week 8 and a profit of 2.49 points. This meant I was almost back level at just 1 point in the red for my review overall.

14/03/21Ottawa Senators v Toronto Maple Leafs23.00Toronto Maple Leafs -1.5 (Asian Handicap)2.087pts-£70.00-£104.90
15/03/21Tampa Bay Lightning v Nashville Predators20.00Nashville Predators +1.5 (Asian Handicap)2.022pts£20.40-£84.50
17/03/21Winnipeg Jets v Montreal Canadiens1.00Montreal Canadiens (Match Winner | 3 Way)2.384pts-£40.00-£124.50
18/03/21Vegas Golden Knights v San Jose Sharks2.00 San Jose Sharks (Match Winner | 2 Way)3.103pts£63.00-£61.50
19/03/21Washington Capitals v New York Rangers23.00Washington Capitals (Match Winner | 2 Way)1.702pts£14.00-£47.50
20/03/21Washington Capitals v New York Rangers23.00New York Rangers or Draw (Double Chance)1.755pts£37.50-£10.00

Week 9 was a a pretty disastrous week with 4 out of 4 losers and a loss of 18 points. This meant I was now 19 points in the red for my review overall with just 3 weeks to go.

23/03/21Arizona Coyotes v Colorado Avalanche2.00Arizona Coyotes (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.434pts-£40.00-£50.00
24/03/21Ottawa Senators v Calgary Flames21.00Calgary Flames (Match Winner | 3 Way)1.914pts-£40.00-£90.00
26/03/21Dallas Stars v Tampa Bay Lightning0.30Tampa Bay Lightning (Match Winner | 2 Way)1.609pts-£90.00-£180.00
27/03/21Boston Bruins v Buffalo Sabres17.00Buffalo Sabres (Match Winner | 2 Way)3.551pt-£10.00-£190.00

Just the 2 selections during week 10 but both winner which meant a nice profit of 6.35 points. Unfortunately, I was still 12.65 points in the red overall with just 2 weeks to go. 

30/03/21San Jose Sharks v Minnesota Wild3.30San Jose Sharks (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.304pts£52.00-£138.00
02/04/21Boston Bruins v Pittsburgh Penguins0.00Pittsburgh Penguins (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.151pt£11.50-£126.50

Week 11 and a loss of 3.49 points meant I was now 16.14 points in the red for my review overall with just 1 week to go.

03/04/21Boston Bruins v Pittsburgh Penguins0.00Pittsburgh Penguins (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.1510pts-£100.00-£226.50
04/04/21New Jersey Devils v Washington Capitals20.00Washington Capitals (Match Winner | 3 Way)1.961pt£9.60-£216.90
07/04/21Chicago Blackhawks v Dallas Stars1.00Chicago Blackhawks (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.051pt£10.50-£206.40
09/04/21New York Islanders v Philadelphia Flyers0.00Philadelphia Flyers (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.503pts£45.00-£161.40

Week 12 and just the 1 winner from 4 selections meant another loss of 9.7 points leaving me with a total loss of 25.82 points.

10/04/21Dallas Stars v Florida Panthers19.00Florida Panthers (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.001pt-£10.00-£171.40
13/04/21Montreal Canadiens v Toronto Maple Leafs0.00Toronto Maple Leafs (Match Winner | 3 Way)2.281pt-£10.00-£181.40
15/04/21Montreal Canadiens v Calgary Flames0.00Calgary Flames (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.321pt£13.20-£168.20
16/04/21Boston Bruins v New York Islanders0.00New York Islanders (Match Winner | 2 Way)2.109pts-£90.00-£258.20

Review Conclusion

After 12 weeks I have decided to end my second review of the NHL Betting Master here.

Despite their previously recorded profits I could not get a break and finished 25.82 points in the red. Due to this I will be adding this service to my list of failed reviews