Premier Greyhound Tips Review


Premier Greyhound Tips, run by tipster Michael has been around since October 2014 and banked an impressive £6868 at £10 stakes, to date of this review.

He has recorded an excellent 50 out of 69 winning months, sends his selections daily with an average of 37 per month at an impressive overall odds of 5.71.

I will be following his selections for at least 3 months and will be using the usual £1000 bank at £10 stakes.


2 nice winners during week one were enough to keep me at almost scratch. A very small loss of 0.2 points overall. 

04/08/20 Slaneyside Ryder21.16SheffieldWin (4pts)4.20-£40.00-£40.00
07/08/20Plaza Redbull19.09NottinghamWin (2pts)6.50-£20.00-£60.00
07/08/20Haggswood Tank20.12NottinghamWin (4pts)2.87£74.80£14.80
07/08/20Double 2 aboveN/ANottinghamWin (0.5pts)17.28-£5.00£9.80
08/08/20Holdem Lauren18.43MonmoreWin (2pts)5.50£90.00£99.80
08/08/20Coolavanny Bani18.58MonmoreWin (3pts)4.00-£30.00£69.80
09/08/20Southfield Wind19.09SwindonWin (4pts)4.00-£40.00£29.80
10/08/20Master Reed20.36NottinghamWin (3pts)3.25-£30.00-£0.20

Just the 4 selections during week 2, but with 2 winners and 2 losers I banked a nice profit of 10.5 points.

12/08/20Meadows Megan19.09SunderlandWin (2pts)5.00£80.00£79.80
14/08/20Bentley Crew19.36RomfordWin (3pts)3.25-£30.00£49.80
16/08/20Burgess Villa20.54Central ParkE/W (1pt)12.00-£20.00£29.80
17/08/20Gymstar Elusive20.36NottinghamWin (4pts)2.88£75.20£105.00

Week 3 and 2 nice winners meant a profit of 4.5 points, leaving me 15 points up for my Premier Greyhound Tips review overall.

19/08/20All Gone19.26SunderlandWin (2pts)5.50£90.00£195.00
21/08/20Druids Brazona18.58RomfordWin (3pts)3.50£75.00£270.00
22/08/20Aayamza Royale19.56MonmoreWin (4pts)2.00-£40.00£230.00
23/08/20Leave This Town20.17Central ParkWin (2pts)4.50-£20.00£210.00
24/08/20Paradise McIlroy20.21NottinghamWin (2pts)4.50-£20.00£190.00
25/08/20Bronze Bomber19.09SheffieldWin (2pts)5.00-£20.00£170.00
25/08/20Peekaboo Dab20.12SheffieldWin (2pts)3.00-£20.00£150.00

1.98 points profit during week 4 meant I was now 16.98 points up overall.

26/08/20Market Online18.51SunderlandWin (2pts)4.33-£20.00£130.00
26/08/20Copeland Mustafi20.27SunderlandWin (4pts)2.62£64.80£194.80
27/08/20Mill Allie20.46NewcastleWin (3pts)4.50-£30.00£164.80
28/08/20Jesses Sister19.18RomfordWin (2pts)3.25£45.00£209.80
28/08/20Comeout Prudence21.16NottinghamWin (3pts)6.00-£30.00£179.80
28/08/20Headford Charm21.28RomfordE/W (1pt)5.50-£20.00£159.80
29/08/20Three Ems20.27MonmoreWin (4pts)2.75-£40.00£119.80
29/08/20Deerjet Sydney20.51Shelbourne ParkWin (2pts)4.50-£20.00£99.80
30/08/20Easy Dilemma8.46SwindonWin (2pts)8.00£140.00£239.80
30/08/20Southfield Wind9.01SwindonWin (3pts)5.00-£30.00£209.80
01/09/20Coyote Shauney7.26SheffieldWin (4pts)5.50-£40.00£169.80

Week 5 and 3 point winner,  'Victor Tree' at odds of 7.00 was the star of the show banking £180 profit. This meant I was 16.5 points up for the week and an overall total profit of 33.48 points for my Premier Greyhound Tips review.

02/09/20Jakes Magic8.36YarmouthWin (2pts)6.50-£20.00£149.80
03/09/20Baggios Jet7.51Perry BarrWin (2pts)4.50-£20.00£129.80
03/09/20Victor Tree8.12NewcastleWin (3pts)7.00£180.00£309.80
04/09/20Punk Rock Mutley8.38RomfordE/W (1pt)11.00£5.00£314.80
04/09/20Crack On8.27NottinghamWin (2pts)4.00-£20.00£294.80
05/09/20Newinn Sheedy8.51Shelbourne ParkWin (2pts)5.50-£20.00£274.80
06/09/20Gizmo Weejay7.36Central ParkWin (2pts)2.38-£20.00£254.80
07/09/20Looks Like Power8.21NottinghamWin (4pts)3.00£80.00£334.80

1 point profit during week 6 thanks to a a 5 point winner at odds of 3.00. This left me 34.48 points in the green overall.

09/09/20Swift Lettuce8.36Yarmouth Win (2pts)3.75-£20.00£314.80
10/09/20Jaguar Jet8.36Perry BarrWin (5pts)3.00£100.00£414.80
11/09/20Our Boy Seamus7.56RomfordWin (2pts)3.00-£20.00£394.80
13/09/20Paradise Prince8.38Central ParkWin (3pts)2.87-£30.00£364.80
14/09/20Distant Village8.52NottinghamWin (2pts)2.50-£20.00£344.80

Week 7 and just the 1 winner but that was enough to break even and keep me on 34.48 points for my review overall.

16/09/20Baunfaun Prince20.06YarmouthWin (4pts)5.00-£40.00£304.80
16/09/20Chess20.21YarmouthWin (1pt)17.00-£10.00£294.80
17/09/20Solway Sunshine7.26NewcastleWin (2pts)5.00-£20.00£274.80
18/09/20Roseville Eva7.56RomfordE/W (1pt)13.00-£20.00£254.80
20/09/20Sunday At Agusta8.12SwindonWin (2pts)5.50£90.00£344.80

5 selections with 1 non runner and 4 losers meant I had a loss of 14 points during week 8. I was still 20.48 points in profit for my review overall.

22/09/20Roxholme Glory8.27SheffieldWin (3pts)N/R£0.00£344.80
24/09/20Roseville Stella7.41NewcastleWin (3pts)3.50-£30.00£314.80
25/09/20Micks Little Gem9.12RomfordWin (4pts)5.00-£40.00£274.80
26/09/20Tinnock Lee7.31CrayfordWin (2pts)4.33-£20.00£254.80
27/09/20Gizmo Weejay8.54Central ParkWin (5pts)3.00-£50.00£204.80

Just the 2 selections during week 9 and sadly 2 losers meaning a loss for the week of 6 points. That has left me with an overall profit of 14.48 points.

29/09/20Roxholme Glory9.01SheffieldWin (2pts)6.00-£20.00£184.80
30/09/20Tenerfie Caleta8.27SunderlandWin (4pts)4.33-£40.00£144.80

Week 10 and a bit of a disaster. 6 selections and 6 loser wiped my profit out and left me 1.77 points in the red overall.

07/10/20Mayhem Moollie6.19SunderlandWin (3pts)3.50-£30.00£114.80
08/10/20Alnwick Anna7.41NewcastleWin (2pts)4.50-£20.00£94.80
09/10/20Shaneboy Masar7.09NottinghamWin (5pts)3.50-£50.00£44.80
09/10/20Paradise Prince8.54RomfordWin (3pts)2.25-£30.00£14.80
10/10/20Catunda Logan8.06NottinghamWin (3pts)5.00-£30.00-£15.20
11/10/20Romulus8.54Central ParkE/W (2pts)6.50-£2.50-£17.70

Week 11 was the bet results for my review so far. 21.5 points banked left me back in the green with 19.73 points profit overall.

13/10/20Yahoo Isabella8.27SheffieldWin (4pts)4.00£120.00£102.30
13/10/20Coney Kroll8.46SheffieldWin (3pts)4.50£105.00£207.30
15/10/20Noels Cookie8.36Perry BarrWin (4pts)2.00-£40.00£167.30
16/10/20All About Taylor6.43RomfordWin (3pts)2.62-£30.00£137.30
17/10/20Catunda Logan7.39NottinghamE/W (1pts)11.00-£30.00£107.30
18/10/20Deadly Blue7.26SwindonWin (2pts)5.50£90.00£197.30

Week 12 and a small loss of 1.44 points. I have decided, although I currently have a nice profit, to keep this promising review running for an additional 4 weeks.

20/10/20Badger Blue6.36SheffieldWin (2pts)2.75-£20.00£177.30
21/10/20Frainey John8.36YarmouthWin (2pts)3.50-£20.00£157.30
23/10/20BallymaxTessa7.36RomfordWin (1pts)9.50-£10.00£147.30
23/10/20Janlinda8.12NottinghamWin (2pts)4.33-£20.00£127.30
24/10/20Catunda Logan8.21NottinghamWin (3pts)2.88£56.40£183.70

Week 13 and 2 out of 3 winners and another 7.5 points in the bank for a total of 25.87 points profit.

27/10/20Unique Delight7.09SheffieldWin (2pts)3.25£45.00£228.70
29/10/20Baggios Magic8.21Perry BarrWin (3pts)2.62-£30.00£198.70
30/10/20Droopys Alina9.28RomfordWin (4pts)2.50£60.00£258.70

Week 14 and another 6.6 points profit in the bank for an overall profit of 32.53 points.

02/11/20Boomin Jet7.58YarmouthWin (3pts)2.75-£30.00£228.70
04/11/20Leathems Bowser8.21YarmouthWin (2pts)4.00£60.00£288.70
05/11/20Kooga Keira6.59Perry BarrWin (3pts)2.75-£30.00£258.70
06/11/20Lockstock Bluebird7.41NottinghamWin (2pts)4.33£66.60£325.30

A small profit of 0.6 points during week 15 meant I was now 33.13 points in profit for my review overall.

10/11/20Coney Kroll8.46SheffieldWin (1pt)5.50-£10.00£315.30
11/11/20Ballygillen Maid7.26SunderlandWin (3pts)2.75-£30.00£285.30
12/11/20Ballydolye Bee8.52Perry BarryWin (2pts)4.33£66.00£351.30
13/11/20Rathclough Chloe7.18RomfordE/W (1pts)11.00-£20.00£331.30

Week 16 and a loss of 9.5 points meant I was now on 23.63 points profit for my Premier Greyhound Tips review overall.

15/11/20Lenson Whelan6.58Central ParkWin (2pts)4.00-£20.00£311.30
16/11/20Boca Junior8.21NottinghamWin (4pts)3.50-£40.00£271.30
18/11/20Slaneyside Skip8.27SunderlandWin (3pts)4.33-£30.00£241.30
19/11/20Micks Little Gem8.52Perry BarrE/W (2pts)5.50-£40.00£201.30
20/11/20Choo Choo7.41NottinghamWin (5pts)2.10£55.00£256.30
21/11/20Masontigermac7.48CrayfordWin (2pts)4.50-£20.00£236.30

Review Conclusion

After 16 weeks reviewing this greyhound tipster I have ended with a profit of 23.63 points. Of £236.30 to £10 stakes.

If you are looking for a greyhound tipping service that will not take up a lot of time, but bring in consistent profits and build your betting bank then look no further.

Premier Greyhound Tips will certainly be added to my list of recommended services.