QF Value Tips Review


QF Value Tips, run by well known tipster Quentin Franks is a horse racing tipping service that focuses on finding great value in the racing markets.

The service has averaged an impressive 20.04% ROI since starting back in 2016 and has showed consistent bank growth to hit £5495.60 to £10 bets (to date of this review).

Quentin sends his tips out daily between 5.30-7.30pm and averages around 36 tips per month.

He recommends a starting bank of 200 points, so £10 bets will require a bank of £2000. That's what I will be using for my QF Value Tips review over the next 3 months.


Week 1 and no winners so far. One race was abandoned due to poor weather but it is still very early days and I am hoping for better weeks to come.

12/02/20Divine Messenger19.00KemptonWin4.33-£10.00-£10.00
14/02/20It’s Nice To Be Nice16.40LingfieldWin5.50-£10.00-£30.00
17/02/20Bank Holiday15.10LingfieldWin3.75-£10.00-£40.00

I had one winner during week 2 resulting in a small overall loss for the week of 2 points. 

19/02/20Keyser Soze15.10NewcastleWin6.00-£10.00-£50.00
20/02/20Lord Halifax19.00ChelmsfordWin (2pts)3.00-£10.00-£60.00
21/02/20De Vegas Kid15.30LingfieldWin4.33-£10.00-£70.00
22/02/20Pirate King16.25LingfieldWin (2pts)3.00£40.00-£30.00
24/02/20Street Parade19.00WolverhamptonWin (2pts)2.62-£20.00-£50.00
25/02/20Noble Peace15.00LingfieldWin5.00-£10.00-£60.00

2 winners from 5 selections meant I banked 4.45 points profit during week 3 of my QF Value Tips review. I was still 1.55 points down but it was still very early days.

26/02/20Light Lily16.35SouthwellWin (2pts)2.38£34.50-£25.50
27/02/20Carnwennan15.40NewcastleWin  3.50-£10.00-£35.50
28/02/20Aidens Reward19.15NewcastleWin5.00£40.00£4.50
29/02/20Mister Music17.30SouthwellWin6.00-£10.00-£5.50
03/03/20Augustus Caesar17.00SouthwellWin6.00-£10.00-£15.50

3 winners during week 4 banked me a profit of 6.5 points and put me back in the black with an overall 4.95 points profit.

04/03/20Rob Rivas Roy16.00LingfieldWin3.50-£10.00-£25.50
05/03/20Light Lily14.00SouthwellWin (2pts)2.63-£20.00-£45.50
06/03/20Papa Stour16.45ChelmsfordWin (2pts)3.75£55.00£9.50
07/03/20Tricorn 17.05WolverhamptonWin10.00-£10.00-£0.50
09/03/20Flying Dragon18.10WolverhamptonWin6.00-£10.00-£10.50
10/03/20Coeur Sublime15.30CheltenhamWin17.00-£10.00£4.50
10/03/20Imperial Aura16.50CheltenhamWin6.50£55.00£59.50
10/03/20Lord Du Mensil17.30CheltenhamWin8.00-£10.00£49.50

Only 3 days worth of tips during week 5 of my QF Value Tips review due to a lack of flat racing. Just a small 1 point loss recorded to leave me in a profit overall of 3.95 points. 

11/03/20Sporting John13.30CheltenhamWin (2pts)4.50-£20.00£29.50
11/03/20Alfa Mix14.50CheltenhamWin11.00-£10.00£19.50
12/03/20Itchy Feet13.30CheltenhamWin4.50-£10.00£64.50
12/03/20The Storyteller14.10CheltenhamWin (2pts)7.00-£20.00£44.50
12/03/20Ronald Pump15.30CheltenhamWin12.00-£10.00£34.50
12/03/20Simply The Betts16.10CheltenhamWin4.50£35.00£69.50
12/03/20Deise Aba17.30CheltenhamWin13.00-£10.00£59.50
13/03/20Stolen Silver14.10CheltenhamWin15.00-£10.00£49.50
13/03/20Latest Exhibition14.50CheltenhamWin5.50-£10.00£39.50

An email was sent out from our QF Value Tips service stating that flat racing would be put on hold due to the Coronavirus. I will be keeping you updated as and when any further news comes in. Hopefully it will not be long before I can get back to my review of this service.


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