RM Greyhound Lays Review


RM Greyhound Lays is a service where you are basically betting on the greyhound to lose. All bets will need to be placed on an exchange like Betfair or Smarkets for example.

They have an average profit of £257 per month to £10 bets and has an impressive strike rate of 85.38% to date of this review.

Emails are sent daily averaging 3-5 lay bets. I will be using Betfair to lay the selections and will be dedcuting the 2% commission from my results.

I have a starting bank of 200 points at £10 per point so a £2000 bank. I will be following this tipster for a minimum of 3 months.


A great start to my RM Greyhound Lays review with a nice profit of 11.38 points.

DateSelectionTimeCourseLayBSP OddsW/LTotal
05/08/20Havana Tip Top 6.19Sunderland 1 pt15.64£9.80£9.80
05/08/20Ballybeg Moss 6.36Sunderland 1 pt9.40£9.80£19.60
05/08/20Harwell Puma 6.41Yarmouth1 pt10.50£9.80£29.40
05/08/20Moanveen Romeo 6.59Yarmouth1 pt7.60£9.80£39.20
05/08/20Droopy’s Beatrice 7.09Sunderland 1 pt2.62-£16.20£23.00
06/08/20Chosen Flame 8.12Newcastle 1 pt4.85£9.80£32.80
06/08/20Canny Barney 8.46Newcastle 1 pt4.91-£39.10-£6.30
06/08/20Coolavanny Josh 9.11Perry Parr 1 pt3.60£9.80£3.50
06/08/20Tyrap Bawn 9.16Newcastle 1 pt5.50£9.80£13.30
06/08/20Noel’s Cookie 9.26Perry Parr 1 pt4.04£9.80£23.10
07/08/20Gunboat Hawkeye6.53Cork1 ptN/A£9.80£32.90
07/08/20Canadian Jet 7.12Cork1 ptN/A£9.80£42.70
07/08/20Lavender Tata7.28Cork1 ptN/A£9.80£52.50
07/08/20Letterbox Man 7.54Cork1 ptN/A£9.80£62.30
07/08/20Chinook Wave 8.09Cork1 ptN/A£9.80£72.10
08/08/20Sheldan 6.28Monmore 1 pt5.50£9.80£81.90
08/08/20Unique Adelaide7.41Sheffield 1 pt7.24£9.80£91.70
08/08/20Springside Cain 7.58Sheffield 1 pt4.33£9.80£101.50
08/08/20Unlikely Rogue 8.17Monmore 1 pt4.50£9.80£111.30
08/08/20Saleen Finn8.46Sheffield 1 pt5.69£9.80£121.10
08/08/20Droopy’s Catch 8.54Monmore 1 pt3.55-£25.50£95.60
09/08/20Jayjays Sapphire 6.19Swindon1 pt3.45£9.80£105.40
09/08/20Mohican Rowan 6.51Swindon1 pt3.37£9.80£115.20
09/08/20Stoneyholmeblitz6.58Central Park1 pt3.76-£27.60£87.60
09/08/20Mystical Matt7.41Swindon1 pt4.60£9.80£97.40
09/08/20Talayla Ruby 8.27Swindon1 pt6.92£9.80£107.20
10/08/20Novel Idea6.36Yarmouth 1 pt2.50-£15.00£92.20
10/08/20Greencraft Jet 6.51Yarmouth 1 pt2.47£9.80£102.00
10/08/20Headford Olly 7.41Yarmouth 1 pt2.87-£18.87£83.13
10/08/20Shroughmore Lad 7.58Yarmouth 1 pt9.55£9.80£92.93
10/08/20Cissies Jet 9.16Yarmouth 1 pt4.23£9.80£102.73
11/08/20Killavarrig Brae6.26Newcastle 1 pt3.50£9.80£112.53
11/08/20Magical Buddy 6.51Sheffield 1 pt3.54£9.80£122.33
11/08/20Harton Boris 7.41Sheffield 1 pt2.54-£15.40£106.93
11/08/20Southwood Lady 8.12Sheffield 1 pt2.72-£12.72£94.21
11/08/20Sharpys Genie8.27Sheffield 1 pt7.20£9.80£104.01
11/08/20Penny’s Baby 8.46Sheffield 1 pt2.36£9.80£113.81

Week 2 and I have given nearly all of my first weeks profit back. A loss of 10.97 points meant I was left with an overall profit of just 0.41 points. Another 10 weeks to go so plenty of time to build the bank back up.

12/08/20Shady Becca6.41Yarmouth 1 pt3.25-£22.50£91.31
12/08/20Jura Go Willow6.59Yarmouth 1 pt8.36£9.80£101.11
12/08/20Elite Force7.51Yarmouth 1 pt3.90£9.80£110.91
12/08/20Comeout Kipper 8.06Yarmouth 1 pt3.19£9.80£120.71
12/08/20Curious Ear8.21Yarmouth 1 pt5.95-£49.50£71.21
12/08/20Black Falcon 8.36Yarmouth 1 pt8.97£9.80£81.01
13/08/20Seattle Lord 6.26Perry Barr1 pt19.50£9.80£90.81
13/08/20Kylevan Lolly6.36Newcastle 1 pt4.80-£38.00£52.81
13/08/20Miss Breeze 6.59Perry Barr1 pt8.40-£74.00-£21.19
13/08/20Ashbourne Actor7.16Perry Barr1 pt9.00£9.80-£11.39
13/08/20Puckane Ascot 7.34Perry Barr1 pt6.60£9.80-£1.59
13/08/20Burrow Shifter8.27Newcastle 1 pt6.21£9.80£8.21
15/08/20Coonough Dasher6.36Sheffield 1 pt5.51-£45.10-£36.89
15/08/20Ivy Hill Skyhigh7.18Monmore 1 pt9.08£9.80-£27.09
15/08/20Mickey’s Hero 7.41Sheffield 1 pt4.80-£38.00-£65.09
15/08/20Act Like Jaxx8.27Sheffield 1 pt3.28£9.80-£55.29
15/08/20Smallmead 8.54Monmore 1 pt3.34£9.80-£45.49
15/08/20Mother’s Diva9.16Sheffield 1 pt5.30£9.80-£35.69
17/08/20No Place For Me 7.09Yarmouth 1 pt3.65£9.80-£25.89
17/08/20Hello Dotty7.26Yarmouth 1 pt5.80£9.80-£16.09
17/08/20Swift Whiff 7.34Nottingham1 pt4.32£9.80-£6.29
17/08/20Jura Go Zola7.41Yarmouth 1 pt5.93£9.80£3.51
17/08/20Thymeleamannerly7.58Yarmouth 1 pt3.40£9.80£13.31
17/08/20Easy On 8.36Nottingham1 pt16.31£9.80£23.11
18/08/20Inca Boss 6.36Sheffield 1 pt7.80-£68.00-£44.89
18/08/20Fatboyz Shannon6.41Newcastle 1 pt9.40£9.80-£35.09
18/08/20Burrow Shifter6.59Newcastle 1 pt5.90£9.80-£25.29
18/08/20Milliondollarlad7.41Sheffield 1 pt13.50£9.80-£15.49
18/08/20Yahoo Doll7.58Sheffield 1 pt6.20£9.80-£5.69
18/08/20In The Gap8.21Newcastle 1 pt7.98£9.80£4.11

A small 0.8 point profit during week 3 meant I was in the green overall at 1.22 points. The week was looking great but I got let down by one Lay at odds of 12.15 which meant a loss of £111.50 on that bet alone.

19/08/20Our Boy Jack 7.34Yarmouth 1 pt7.01£9.80£13.91
19/08/20Hartwood Foxie7.51Yarmouth 1 pt7.09£9.80£23.71
19/08/20Cushie Mike 8.06Yarmouth 1 pt5.07£9.80£33.51
19/08/20Shaneboy Tolly8.21Yarmouth 1 pt9.11£9.80£43.31
19/08/20Olwinn Birk8.36Yarmouth 1 pt4.87-£38.70£4.61
19/08/20Fern Alley8.52Yarmouth 1 pt6.20£9.80£14.41
20/08/20Headley’s Sean 7.26Newcastle 1 pt20.22£9.80£24.21
20/08/20Insane Barney7.36Hove 1 pt25.09£9.80£34.01
20/08/20Move Over Mindy8.03Monmore 1 pt11.00£9.80£43.81
20/08/20Tell On Nellie8.12Newcastle 1 pt9.20£9.80£53.61
20/08/20Popper Robson 8.46Newcastle 1 pt12.15-£111.50-£57.89
20/08/20Farloe Autumn9.01Newcastle 1 pt11.31£9.80-£48.09
21/08/20Burko’s Dream 6.28Romford 1 pt4.40£9.80-£38.29
21/08/20Passing Stranger 9.28Romford 1 pt3.74£9.80-£28.49
22/08/20Blackstone Milo 6.09Monmore 1 pt3.65£9.80-£18.69
22/08/20Waikiki Lad6.58Monmore 1 pt4.97£9.80-£8.89
23/08/20Shady Marvin 7.26Swindon 1 pt4.58£9.80£0.91
23/08/20Seaglass Sailor 9.12Central Park 1 pt4.56£9.80£10.71
24/08/20No Place For Me 8.12Yarmouth 1 pt3.48£9.80£20.51
24/08/20Savana Darn Hot 8.21Nottingham1 pt3.85£9.80£30.31
25/08/20Corner Gain 6.59Newcastle 1 pt11.25£9.80£40.11
25/08/20Canny Wilma8.21Newcastle 1 pt6.02£9.80£49.91
25/08/20Sonlink Boom 9.11Newcastle 1 pt4.47-£37.70£12.21

Week 4 and a profit of 2.26 points meant I was 3.48 points in the green for my RM Greyhound Lays review overall.

26/08/20Uncle Sim8.06Yarmouth1 pt2.64£9.80£22.01
26/08/20Kilbridge Romeo8.46Sunderland1 pt4.40£9.80£31.81
27/08/20Ronnie’s Sky 7.26Newcastle 1 pt6.60£9.80£41.61
27/08/20Mineola Pete 8.17Hove1 pt2.41£9.80£51.41
27/08/20Effernogue Patsy 8.36Perry Barr1 pt2.11£9.80£61.21
28/08/20Hocus Pocus 6.43Romford 1 pt5.80£9.80£71.01
28/08/20Droopy’s Proven 7.18Romford 1 pt3.40£9.80£80.81
28/08/20Smallmead9.12Romford 1 pt2.17-£11.70£69.11
29/08/20Tasty Treat 6.19Monmore 1 pt3.53£9.80£78.91
29/08/20Tree Top Jet 7.26Monmore 1 pt5.20£9.80£88.71
30/08/20Ashway Ruby 6.36Swindon 1 pt4.80-£38.00£50.71
30/08/20Blue Montague7.36Central Park 1 pt4.40£9.80£60.51
30/08/20Galloping Moon 8.38Central Park 1 pt4.06£9.80£70.31
31/08/20Baunfaun Prince 7.26Yarmouth1 pt5.60£9.80£80.11
01/09/20Crook’s Popeye9.11Newcastle 1 pt5.53-£45.30£34.81

4.98 points lost during week 5 meant I was 1.49 points in the red for my RM Greyhound Lays review overall.

02/09/20Droopy’s Premier7.51Yarmouth1 pt4.71£9.80£44.61
02/09/20Banner Puma 7.58Sunderland1 pt12.00£9.80£54.41
02/09/20Bramble Reggie 8.21Yarmouth1 pt3.50£9.80£64.21
03/09/20Gemini Pixie 7.56Hove1 pt6.00£9.80£74.01
03/09/20Bower Jet 8.21Perry Barr1 pt2.70-£17.00£57.01
04/09/20Distant Tailor 6.09Romford 1 pt2.85£9.80£66.81
04/09/20Hocus Pocus 8.54Romford 1 pt12.42£9.80£76.61
04/09/20Seaglass Sabrina 9.12Romford 1 pt3.20£9.80£86.41
05/09/20Jacko Boy 6.17Monmore1 pt5.90£9.80£96.21
05/09/20Cruz On Louie 6.48Monmore1 pt3.10-£21.00£75.21
05/09/20Jazzer’s Man 7.24Monmore1 pt3.45-£24.50£50.71
06/09/20Magical Zack 6.51Swindon 1 pt6.49£9.80£60.51
06/09/20Rangefield Lass7.09Swindon 1 pt3.95-£29.50£31.01
06/09/20Bodens Jaguar 8.17Central Park 1 pt17.40£9.80£40.81
07/09/20Tisbutadream 8.06Nottingham1 pt18.86£9.80£50.61
07/09/20Affirmed8.52Nottingham1 pt26.97£9.80£60.41
07/09/20Roedhelm Tiger9.26Nottingham1 pt6.69£9.80£70.21
08/09/20Sligo Kelly 9.11Newcastle1 pt44.60£9.80£80.01
08/09/20Burrow Shifter 9.26Newcastle1 pt10.50-£95.00-£14.99

Week 6 and a loss of 11.34 points put me 12.84 points in the red overall.

09/09/20I’m In Motion 12.01Central Park 1 ptN/R£0.00-£14.99
09/09/20King Louis 12.51Swindon 1 pt2.06£9.80-£5.19
09/09/20Denmark 1.06Swindon 1 pt5.25-£42.50-£47.69
10/09/20Ballintee Jet 6.43Hove1 pt16.16£9.80-£37.89
10/09/20Elderberry Glory 7.44Monmore1 pt5.20£9.80-£28.09
10/09/20Bob’s Terrific 8.06Perry Barr1pt28.42£9.80-£18.29
10/09/20Revels 8.23Monmore1 pt8.20£9.80-£8.49
11/09/20Goldie’s Linekar6.09Romford1 pt24.74£9.80£1.31
11/09/20Antigua Romeo6.28Romford1 pt3.65£9.80£11.11
11/09/20Bang On Annie 7.18Romford1 pt5.60£9.80£20.91
11/09/20Pantone Whisper 7.36Romford1 pt13.00-£120.00-£99.09
12/09/20Costa Plenti 8.01Shelbourne Park 1 pt4.80-£38.00-£137.09
12/09/20Lemon Ozzy 8.34Shelbourne Park 1 ptN/A£9.80-£127.29
12/09/20Sweep The Yard 8.51Shelbourne Park 1 ptN/A£9.80-£117.49
12/09/20Droopy’s Lisbon9.18Monmore1 pt4.64£9.80-£107.69
13/09/20Goldie’s Kinsman 6.28Central Park 1 pt7.00£9.80-£97.89
13/09/20Cooladerry Jive 7.56Central Park 1 pt4.89£9.80-£88.09
13/09/20Ohthereorlaith8.17Central Park 1 pt5.47£9.80-£78.29
13/09/20Paradise Prince 8.38Central Park 1 pt3.97£9.80-£68.49
14/09/20Just One Of Them6.26Nottingham 1 pt7.40£9.80-£58.69
14/09/20Swift Whiff 6.41Nottingham 1 pt11.50£9.80-£48.89
14/09/20 Coney Swift 7.16Nottingham 1 pt9.80-£88.00-£136.89
14/09/20Roedholm Tiger8.06Nottingham 1 pt8.07£9.80-£127.09
15/09/20Coney Boom Boom 6.51Sheffield 1 pt6.60£9.80-£117.29
15/09/20Laughil Toby 7.51Newcastle 1 pt3.09-£20.90-£138.19
15/09/20Lissatouk Max 8.27Sheffield 1 pt9.79£9.80-£128.39

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