RM Greyhound Tips Review


RM Greyhound Tips is a service that claims to find great value in greyhounds. Looking at their past results of an ROI of 34.77% (to date of this review) meant I was particularly interested to see how well this rare greyhound tipping service would perform.

Their selections are sent out daily via email and text to members from around 11am-1pm. They send on average 40 tips per month.

A 150 point bank is recommended, so £1500 to £10 bets. So I will be following the staking advice at £10 per point and recording results over the next 3 months.


3 winners during my first week but not enough to leave me in profit. Still very early days so plenty of time to turn things around as I ended week 1 with a 7.45 points loss.

25/02/20Savana Me Daddy6.27HenlowWin (1.5pts)2.20£18.00£18.00
26/02/20Fearsome Encore8.42HarlowWin (1.5pts)2.50£22.50£40.50
27/02/20Droopys Pilot7.09NewcastleWin (1pt)3.00-£10.00£30.50
27/02/20Waste House Eco8.38HoveWin (1.5pts)2.00-£15.00£15.50
27/02/20Bentley Crew9.16MonmoreWin (1pt)4.00£30.00£45.50
28/02/20Velvet Matilda7.17RomfordWin (1pt)3.00-£10.00£35.50
28/02/20Seaglass Shadow8.38RomfordWin (1.5pts)2.75-£15.00£20.50
29/02/20Droopys Aussie6.59SheffieldWin (1.5pts)2.75-£15.00£5.50
29/02/20Waikiki Spy7.07MonmoreWin (1.5pts)2.50-£15.00-£9.50
29/02/20Distant Move8.42MonmoreWin (1.5pts)3.00-£15.00-£24.50
01/03/20Sharp Darcy6.44Central ParkWin (1pt)7.00-£10.00-£34.50
01/03/20Lenson John7.53Central ParkWin (1.5pts)9.00-£15.00-£49.50
02/03/20Scullys Ruby7.05NottinghamWin (1pt)3.00-£10.00-£59.50
02/03/20Critical Path7.52NottinghamWin (1.5pts)2.10-£15.00-£74.50

5 winners during my second week banking me a profit of 3.87 points. Not quite enough to get me back in the black but a much more promising week.

03/03/20Ardera Jade5.54MonmoreWin (2pts)2.75-£20.00-£94.50
04/03/20Malacca Cash6.55SunderlandWin (1.5pts)2.25-£15.00-£109.50
05/03/20Glenvale Barry8.13NewcastleWin (1.5pts)3.75-£15.00-£124.50
06/03/20Ballyhale Lady7.09NottinghamWin (1.5pts)2.50-£15.00-£139.50
06/03/20Colbazkev9.14NottinghamWin (1.5pts)4.00£45.00-£94.50
07/03/20Calzaghe Mint7.54MonmoreWin (1.5pts)4.00£45.00-£49.50
07/03/20Tommys Control9.32MonmoreWin (1.5pts)2.50£22.50-£27.00
07/03/20Dunquin Ella7.03HoveWin (2pts)2.75-£20.00-£47.00
08/03/20Headford Diva6.27Central ParkWin (1.5pts)2.20£18.00-£29.00
08/03/20Hot Product8.09Central ParkWin (1.5pts)2.50-£15.00-£44.00
08/03/20Melodys Jack8.44Central ParkWin13.00-£10.00-£54.00
09/03/20Bower Luke8.51NottinghamWin (2pts)1.91£18.20-£35.80

Week 3 and a loss of 3.5 points left me 7 points in the red but still early days for my RM Greyhound tips review.

11/03/20Nans Major8.11HarlowWin (2pts)3.25-£20.00-£55.80
12/03/20Silva Hill8.53HoveWin  4.33-£10.00-£65.80
13/03/20Chicago Fire8.42Central ParkWin4.00-£10.00-£75.80
13/03/20Badminton Donal9.08RomfordWin (1.5pts)4.00-£15.00-£90.80
14/03/20Tommys Control7.54MonmoreWin (1.5pts)2.50-£15.00-£105.80
14/03/20Southfield Ariel9.09CrayfordWin (1.5pts)3.75£41.25-£64.55
15/03/20Burgess Villa7.53Central ParkWin (1.5pts)2.25-£15.00-£79.55
15/03/20Forest Alan9.01Central ParkWin (1.5pts)2.75£26.25-£53.30
16/03/20Pond Natalya9.22NottinghamWin (2pts)2.63-£20.00-£73.30
17/03/20Clockwork Girl7.17HenlowWin2.75-£10.00-£83.30
17/03/20Night Time Jet8.53HenlowWin2.25£12.50-£70.80

2 more winners during week 4 but not enough to give me a profitable week. Leaving me a further 4 points in the red.

18/03/20Fairholme Sky8.29SunderlandWin (1.5pts)2.25-£15.00-£85.80
18/03/20Nans Major8.42HarlowWin5.00-£10.00-£95.80
19/03/20Droopys Creator7.42NewcastleWin (1.5pts)2.75-£15.00-£110.80
20/03/20Playbook8.38RomfordWin (1.5pts)2.25-£15.00-£125.80
20/03/20Droopys Aoife9.26RomfordWin (2pts)2.50£30.00-£95.80
21/03/20Newinn Jacko6.49MonmoreWin (1.5pts)4.00£45.00-£50.80
21/03/20Dinner Omonia8.38HoveWin (1.5pts)3.50-£15.00-£65.80
22/03/20Limerick Leah4.28HenlowWin (2pts)3.00-£20.00-£85.80
23/03/20Westlake Ben5.19RomfordWin (1.5pts)5.00-£15.00-£100.80
23/03/20Swift Ferdia7.05NottinghamWin2.63-£10.00-£110.80

Week 5 and only 2 selections which both came 2nd place and missed out on a profit. This left me 14 points in the red overall.

I will be putting my RM Greyhound Tips review on hold while we await future information regarding the Coronavirus.

24/03/20Westlake Ben8.16TraleeWin (1.5pts)4.33-£15.00-£125.80
24/03/20Whistling Rover9.03TraleeWin (1.5pts)4.50-£15.00-£140.80

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