Lay The Draw Tips Review

Lay The Draw Tips is a soccer tipping service which focuses on Laying bets, in this case, draws specifically. To do this you will obviously need a betting account with the likes of Betfair to allow you to lay bets. Lay The Draw Tips never lay bets that are over the odds of 4 to restrict the amount that we lose on losing selections. In the past 14 months they have had 1527 selections, most bets are on the weekends, typical between 10 and 20 on a Saturday, but they are staggerred over different times, as they are around the world. As …

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Football Elite Review

Football Elite is a tipping service whereby you receive emails on a Friday for the weekends bets and another for the midweek matches.After purchasing Football Elite, you will receive a welcome email and be added to the email list and it’s simply a case of receiving your tips each week.Most football betting tipsters simply send you an email with their tip and very rarely offer any accompanying text to tell you why they have chosen that particular selection. That is certainly not the case with Football Elite, Matt’s emails give a full analysis of why he has chosen a …

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Betfair Trading Expert Review

The Betfair Trading Expert is brought to you by Dr Matt Abraham and contains two football systems for trading on Betfair.The system itself first came onto the market around September 2010 and although it wasn’t subject to the usual big marketing push as is the norm for so many products nowadays.After purchasing Betfair Trading Expert, you download the football trading eBook. As the name suggests, the strategies are recommended to be used at Betfair, however you can also use them at other betting exchanges such as BetDaq and WBX.The eBook is well written, making the trading strategies easy to …

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