The Bookie Smasher Review


The Bookie Smasher service run by tipster Raffaele covers multiple sports including Football, Tennis, eSports, Hockey, Badminton, Formula 1, Rugby, Cricket, Volleyball.

Since May 2019 (to date of this review) he has banked £1033.55 to £10 bets at average odds of 1.81.

A huge average of 154 bets are sent each month daily between 10-12am and a starting bank of 50 points was recommended.

I will be following this tipster and tracking results at my usual £10 per point stakes.


Week 1 consisted mainly of eSports bets giving me 6 out of 8 winners. I had 3 football selections giving me 1 winner and 2 losers and I ended my first week on a small loss of 0.62pts. Very early days so I am still hopeful for things to come. 

07/04/20 OG V Fnatic 13.25FnaticeSports1.501.00-£10.00-£10.00
08/04/20Red Racoon v Electronik Generation17.00Red RacooneSports1.541.00£5.40-£4.60
08/04/20FaZe Clan v Natus Vincere17.00Natus VincereeSports1.651.00£6.50£1.90
09/04/20Aster v Vici Gaming 12.00Vici GamingeSports1.451.00£4.50£6.40
09/04/20FaZe Clan v OG17.25FaZe ClaneSports1.471.00£4.70£11.10
11/04/20Alliance v Unique19.00AllianceeSports1.441.00£4.40£15.50
14/04/20OG v HellRaisers 16.00OGeSports1.331.00£3.30£18.80
14/04/20MAD Lions v MiBR21.00MAD LionseSports1.571.00-£10.00£8.80
10/04/20FK Gorodeja v Din. Minsk 2 11.30FK Gorodeja +2 European HandicapFootball2.101.00-£10.00-£1.20
10/04/20Slutsk 2 v Vitebsk 213.00Slutsk 2Football1.531.00-£10.00-£11.20
10/04/20Zhodino 2 v Energetik-BGU 215.00Zhodino 2 / Draw Double ChanceFootball1.501.00£5.00-£6.20

A small 2 point loss during week 2 left me 2.68 points down overall. Still plenty of time to get back in the black for my Bookie Smasher review.

17/04/20EDward Gaming V Invictus Gaming13.00Invictus GamingeSports1.501.00£5.00-£1.20
18/04/20Suning v Royal Never Give Up13.00Royal Never Give UpeSports1.381.00-£10.00-£11.20
18/04/20REPA V FURIA Uppercut20.00FURIA UppercuteSports1.441.00£4.40-£6.80
19/04/20Rogue Warriors v LGD Gaming 8.00LGD GamingeSports1.581.00-£10.00-£16.80
21/04/20Puzzle v Cyberium13.00PuzzleeSports1.701.00-£10.00-£26.80

I banked 3.3 points profit during week 3 with an impressive 6 out of 7 winners. Not bad at all considering there are very few opportunities around due to the coronavirus. 

22/04/20Team Singularity v K1ck e. C.18.00K1kc e. C.eSports1.441.00£4.40-£22.40
25/04/20YDN Gamers v BT Excel17.00BT ExceleSports1.321.00-£10.00-£32.40
25/04/20k1ck e. C. – Schalke 04 20.00Schalke 04eSports1.361.00£3.60-£28.80
22/04/20Kuktosh Rudaki v FC Khujand 14.00LAY Kuktosh RudakieSports5.501.00£9.50-£19.30
24/04/20FC Smolevichi v Din.Minsk 16.00LAY FC SmolevichiFootball5.201.00£9.50-£9.80
25/04/20Gorodeya v FC BATE Borisov15.00LAY GorodeyaFootball7.401.00£9.50-£0.30
26/04/20Khujand v Regar-TadAZ 12.30KhujandFootball1.651.00£6.50£6.20

Week 4 and a 3.5 point loss largely down to a losing lay bet at odds of 6.2 costing me 5.2 points in one bet. 

29/04/20AGO Rogue v Vodafone Giants21.00Vodafone GiantseSports1.451.00-£10.00-£3.80
30/04/20GamerLegion v BT Excel 17.00GamerLegioneSports1.661.00-£10.00-£13.80
30/04/20BT Excel v YDN Gamers21.00BT ExceleSports1.401.00£4.00-£9.80
01/05/20Smolevichi v Energetik-BGU 14.00LAY Energetik BguFootball2.761.00-£17.60-£27.40
02/05/20Dinamo Minsk v Slutsk16.00LAY SlutskFootball6.201.00-£52.00-£79.40
03/05/20pro100 v Hard Legion14.00pro100eSports2.001.00£10.00-£69.40
03/05/20Natus Vincere v VP.Prodigy15.00VP.ProdigyeSports1.741.00£7.40-£62.00
03/05/20Copenaghen Flames v Movistars Riders17.30Copenaghen FlameseSports2.001.00£10.00-£52.00
05/05/20Nemiga Gaming v Gambit Youngsters14.00Nemiga GamingeSports2.151.00£11.50-£40.50
05/05/20Nigma v Alliance15.00AllianceeSports1.551.00£5.50-£35.00
05/05/ v VP.Prodigy 18.00Virtus.proeSports1.601.00£6.00-£29.00

3 winners from 9 bets during week 5 gave me a 3.93 points loss leaving me 6.83 points in the red overall.

07/05/20EHOME V Sparking Arrow 12.00EHOMEeSports1.621.00-£10.00-£39.00
07/05/20100 Thieves v Team Liquid21.00Team LiquideSports1.521.00£5.20-£33.80
08/05/20HellRaisers v Ninjas In Pyjamas12.00HellraisersHellraiserseSports1.701.00-£10.00-£43.80
08/05/20Royal Never Give Up v PSG.LGD 12.00PSG.LGDeSports1.561.00-£10.00-£53.80
08/05/20Gen.G Esports v Cloud 921.00Cloud 9eSports1.771.00-£10.00-£63.80
09/05/20Managua FC v Esteli 2.00Managua FCFootball2.021.00-£10.00-£73.80
10/05/20FC Smolevichi v BATE Borisov16.00LAY SmolevichiFootball14.001.00£9.50-£64.30
11/05/20Kay K. v Koltsov B.12.10Koltsov B.Darts1.531.00-£10.00-£74.30
12/05/20Heretics v North 19.00HereticseSports1.601.00£6.00-£68.30

2.8 points in the bank during week 6 meant I was still in the red but heading in the right direction to turn the review around.

14/05/20CDEC Gaming v Sparking Arrow12.00CDEC GamingeSports1.691.00£6.90-£61.40
14/05/20Winstrike v Syman12.00WinstrikeeSports1.851.00£8.50-£52.90
14/05/20Kay v Fitton 16.10FittonDarts1.681.00£6.80-£46.10
15/05/20Team Spirit v 12.00Team SpiriteSports1.641.00£6.40-£39.70
16/05/20Busan v Jeonbuk11.00JeonbukFootball1.641.00£6.40-£33.30
16/05/20Dussledorf v Paderborn 14.30Over 2.5 GoalsFootball1.781.00-£10.00-£43.30
16/05/20Dortmund v Schalke14.30DortmundFootball1.541.00£5.40-£37.90
17/05/20Arminia Bielefeld – VfL Osnabruck12.30Both Teams To Score (Yes)Football1.771.00£7.70-£30.20
19/05/20Virtus.Pro v Team Liquid12.00Team LiquideSports1.611.00-£10.00-£40.20

Week 7 gave me an impressive 10 out of 13 winners and 5 points profit in the bank. Just enough to get me back in the green for my Bookie Smasher review overall.

21/05/20North v HeroicN/AHeroiceSports1.721.00£7.20-£33.00
22/05/20CS:GOMAD Lions v BIGN/A BIGeSports2.201.00£12.00-£21.00
22/05/20EHOME v AsterN/AEHOMEeSports1.701.00£7.00-£14.00
22/05/20Herta Berlin v Union Berlin19.30Over 2.5 GoalsFootball1.911.00£9.10-£4.90
23/05/20B. Monchengladbach – Bayer Leverkusen14.30Bayern Leverkusen / Draw (Double Chance)Football1.511.00£5.10£0.20
23/05/20Freiburg v Werder Bremen 14.30FreiburgFootball2.201.00-£10.00-£9.80
23/05/20Wolfsburg v Dortmund 14.30DortmundFootball1.801.00£8.00-£1.80
24/05/20Hamburger SV v Arminia Bielefield 12.30Hamburger SVFootball2.101.00-£10.00-£11.80
24/05/20Schalke 04 v Augsburg12.30Under 2.5 GoalsFootball1.981.00-£10.00-£21.80
24/05/20BATE v Dynamo Brest15.00Dynamo Brest +0.5 Asian HandicapFootball2.181.00£11.80-£10.00
26/05/20Dortmund v Bayern Munich17.30Bayern MunichFootball1.961.00£9.60-£0.40
26/05/20Legnica v Legia19.10LegiaFootball1.531.00£5.30£4.90
26/05/20Mlada Boleslav v Slavia Prague19.00Slavia PragueFootball1.531.00£5.30£10.20

3.7 point down during week 8 has left me back in the red by 2.7 points overall. Still at least 4 weeks to turn things around so plenty of time for my Bookie Smasher Review to get back in the green.

27/05/20Red Bull Leipzig v Hertha Berlin17.30Hertha Berlin +1.75 Asian HandicapFootball1.781.00£7.80£18.00
27/05/20Dusseldorf v Schalke19.30Under 2.5 GoalsFootball1.871.00-£10.00£8.00
27/05/20Hoffenheim v FC Koln19.30Over 2.5 GoalsFootball1.551.00£5.50£13.50
29/05/20Daegu v Sangju Sangmu Phoenix11.30Under 2.5 GoalsFootball1.601.00£6.00£19.50
29/05/20Gorodeja v Neman 18.00Gorodeja +0.5 Asian HandicapFootball1.571.00-£10.00£9.50
29/05/20Zhodino v Smolevichi 16.00ZhodinoFootball1.771.00£7.70£17.20
30/05/20Sigma Olomouc v Pribram13.00Sigma OlomoucFootball1.571.00-£10.00£7.20
30/05/20Hertha Berlin v Augsburg 14.30Both Teams To Score (Yes)Football1.681.00-£1.00£6.20
30/05/20Beitar Jerusalem v H. Beer Sheva18.45Beitar JerusalemFootball2.251.00-£10.00-£3.80
02/06/20Trinec v Prostejov 16.00Prostejov -0.5 Asian HandicapFootball1.931.00-£10.00-£13.80
02/06/20Jablonec v Liberec17.00DrawFootball3.301.00-£10.00-£23.80
02/06/20Mlada Boleslav v Zlin17.00Mlada BoleslavFootball1.951.00-£10.00-£33.80
02/06/20Wurzburger Kickers v Magdeburg18.00Magdeburg +0.5 Asian HandicapFootball1.641.00£6.40-£27.40

Week 9 was a mix of football and eSports as usual, along with my first tennis selection of the review (sadly a loser).

A small loss of 0.9 points has left me 3.6 points in the red overall but easily recoverable with at least 3 weeks left for my Bookie Smasher review.

03/06/20Radnik v Partizan16.30PartizanFootball1.331.00£3.30-£24.10
03/06/20Maccabi Tel Aviv v Maccabi Haifa18.45Maccabi Tel AvivFootball1.881.00£8.80-£15.30
03/06/20Salzburg v Rapid Vienna19.30SalzburgFootball1.501.00£5.00-£10.30
03/06/20Famalicao v FC Porto21.15FC PortoFootball1.441.00-£10.00-£20.30
04/06/20TyLoo v Vici Betting 12.30TylooeSports2.001.00£10.00-£10.30
04/06/20CR4ZY v Quincy Crew21.00CR4ZYeSports2.101.00-£10.00-£20.30
04/06/20Oh My God V Royal Never Give Up 12.00Royal Never Give UpeSports1.591.00£5.70-£14.60
05/06/20Horn v Liefering 17.30LieferingFootball1.951.00-£10.00-£24.60
05/06/20Floridsdorfer AC V Vowarts Stayr 17.30Floridsdorfer ACFootball2.001.00-£10.00-£34.60
05/06/20Dornbirn v Amstetten 17.30DornbirnFootball2.051.00-£10.00-£44.60
05/06/20Aluminj v Mura18.00Mura +0.5 Asian handicapFootball1.571.00£5.70-£38.90
06/06/20Duisburg v Chemnitzer13.00Chemnitzer / Draw Double ChanceFootball1.801.00-£10.00-£48.90
06/06/20Meppen v Hansa Rostock 13.00Hansa Rostock +0.5 Asian HandicapFootball1.631.00£6.30-£42.60
06/06/20Jagiellonia v Wisla Plock 14.00JagielloniaFootball1.731.00-£10.00-£52.60
06/06/20FC Juniors v Wacker Innsbruck14.00FC Juniors / Draw Double ChanceFootball1.671.00£6.70-£45.90
06/06/20Slavia Mozyr v Neman16.00Neman / Draw Double ChanceFootball1.501.00£5.00-£40.90
06/06/20Altach v Tirol16.00Tirol / Draw Double ChanceFootball2.001.00£10.00-£30.90
07/06/20Vitebsk v BATE14.00BATEFootball1.621.00-£10.00-£40.90
07/06/20Nordsjaelland v Midtjylland 16.00MidtjyllandFootball2.081.00£10.80-£30.10
07/06/20Wisla v Legia 16.30LegiaFootball1.531.00£5.30-£24.80
07/06/20Istra 1961 v Rijeka17.55RijekaFootball1.501.00£5.00-£19.80
07/06/20AEK Athens FC v Panathinaikos19.30AEK Athens FCFootball1.631.00-£10.00-£29.80
07/06/20Domzale v Maribor 19.30MariborFootball1.851.00£8.50-£21.30
09/06/20Jan Galka v Kamil Gajewski11.00Kamil GajewskiTennis1.501.00-£10.00-£31.30
09/06/20Team Liquid v Team Nigma 15.30Team NigmaeSports1.491.00£4.90-£26.40
09/06/20Singularity v LDLC 17.00SingularityeSports2.001.00-£10.00-£36.40

A small profit of 1.3 points during week 10 has left me 2.37 points in the red overall with my Bookie Smasher review.

11/06/20Shirak Gyumri v Noah 14.00Noah / Draw Double ChanceFootball1.671.00-£10.00-£46.40
11/06/20Vitkovice v Vlasim16.00Vlasim +0.5 Asian HandicapFootball1.551.00£5.50-£40.90
11/06/20Viborg v Roskilde17.00Both Teams To Score (Yes)Football1.801.00£8.00-£32.90
12/06/20Maccabi Petah Tikva v Ramat Hasharon 15.30Maccabi Petah TikvaFootball1.581.00-£10.00-£42.90
12/06/20Fenerbahce v Kayserispor19.00FenerbahceFootball1.451.00£4.50-£38.40
12/06/20Lok. Zagreb v Dinamo Zagreb20.05Dinamo ZagrebFootball1.781.00-£10.00-£48.40
12/06/20Sporting v Ferreira21.15SportingFootball1.441.00£4.40-£44.00
13/06/20Kaiserslautern v Chemnitzer13.00KaiserslauternFootball1.831.00£8.30-£35.70
13/06/20Fredericia v F. Amager13.00FredericiaFootball2.001.00£10.00-£25.70
13/06/20FC Koln v Union Berlin14.30Union Berlin / Draw Double ChanceFootball1.821.00£8.20-£17.50
13/06/20Mallorca v Barcelona21.00Barcelona -1.5 Asian HandicapFootball1.761.00£7.60-£9.90
14/06/20FK Indjija v Vojvodina 13.00VojvodinaFootball1.861.00-£10.00-£19.90
14/06/20FK Backa Topola v Red Star Belgrade15.30Backa Topola / Draw Double ChanceFootball1.741.00£7.40-£12.50
14/06/20Korona Kielce v Lech Poznan17.00Over 2.5 GoalsFootball1.721.00£7.20-£5.30
14/06/20Caykur Rizespor v Galatasaray19.00GalatasarayFootball1.671.00-£10.00-£15.30
16/06/20Alashkert v Shirak14.30Shirak / Draw Double ChanceFootball1.531.00£5.30-£10.00
16/06/20Fk Tukums 2000 v Jelgava17.00JelgavaFootball1.631.00£6.30-£3.70
16/06/20Stabaek v Mjolanden17.00StabaekFootball2.001.00-£10.00-£13.70
16/06/20Girona FC v Racing Santander20.45Girona FCFootball1.651.00-£10.00-£23.70

I received my first Darts tips during week 11, however, both turned out to be losers. The good news was I banked a profit of 4.54 points which meant I was back in the green overall with a total of 2.17 points.

17/06/20Lisen v FK Pardubice 16.00FK PardubiceFootball1.631.00-£10.00-£33.70
17/06/20Bayer Leverkusen v FC Koln19.30Bayer LeverkusenFootball1.541.00£5.40-£28.30
17/06/20Osasuna v Atletico Madrid21.00Atletico MadridFootball1.861.00£8.60-£19.70
18/06/20Alaves v Real Sociedad18.30Real SociedadFootball2.001.00-£10.00-£29.70
18/06/20Alanyaspor v Antalyaspor18.45AlanyasporFootball1.871.00£8.70-£21.00
18/06/20Real Madrid v Valencia21.00Over 2.5 GoalsFootball1.551.00£5.50-£15.50
19/06/20Kolding IF v Roskilde 17.30Both Teams To Score (Yes)Football1.571.00£5.70-£9.80
19/06/20Vendyssel v Koge18.00Both Teams To Score (Yes)Football1.871.00£8.70-£1.10
19/06/20Viborg v Fredericia18.00Both Teams To Score (Yes)Football1.571.00-£10.00-£11.10
19/06/20Trinec v Vlasim16.00Over 2.5 Goals POSTPONEDFootball1.781.00£0.00-£11.10
19/06/20Sevilla v Barcelona21.00Over 2.5 GoalsFootball1.751.00-£10.00-£21.10
20/06/20Watford v Leicester12.30Over 1.5 GoalsFootball1.331.00£3.30-£17.80
20/06/20Brighton v Arsenal15.00Over 1.5 GoalsFootball1.301.00£3.00-£14.80
20/06/20Watford v Leicester
Brighton v Arsenal
 Over 1.5 Goals Double Football1.731.00£7.30-£7.50
20/06/20West Ham v Wolves17.30WolvesFootball2.151.00£11.50£4.00
20/06/20Bournemouth v Crystal Palace19.45Crystal Palace Draw No BetFootball2.151.00£11.50£15.50
21/06/20Newcastle v Sheffield Utd 14.00Newcastle Draw No BetFootball2.301.00£13.00£28.50
21/06/20Newcastle v Sheffield Utd
Aston Villa v Chelsea
 Over 1.5 Goals
Over 1.5 Goals
21/06/20Aston Villa v Chelsea16.15ChelseaFootball1.501.00£0.00£37.20
21/06/20Everton v Liverpool19.00Under 3.5 GoalsFootball1.451.00£4.50£41.70
23/06/20Webster v Nicholson10.30NicholsonDarts1.951.00-£10.00£31.70
23/06/20Evans v Mitchell16.35MitchellDarts1.851.00-£10.00£21.70

3.3 points banked during week 12, just the 3 losers from 15 selections. A lot of the tips were at low odds which meant the profit was not large but I was happy to continue my review for at least another 4 weeks.

24/06/20Manchester United v Sheffield United18.00Manchester UnitedFootball1.441.00£4.40£26.10
24/06/20Liverpool v Crystal Palace20.15LiverpoolFootball1.301.00£3.00£29.10
24/06/20Real Madrid v Mallorca 21.00Real Madrid Football1.151.00£1.50£30.60
24/06/20Manchester United v Sheffield United
Liverpool v Crystal Palace
Real Madrid v Mallorca 
 Manchester United
Real Madrid
25/06/20Burnley v Watford18.00Burnley Draw No BetFootball2.231.00£12.30£48.40
25/06/20St Gallen v FC Zurich 19.30First Half Over 0.5 GoalsFootball1.251.00£2.50£50.90
25/06/20Braga v Guimaraes 21.00Braga Draw No BetFootball1.501.00£5.00£55.90
26/06/20Vendsyssel FF v Kolding IF17.30Over 1.5 GoalsFootball1.251.00£2.50£58.40
26/06/20Juventus v Lecce20.45Under 3.5 GoalsFootball1.851.00-£10.00£48.40
27/06/20Athletic Bilbao v Mallorca13.00Athletic Bilbao Football1.541.00£5.40£53.80
27/06/20BATE Borisov v Dinamo Minks 18.30BATE Borisov Football1.971.00-£10.00£43.80
27/06/20Lazio v Fiorentina 20.45Lazio Football1.831.00£8.30£52.10
28/06/20Nanjing Tongxi v Bayi Rockets12.35Over 186.5Basketball1.861.00£8.60£60.70
28/06/20Watford v Southampton16.30Southampton Over 0.5 GoalsFootball1.401.00£4.00£64.70
29/06/20Crystal Palace v Burnley20.00Crystal Palace Draw No BetFootball1.601.00-£10.00£54.70

Week 13 and a 3 point loss which meant my Bookie Smasher review was still 3.4 points in profit overall.

01/07/20Bournemouth v Newcastle18.00Newcastle Draw No BetFootball2.201.00£12.00£66.70
01/07/20Alaves v Granada18.30Over 1.5 GoalsFootball1.571.00£5.70£72.40
01/07/20Real Betis v Villarreal21.00Over 2.5 GoalsFootball1.801.00-£10.00£62.40
02/07/20Hapoel Holon v Hapoel Jerusalem 17.20Over 170Basketball1.611.00£6.10£68.50
02/07/20Maccabi Rishon v Maccabi Tel Aviv 19.15Maccabi Tel AvivBasketball1.441.00-£10.00£58.50
03/07/20Esbjerj v AC Horsens18.00Esbjerg Draw No BetFootball2.201.00-£10.00£48.50
04/07/20Shandong v Shenzhen13.00Over 176.5Basketball1.731.00£7.30£55.80
04/07/20Ironi Nahariya v Hapoel Beer Sheva18.30Over 159.5Basketball1.501.00-£10.00£45.80
04/07/20Valladolid v Alaves18.30Alaves Draw No BetFootball2.201.00-£10.00£35.80
05/07/20Hapoel Tel-Aviv v Maccabi Haifa 17.25Hapoel Tel-AvivBasketball1.361.00-£10.00£25.80
05/07/20Maccabi Ashdod v Gilboa Galil18.10Over 170.5Basketball1.831.00£8.30£34.10
05/07/20Napoli v AS Roma20.45Over 2.25 GoalsFootball1.521.00£5.20£39.30
07/07/20Valencia v Balladolid 18.30Under 2.75 GoalsFootball1.451.00-£5.00£34.30
07/07/20Xamax v Zurich19.30Zurich Draw No BetFootball1.791.00£0.00£34.30

I was into my 14th week now and had my first Aussie Rules and Volleyball tips, both winners which was a bonus! A small profit of 0.83 points which left me 4.26 points up overall.

08/07/20Shenzhen v Nanjing Tongxi 12.35Over 189.5Basketball1.641.00£6.40£40.70
08/07/20Randers FC v Esbjerh fB17.001st Half Over 0.5 GoalsFootball1.291.00£2.90£43.60
08/07/20Lyngby v Sonderjyske19.00Sonderjyske Draw No BetFootball1.551.00£0.00£43.60
09/07/20Beijing Royal Fighters v Guangzhou12.35Over 196.5Basketball1.801.00£8.00£51.60
09/07/20Verona v Inter20.45InterFootball1.731.00-£10.00£41.60
10/07/20Beijing v Jilin13.00Over 179.5Basketball1.651.00-£10.00£31.60
10/07/20Real Sociedad v Granada18.30Real Sociedad Football1.751.00-£10.00£21.60
11/07/20Essendon v North Melbourne10.40Essendon Aussie Rules 1.631.00£6.30£27.90
11/07/20Watford v Newcastle 12.30Newcastle Over 0.5 GoalsFootball1.531.00£5.30£33.20
11/07/20Blackburn v West Brom 15.00West Brom Over 1.5 GoalsFootball1.911.00-£10.00£23.20
11/07/20Juventus v Atalanta20.45Both Teams To Score (Yes)Football1.511.00£5.10£28.30
12/07/20Panathinaikos vs Olympiakos16.30PanathinaikosVolleyball1.601.00£6.00£34.30
14/07/20Wigan v Hull18.00WiganFootball1.831.00£8.30£42.60
14/07/20Sheffield Wednesday v Huddersfield19.45Sheffield Wednesday Draw No BetFootball1.801.00£0.00£42.60

Week 15 and a loss of 3.98 points left me just over scratch for the whole review on 0.28 points.

15/07/20AC Milan v Parma18.30AC MilanFootball1.461.00£4.60£47.20
15/07/20Sydney Roosters v Canberra Raiders 10.50Sydney Roosters Rugby League1.251.00-£10.00£37.20
17/07/20Essendon vs Western Bulldogs10.50Essendon +4.5Aussie Rules 1.881.00-£10.00£27.20
17/07/20Petra Kvitova v Elina Svitolina 12.00Elina Svitolina +1.5 Sets HandicapTennis1.911.00£9.10£36.30
18/07/20Manly Sea Eagles v Parramatta Eels 10.35Parramatta EelsRugby1.341.00-£10.00£26.30
18/07/20Richmond v North Melbourne10.40RichmondAussie Rules 1.651.00£6.50£32.80
19/07/20Fremantle Dockers vs West Coast Eagles9.35Fremantle Dockers +21.5Aussie Rules 1.801.00-£10.00£22.80
21/07/20Nathan Aspinall v Dimitri van den Bergh18.15Nathan AspinallDarts1.381.00-£10.00£12.80
21/07/20Aston Villa v Arsenal20.15Arsenal Draw No BetFootball1.571.00-£10.00£2.80

Week 16 and another loss of 3.62 points meant I finished my review with an overall small loss of 3.34 points.

22/07/20CSKA Moscow v FK Tambov17.00CSKA MoscowFootball1.251.00£2.50£5.30
22/07/20Inter Milan v Fiorentina20.45Over 2.5 GoalsFootball1.531.00-£10.00-£4.70
23/07/20Gold Coast Suns vs Western Bulldogs10.40Gold Coast Suns +5.5Aussie Rules1.911.00£9.10£4.40
23/07/20Parramatta Eels v Wests Tigers 10.50Parramatta Eels Rugby1.331.00£3.30£7.70
23/07/20Udinese v Juventus18.30JuventusFootball1.511.00-£10.00-£2.30
24/07/20Central Coast Mariners v Newcastle Jets
Brisbane Broncos v Melbourne Storm
 Newcastle Jets
Melbourne Storm
Rugby League
24/07/20Greater Western Sydney vs Richmond Tigers10.50Richmond Tigers +10.5Aussie Rules1.801.00-£10.00-£22.30
25/07/20Port Adelaide vs St Kilda10.40Port AdelaideAussie Rules1.401.00-£10.00-£32.30
25/07/20Guangzhou Evergrande v Shanghai Shenhua11.15Guangzhou EvergrandeFootball1.501.00£5.00-£27.30
25/07/20Lyu Haotian vs Eden Sharav13.30Lyu HaotianSnooker1.451.00-£10.00-£37.30
27/07/20Tianjin Teda v Shanghai SIPG12.35Shanghai SIPGFootball1.391.00£3.90-£33.40

Review Conclusion

After 16 weeks I have decided to end my 'The Bookie Smasher' review.

I enjoyed the reviewing a multi sport service but despite having a relatively high win rate the odds were all quite low which meant you almost needed 2 wins for every loss to make a small profit.

I extended this review by an additional 4 weeks due to the Coronavirus disruption but in the end, a small overall loss of 3.34 points meant I cannot recommend this service. It is, however, one I may look to revisit in the future.